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Amnesia Auto Feminsed Cannabis Seeds | Kera Seeds
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Amnesia Auto Feminised is the result of years of growing crossing and improving,Amnesia Auto was created by crossing an Amnesia and a Ruderalis.

  • Amnesia Auto Feminised cannabis seed is extremely popular and probably the most famous Haze type in the world and has won a cup in the Highlife Cup 2015
  • Amnesia Auto Feminised is a much loved and very popular cannabis variety
    this Feminised Auto is a strong and powerful cannabis plant which is very popular because of its extremely strong effects and its herbal and musk-like flavour
  • The Amnesia Auto Feminised cananbis seed owes its name to the fact it would cause loss of memory

Effects and flavour of Amnesia Auto

  • Prepare yourself for a heavy smoke - THC Levels at 19%
  • The Amnesia Auto is not for the faint-hearted, because the effects are extreme
  • The best way to describe it is a frenzied trance that’ll make you go nuts
  • You’ll get extremely stoned with a psychedelic high
  • The effect’s already noticeable after the first drags
  • The scent of Amnesia Auto is very herb-like, sweet and musky
  • Medically Amnesia Auto is used for pain relief and to suppress stress.

Growing Tips

  • Amnesia Auto is suitable for all climates so where ever you are, you can easily grow it outdoors
  • Because it grows fast, you could give it extra nutrition, but make sure it has plenty of space
  • Be careful not to over-fertilize, the blooming period of the Amnesia AUTO is about 9 weeks, after which it should be ready for harvest

Amnesia Auto Feminsed Cannabis Seeds | Kera Seeds 

  • THC: 19%
  • CBD: Average
  • Yield when grown indoors: High
  • Yield when grown outdoors: High
  • Height when grown indoors: 50 - 90 cm
  • Height when grown outdoors:  100 – 120 cm
  • Blooms: Autoflowering
  • Harvest:  10 – 12 weeks after sprouting
  • Genetic background: Amnesia X Ruderalis
  • Sativa - Indica: Ruderalis mix
SKU: KS0322
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