Best Summer Cannabis Strains

Best Cannabis Strains for Summer 2020 - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis in 2020, despite the worldwide crisis has still been a huge hit to everyone, it may be because everyone is at home and turning into cannabis connoisseurs for a newfound hobby which we welcome at Discount Cannabis Seeds. If it’s quality cannabis seeds for the cheapest prices on the web, then look no further Discount Cannabis Seeds is the place to shop.

In this blog I am going to talk to you about cannabis strains best for the summer season. Whether you are new to cannabis growing or wanting to try another fantastic weed strain then this blog will have all of the information you need.

Strains of Summer 2020 the perfect complement to however you’re going to be spending it sheltering, loving, living, chilling. Probably a little of all of it, let’s be fair.

The best cannabis strains will provide you with an exceptionally high germination rate. This will help to ensure that your weed grows, without much of a struggle. In this blog you will find the best cannabis strains for a cheaper price than other cannabis seeds store sites.


This purplelicious, sweet, chill, candy strain from the minority-run Cookies has been surging the past three years to hit a new high note.

Look for acres of the pretty, runty Indica-dominant hybrid of Zkittlez and Gelato to tumble down the Humboldt hills this summer as light dep plus more from the national indoor scene: White Runtz, Pink Runtz, Insane Runtz.

Runtz is sold on our weed seed store and my personal favorite is Runtz By Seed Stockers. Runtz Feminised Cannabis Seeds is one of the biggest USA special strains trending.

Runtz Feminised cannabis strain has strong Gelato 33 genetics along with the prize winning Zkittle. Runtz Feminised cannabis strain is Indica dominant with THC levels of 25%, or even higher in optimized conditions.
Bloom takes around 8-9 weeks and produces firm and dense buds with high resin levels.

This is an Indica dominant will produce dense buds with superb resin levels. You will be happy to hear that it is also easy to grow with very generous yields. Fantastic choice for concentrate/extract fans too.

Best Cannabis Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Original Glue GG#4

This year, super strong, chocolate-fuel-smelling Original Glue GG#4 became the first strain to beat Blue Dream.

GG#4 is a worldwide loved strain and at Discount Cannabis Seeds we sell this incredible strain ready to buy today. Nirvana have this weed seed available on our website so let’s take a look now.

Original Glue is a knockout strain and proves this with its awards as 2014 Cannabis Cup #1 strain for both Michigan and Los Angeles, as well as High Times Jamaican Cup winner.

Nirvana’s Original Glue (formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4), packs an average THC level of 22% and has been recorded as having up to 32%!

Much like the flickering resin that builds up on your scissors when trimming, Original Glue sticks you to the couch as relaxation washes away all stress and leaves you with uplifting and euphoric thoughts. Original Glue high THC and high have led this strain to become universally loved, with more and more proclaiming that this strain may just break into the ranks of the top 10 strains of all time.

Best Cannabis Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Fire OG

No summer would be complete without a few OGs. So here it is the best loved Fire OG strain at Discount Cannabis Seeds is Fire OG BX3 Regular cannabis seeds by BC Bud Depot.

Fire OG Bx3b is a really amazing Indica/sativa hybrid that based on outstanding Kush genetics. This is the result of strict testing, selections to create the best OG Kush in the world.

The strain contains 60% Indica and 40% sativa genetics. Such composition provides well-balanced growing properties and effects. The plant is ideal for indoor cultivation where the blooming stage takes 9-10 weeks. The buds produce lemon fire flavors.

If you want the real Fire OG Kush, look no further, Fire OG Bx3 Regular cannabis plant is now here to help everyone raise the bar!

Best Cannabis Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Apple Cannabis Strains

Not only can weed smell like fuel, earth, grapes, or berries it can have this apple stone fruit aroma so let’s take a look at some Apple cannabis strains we sell at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Sour Apple by Anesia Seeds

Sour Apple was created by an intersection of the original Sour Diesel and a Pure Kush. It is an Indica dominant hybrid with a combination of both Indica and sativa effects. It has a delicious intense taste of sour apples and lemon and a gigantic potency.

The rock-hard buds are covered in a thick layer of milky white trichomes and are packed with sweet resin. Users describe the high of the sour Apple as a strong mental shift, an uplifting head high that leaves you motivated and focused with a sense of overwhelming euphoria and social tendencies. This is followed by a slow fade into an intensely overwhelming couchlock. Sour Apple sends her 27% of THC straight to your mind to kick you in other psychedelic spheres. We proudly present this unique goddess to all the growers in the world.

Growing Sour Apple
When growing indoors it is a good idea using screen of green or sea of green methods. You can expect big yields of 500g or more per square meter indoors, 700g per plant outdoors. The flowering time is 9-11 weeks. Indoors, Sour Apple is a vigorous grower with many side stems which can be trimmed to keep the plant in bounds. Indoors, the plants grow between 1,00-1,50 m depending on the introduction of the flowering phase, outdoors Sour Apple can reach four meters of height.

