Ambrosia Regular Cannabis Seeds | Jordan Of The Islands

Ambrosia Regular Cannabis Seeds

The Burmese Sativa mother of this Regular cannabis plant came from the Mighty Mite Seed Company, and was voted the People's Choice in the 2002 Cannabis Culture Toker's Bowl.

  • Ambrosia Regular Cannabis Seeds is a mostly Indica cannabis plant
  • The buds produced from this Regular cannabis plant are dense and sticky, with a classic mellow dank flavour
  • Ambrosia cannabis plant is a fast vigorous grower, and performs well in a sea of green using hydro or soil methods
  • Outdoors this Regular cannabis plant grows well during the summer months
  • Ambrosia Regular Cannabis Seeds will become bushy if there is room, but tends to not be very leafy, which makes manicuring a little less painstaking
  • Ambrosia Regular cannabis plant smoke is appropriately sweet and complex, with just enough skunk to keep it traditional
  • Ambrosia Regular Cannabis Seeds buzz stays from this cannabis plant is on the Sativa end of the spectrum, producing an awake, up high that comes on fast and stays functional



Ambrosia Regular Cannabis Seeds | Jordan Of The Islands

  • Type:Indica
  • Flowering Time:45-55 Days
  • Location: Indoor
SKU: DCS1242
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