Auto Glueberry OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Dutch Passion

Auto Glueberry OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Dutch Passion

Auto Glueberry OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Dutch Passion. 

  • Genetics: Gorilla Glue x OG x Auto Blueberry.
  • Prize winner: 3rd Prize Autoflower Highlife Cup Netherlands 2017.
  • Cultivation: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse.
  • Life Cycle: 11 Weeks.
  • Yield: XXL.
  • Mix: Indica/Sativa.

Auto Glueberry OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds from Dutch Passion.

  • Auto Glueberry OG Feminised is the Autoflowering cannabis version of the hard hitting, resin dripping photoperiod Glueberry OG.

  • This Feminised Auto strain was created from the crossing of (Gorrila Glue x OG) with the original Auto Blueberry to ensure the same taste and effect as her photoperiod sister.
  • Auto Glueberry OG Feminised strain is Sativa dominant, potent cannabis hybrid.
  • The breeder recommends cultivation for this plant SOG and SCROG method grows.
  • With subtle Diesel hints and fruity Blueberry tones, Auto Glueberry OG Feminised weed can be considered a sweet tasting strain from both it's Asian and American roots.

Auto Glueberry OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds Reviews.

The epic Auto Glueberry OG was grown in a 15 litre auto pot of coco fibre.
An autopot is a gravity fed automatic plant feeding system, when the plant container is dry a sensor automatically delivers a few& litres of water to the container.
All the grower has to do is ensure that the feeder reservoir is kept topped up with the correct feed solution.
Auto pots are popular with home growers and give great results. In this weeks grow diary, ‘Rambo’ also added an air dome to the bottom of the Autopot.
The airdrome injects air into the coco fibre root zone, it allows faster growth and superior root aeration.
Although all Dutch Passion Autoflowering cannabis varieties have XL harvest potential, its not very often that customers push the genetics to the absolute limits. 

For more great Dutch Passion cannabis strains> Auto Glueberry OG Feminised

About Dutch Passion.

Dutch Passion was the second European Cannabis Seed Company, established in Amsterdam in 1987.

Dutch Passion mission statement is to supply the recreational and medical home grower with the highest quality cannabis seeds.

Available in all countries where growing is legally allowed.

The Dutch Passion Cannabis Seed collection offers something for everyone.

The very best legendary cannabis strains with their original genetics.

Their latest high performance, high speed, Autoflowering cannabis strains.

Dutch Passion remains a leading supplier of the world’s best cannabis genetics.

Allowing growers the very best opportunity to grow quality Cannabis Seeds.

Their experienced team do their utmost to maintain the quality of their existing varieties and constantly strives to find new ones from an extensive network of worldwide sources.

Dutch Passion remains a leading supplier providing thousands of retailers and seed distributors around the world.

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