Auto White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds Originals

Auto White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds Originals
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Fast Buds Originals Auto White Widow Feminised cannabis seeds are an old school legend, multiple world champion with an insane resin profile earning her the name. One of the original strains from the 1980’s that still ranks as an excellent choice for beginner growers and those who want the very best old school in Autoflowering form.

A fast-growing strain and superbly reliable, that will be done as quickly as 9 weeks from seed to harvest, making her the perfect candidate for growers who want a quick turnaround time. Auto White Widow Feminised will produce incredible results outdoors and can withstand hot and cold weather with ease. Her flavours are a mix of spicy, earthy and floral and her effects are relaxing and great for social scenarios. Hash makers and extractors will go wild for Auto White Widow Feminised, as she is a trichome machine that will cake buds in resin and cover fan leaves with resin rails.

  • Genetics: White Widow Autoflowering
  • THC Levels: 20%
  • Sex: Feminised
  • Type: Indica/Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 9 Weeks
  • Yield: 400-500gr/m2
  • Height: 70-110cm
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

The first thing that stands out from Auto White Widow Feminised buds, is the prolific resin content. Covered in trichomes from top to bottom, with a dark green hue and maroon brown pistils. The buds are light in weight, however, have a large size meaning the flowers off this strain go a long way.

Thanks to Auto White Widow Feminised 20% THC, the effects are uplifting, clear minded with an exciting buzz. She will fire the mind up and get all systems going, making her perfect for keeping organised and busy, keeping sharp and alert, and working through a to-do list. Her high is not too racy and will transcend into a relaxing state the more you smoke.

Auto White Widow Feminised will grow with even spacing between internodes and will produce one main cola. Her side branches will grow out and tall as she fills with silver coated, large sized nugs in 9 weeks. where she has the capability to yield 400-500gr/m2.

Auto White Widow Feminised leaf structure will be thin, long and she will not stretch too much once flowering begins, where she will mature to a size ranging from 70cm-110cm. She can also take on pink and magenta hues as she gets close to her harvest date, revealing her true beauty even further.


Tips for Auto White Widow Feminised

An easy to trim strain that is well known for its extreme resin profile. When trimming your plants, we advise to collect all the leaf material to make hash or extracts with.

Auto White Widow Feminised also performs incredibly well when grown in a Sea of Green and will not grow too tall.

Fast Buds recommend planting this hybrid outdoors until late in the year, as she can take colder and wet climates with ease, and during the hot summer months will really showcase her yield capabilities. Highly recommended to beginner growers new to autoflowering genetics that need a sturdy reliable strain that can be left to grow, with very little maintenance.

A flavour that can described as musky, spicy, earthy and sweet. Smoking will reveal a bold taste of savoury spices and dried fruits combined with earthy undertones. A taste that the old school generation will love.

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