Barney's Farm Cannabis Seeds

Barney's Farm Cannabis Seeds at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Barney’s Farm Cannabis Seeds

Unfortunately, we have been experiencing delays with orders we have placed with our suppliers, our apologies for this situation caused by Brexit import issues.

However, great news for you lovers of Barney’s Farm cannabis seeds, we have got lots of your favourite strains back in stock.

BARN329F           Barneys Farm Acapulco Gold (3 FEM)

BARN327F           Barneys Farm Amnesia Lemon (3 FEM)

BARN341F           Barneys Farm Auto Critical Kush (3 FEM) (was Critical Rapido Auto)

BARN355F           Barneys Farm Ayahuasca Purple (3 FEM)

BARN357F           Barneys Farm Bad Azz Kush (3 FEM)

BARN396F           Barneys Farm Biscotti Mintz (3 FEM)

BARN368F           Barneys Farm Blue Gelato 41 (3 FEM)

BARN397F           Barneys Farm Blue Sunset Sherbert (3 FEM)

BARN316F           Barneys Farm Blueberry Cheese (3 FEM)

BARN353F           Barneys Farm Blueberry Cheese Auto (3 FEM)

BARN358F           Barneys Farm Blueberry OG (3 FEM)

BARN390F           Barneys Farm Bubba Kush (3 FEM)

BARN362F           Barneys Farm CBD Lemon Potion Auto (3 FEM)

BARN391F           Barneys Farm Cheese (3 FEM)

BARN352F           Barneys Farm Cookies Kush (3 FEM)

BARN39F             Barneys Farm Critical Kush (10 FEM)

BARN339F           Barneys Farm Critical Kush (3 FEM)

BARN380F           Barneys Farm Dos Si Dos 33 (3 FEM)

BARN384F           Barneys Farm Dos Si Dos Auto (3 FEM)

BARN31F             Barneys Farm Dr. Grinspoon (10 FEM)

BARN331F           Barneys Farm Dr. Grinspoon (3 FEM)

BARN318F           Barneys Farm G13 Haze (3 FEM)

BARN374F           Barneys Farm Glue Gelato Auto (3 FEM)

BARN385F           Barneys Farm Gorilla Glue Auto (3 FEM)

BARN369F           Barneys Farm Gorilla Zkittlez (3 FEM)

BARN386F           Barneys Farm Gorilla Zkittlez Auto (3 FEM)

BARN375F           Barneys Farm L.S.D Auto (3 FEM)

BARN325F           Barneys Farm L.S.D. (3 FEM)

BARN38F             Barneys Farm Liberty Haze (10 FEM)

BARN392F           Barneys Farm Moby DIck (3 FEM)

BARN373F           Barneys Farm Orange Sherbert (3 FEM)

BARN359F           Barneys Farm Peyote Cookies (3 FEM)

BARN35F             Barneys Farm Pineapple Express Auto (10 FEM)

BARN335F           Barneys Farm Pineapple Express Auto (3 FEM)

BARN371F           Barneys Farm Pink Kush (3 FEM)

BARN393F           Barneys Farm Runtz Auto (3 FEM)

BARN381F           Barneys Farm Tropicanna Banana (3 FEM)

BARN328F           Barneys Farm Utopia Haze (3 FEM)

BARN30F             Barneys Farm Vanilla Kush (10 FEM)

BARN330F           Barneys Farm Vanilla Kush (3 FEM)

BARN395F           Barneys Farm Watermelon Zkittlez Auto (3 FEM)

BARN376F           Barneys Farm Zkittlez OG Auto (3 FEM)


About Barney’s Farm

The team at Barney’s Farm are all highly experienced Cannabis Seed breeders and have progressively been gathering landrace genetics from each corner of the world since the early 1980’s.

Barney’s Farm has won numerous international prizes for the flawless quality and stability of its products, making it a recognised world leader in the production of top-quality Cannabis Seeds.

Barney’s Farms search for rare genetics will never end, they are dedicated to the creation of new and exciting Cannabis strains.


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