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5 Star Customer Review | Discount Cannabis Seeds
Absolutely no problem
I put in my order as usual, but had a change of heart on my original choice of strain. I fired DCS a email a day or 2 after my order to see if it was possible to change my order? Absolutely no problem at all and my package still arrived within the week!! I love these guys 5* service every time.
Big L     Published 16/09/2018

5 Star Customer Review | Discount Cannabis Seeds
Will be back for more
Order arrived yesterday and just wanted to say cheers for the free gifts, they look great! Will be back for more at a later date and have recommended you to a couple of mates. All the best!
Kev     Published 03/09/2018


5 Star Review | Discount Cannabis Seeds
Best customer service

Best customer service I've experienced with a seed bank by far. To put it "bluntly; YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks again
Daire     Published 03/07/2018

5 Star Review | Discount Cannabis Seeds
Huge selection and great prices

I have used DCS for several orders now and I highly recommend this Seedbank. Johnny’s customer service is great, quick to answer communications, attentive to detail and fast shipping. Plus they have a huge selection and great prices, will definitely be ordering here again! 
Sharptail     Published 11/05/2018

5 Star Review | Discount Cannabis Seeds
Free Seeds

Hi, Just to let you know that I received my order today, thanks guys and thanks again for the free seeds. I will be back shopping with you real soon.... Keep up that good work! :-) - Cheers
Susan     Published 12/4/2018

5 Star Review | Discount Cannabis Seeds
Trustworthy Company

I was somewhat intimidated dealing with an overseas seller, but the gentleman named Johnny on the other end of the line immediately put me at ease. He was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Now my purchase has arrived and I am a completely satisfied customer. I highly recommend this trustworthy  company and I will buy from them again without hesitation.
John S - Canada     Published 27/10/2018

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So let's get started - What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a collection of flowering plants made up of three different species: Cannabis Sativa, ​Cannabis Indica & Cannabis Ruderalis

These cannabis plants are indigenous to the Indian Subcontinent and Central Asia. Throughout history, cannabis has been used for hemp fibre and for hemp oils, as well as its commonly recognised use as a recreational drug. Directly from this use, cannabis is also used for medicinal purposes (legally and illegally) due to its ability to relieve pain. If you want to know more about Cannabis or Weed, go to Discount Cannabis Seeds Ultimate Guide to Cannabis

Is Cannabis legal?
Cannabis, unfortunately does not follow a strict line of being legal or illegal across the globe, and in fact can vary considerably in each country depending on its use and form. Whilst it is illegal to own or possess the drug in the vast majority of countries around the world, many countries have in fact decriminalised possession in small quantities, with the reasoning that it isn't being used to sell or supply.

In the UK, it is actually legal to own Cannabis Seeds, such as the ones available on this website, but it is 100% ILLEGAL to grow or attempt to grow the cannabis plant from these seeds unless you have a Licence from the Home Office.


As is well known, certain countries permit the possession of cannabis in certain circumstances, such as the NetherlandsUruguay, and Canada.
More recently, a number of states in the USA, Portugal, and Switzerland have enacted legalisation of the cannabis plant.

As of 2018, it is believed that the most used illegal drug across the world is Cannabis, AKA Weed, Marijuana, Ganja, Skunk, Pot, Hashish, Dope and Grass.