This is a super THC apple weed strain that you can start growing today when you checkout on our website Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Best Cannabis Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds


If you love lemon, then this is the cannabis strain for you.

Anesia Seeds Auto Lemongrass Feminised Cannabis Seeds is an Indica dominant strain that provides an extremely potent, easy-to-grow and very aromatic Autoflowering strain.

Auto Lemongrass Feminised is not for the faint hearted, because it brings an amazingly high THC content of 25% and easily surpasses many common cannabis strains.

Auto Lemongrass Feminised will provide you with XXL yields of the highest quality buds in a short time, which will delight especially experienced users. Fast and quick, it fills your storage jars with rock-hard and super-sticky buds.

Growing Tips for Auto Lemongrass Feminised

Auto Lemongrass Feminised is easy to grow, blooms quickly and abundantly. It delivers exceptional indoor and outdoor results and has everything a breeder could wish for: a high resistance to disease and pests, strong growth and abundant yields.

Even on the balcony, Auto Lemongrass Feminised becomes a true high performer. The plants reach an average height of 70-110 cm. The cycle from germination to flowering takes only 9-10 weeks.

Auto Lemongrass Feminised is very suitable for various cultivation methods (such as SCROG, SOG.) and thrives on different media, Earth, Coco and Hydroponic. The versatile terpene profile is best developed in organic growing at the end of October. In sunny climates you can get 2 crops per season.

Best Cannabis Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Zkittlez Auto by Fast Buds

With a name like Zkittlez, you can imagine what you're getting. Sweet notes of chocolate will fill the air but after harvest and curing the fragrance changes to one of ripe berries and candy.

Like anyone stuffed on candy, cannabis plants from Fast Buds Zkittlez seeds grow fat and happy. Their sizeable inter-node distance is a blessing in disguise as it allows each cola to maximize its size. The main cola forms a perfect triangle, like the capstone of a pyramid, giving it an utterly unique appearance.

Why we love it at Discount Cannabis Seeds: This high THC, low CBD, Indica-dominant hybrid mixes the best of Sativa and Indica with Fast Buds signature Autoflower genetics to create a strain with the same lineage as Zkittlez that grows in half the time.

Perfect for a night out with friends or a relaxing night on the couch, Fast Buds Zkittlez strain's Sativa heritage balance out the sedating Indica effects. This strain won't blast you with stimulation like a pure Sativa, but it won't leave you locked on the couch either.

Best Cannabis Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Jack Herer by GreenHouse Seeds.

The Jack Herer is undeniably one of the best marijuana strains on the market! It is a best seller for a number of different reasons. This medical grade cannabis is an excellent option for beginners and is fairly effortless to grow.

Jack Herer has gained as much renown as its namesake cannabis activist, the famously outspoken author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Jack Herer Feminised Cannabis Seeds is an excellent multiple Cannabis Cup Winner and is undoubtedly one of the best types of marijuana in the cannabis world.

It was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain. Since then, the spicy, pine-scented sativa has taken home numerous awards for its quality and potency.

Why we love this cannabis strain at Discount Cannabis Seeds: Jack Herer never stops getting more popular among novice and seasoned consumers alike.

Best Cannabis Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seed Strain for Home Growers in 2020

When choosing cannabis seeds for growing at home there are numerous factors to consider when choosing a cannabis seed. To choose the best cannabis strain for home and outdoor growing the most important factor would be to consider the seed strain itself.

There are 2 main types of cannabis seed that you can choose they are Sativa or Indica strains. To choose which one is best for you I have a guide to help you in your cannabis journey from picking your strains and choosing Discount Cannabis Seeds as your number one go too seeds store.

Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Sativa plants grow taller and thinner. The buds of these plants are loose and airy. The Indica plant has a flowering period that is typically 9-15 weeks. They require a longer time to flower when compared to the sativa strains.

How Sativa will make you feel:

• Energized
• Creative
• Uplifted High, Good Mood
• Happy

In short, Sativa Strains have strong brain/mind effects that will make you feel much happier while body effects are less noticeable. Sativa strains are not usually used for medical purposes so if you are growing and smoking for medicinal reasons then I would go for Indica.

Indica Cannabis Seeds

Indica plants grow short, wide and sturdy. The buds of these plants are compact and aromatic. The Indica varieties typically flower sooner than sativa. The general flowering period is 6-9 weeks.

How Indica will make you feel:

• Body Buzz
• Total Body and Muscles Relief
• Sleepy
• Apathetic

In short, Indica Strains usually contain higher levels of THC and have strong body effects, it will make you feel sleepier, Heavier and less anxious. Indica strains are perfect for medical uses.

There is a seed strain that will suit your growing purpose and environment whether it for indoor or outdoor, recreational or medicinal. There are new strains available in 2020, and new strains being created all of the time so keep checking our new blogs for new releases on exciting cannabis strains coming your way.

In the time happy shopping with Discount Cannabis Seeds.


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