Legal Information With Discount Cannabis Seeds.

​Legal Information With Discount Cannabis Seeds.

  • Buying Cannabis Seeds

    • In the UK, it is legal to own Marijuana seeds, such as the ones available on this website, but it is illegal to grow or attempt to grow the cannabis plant from these seeds unless you have a licence from the Home Office.

    • To comply with UK law, Discount Cannabis Seeds sells Marijuana Seeds for souvenir and collection purposes only. Discount Cannabis Seeds accepts no liability for customers purchasing them for any other purposes.
    • Our terms of service prohibit germination and we reserve the right to cancel any sale if we have any indication that you may commit an illegal act with any of our products.
  • Legal Disclaimer
    • ​Discount Cannabis Seeds do not endorse, condone or encourage growing cannabis through the sale of marijuana seeds.
    • All Seed descriptions contained on this website are based entirely on information supplied by the breeder.
    • Discount Cannabis Seeds reserve the right to cancel any order if we have reason to believe that the customer plans to violate the law in any way.
    • If we cancel your order, any payments processed will be refunded.
  • Germination
    • In the UK, it is only legal to sell seeds for souvenir and collection purposes.
    • As the germination of Seeds is illegal in the UK and most other countries, it would also be illegal for us to replace seeds that fail to germinate.
    • Until the UK laws are amended, we cannot provide any guarantee the cannabis seeds will germinate.
    • This is a standard business practice for most seed banks and breeders.
    • We would like to assure customers that all our marijuana seeds are purchased from reputable Cannabis breeders and are sold in the breeder’s original packaging.
    • For customers who are legally allowed to germinate weed seeds, there are a great number of factors involved on the growing of Marijuana seeds including growing medium, light, temperature, equipment and indeed the skill and experience of the grower. Because of this, all Cannabis seeds are purchased on the basis that the Seed Bank or Discount Cannabis Seeds are unable to provide any guarantees on germination rates.
    • When purchasing Feminised seeds, there is always the possibility that a small number of plants will turn out to be male.
    • You should always check every plant regularly to determine if it is male or female. No guarantees are provided that Feminised Seeds will be 100% feminised.