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Do you want a change your seed bank to a fantastic seed bank which has a huge selection of cannabis strains or are you new to growing cannabis? If this is, you then Bomb Seeds is your new go to seed bank.

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we sell a wide range of Bomb Seeds which you will love to grow. In this blog I will show you some Bomb Seeds photos, strain reviews and growing tips.

Bomb Seeds Seedbank Reviews.

Mostly high yield strains. few strains I tried all were high yielders but not at expense of quality germ rate excellent ...vigorous plants and mostly uniformed plants...nothing bad to say about Bomb Seeds.

Great Cannabis Seeds strains, quality genetics. Great germination rate never had one if their herm on me.

Great genetics!! So far, every strain I have grown has turned out exactly as advertised and surpassed my expectations in effect and flavour!

I grew the Cherry Bomb, and it seems to veg a little slow. Once you get past the slow veg, she ends up making some nice large and dense buds. Even the lower buds that do not receive as much light turn out super frosty and dense. All you need to do is train it right away where the light can penetrate towards the bottom. That will make for some easy trimming quality colas. Just must wait for the cure now. As far as the looks go, I will give it a solid 9.

Fast growing and awesome plump full of resin.

I have always got good result from bomb seeds love that THC Bomb Cannabis Seeds have a couple gorilla bombs growing right now they are kicking a and should be done in about 3 weeks. Cannot wait to see the result.

Bomb seeds is the bomb!!! Great genetics man just wonderful stuff!!

Brilliant seed company The Bomb Explosive growth and Buds that are Weapons of Mass Distraction. Top seeds.

Excellent bangers. Love the strains and the germination rates.

Bomb Seeds Strain Reviews

The Bomb Seeds provides the best mix of strength, power, top-quality and high productivity. The breeder uses the world-famous selections to produce the explosive Bomb genetics.

The Bomb Seeds cannabis is grown in the Netherlands under strictly controlled conditions. The result product has a regularly testing to keep the optimum quality and consistency. All seeds are kept in a controlled, constant temperature and humidity. Such careful selection ensures fully stable genetics and freshness.

Cosmic Bomb Auto Cannabis Seeds.

Strength was a must when creating Cosmic Bomb Auto Cannabis Seeds, but not just that, to give it the edge, we looked for strains that had higher levels of some of the underrated cannabinoids. By working with a specially selected cut of LSD which had been tested with elevated levels of THC and crossing it with our own Auto Bomb (with its lineage of African landrace sativa), we have created a truly spectacular variety.

The THC levels vary in the 16-20% range for most setups although individual harvests have been tested more than that.

The plant is quite strong smelling, especially in the later stages of flowering, a sweet almost fruity aroma blends with a more earthy note that you would expect. When used in a vaporizer or bong that sweet fruitiness comes through in spades, with a more skunky sharpness on the exhale.

The high is a real uplifting and active experience. The increased psych activity will lead to an energetic and almost psychedelic event, so make sure you are ready for the ride if you hit this strain hard.

It grew very well easy grow little small, but autos normally are the grow went smoothly for the most part I have no complaints I am happy with the result. I’ve seen other autos go very wrong fast but this strain was great I would Definitely recommend it for novice growers or beginners

Very good high quality is very good smooth smoke I’m definitely happy with the taste and high-top shelf good if you want an easy fast grow choice cosmic bomb auto trust me the bud is amazing good.

The strength was a must, as well as higher cannabinoids. They achieved Cosmic Bomb auto by working with a specially selected cut of LSD and crossed it with their own, Auto Bomb. By doing this, they were able to create a truly spectacular variety!!

Cosmic Bomb Auto Cannabis Seeds has THC levels ranging anywhere from 16-20%. Seed to harvest time is 65 + days which mine went a week or so longer but it was worth the wait for the amount she yielded. I got a little over 4 ounces off this gorgeous gal and I'm very happy with the finished results.

She responds well to a heavier nutrient feeding and a good amount of light.
I had her on 18/6 throughout her entire life cycle, which seemed to work perfectly for her. All plants need their downtime in the dark!!! I believe it's vital to a plants happiness and their overall end results!!

She will explode with major growth around transitioning time, growing upward and out.
Make sure you are going to be able to deal with the stretch that comes once she's flowering.

Focus on your choice of training methods as well, she responded really well with Low - Stress Training and defoliation.

I also tied her branches to where all the buds were able to receive max light penetration and better airflow which is an absolute must with how fat and dense her buds become, only packing on in size with each passing week.

If you show Cosmic Bomb Auto Cannabis Seeds plenty of TLC and attention, then you will end up with a very beautiful and giving plant. I highly recommend growing this auto flowering strain from Bomb Seeds!!! You will not be disappointed at all!! You will be incredibly pleased and impressed by this wonderful strain.

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Gorilla Bomb Cannabis Seeds.

One of the most talked about and arguably strongest strains of recent years, is the Insanely sticky Gorilla Glue. Huge amounts of resin and a great sour piney aroma make this a great variety to work with; so, Bomb Seeds have given it the full Bomb treatment!

Bomb Seeds were truly fortunate to be given a clone of the #4 pheno back in early 2013 and immediately began to cross these outstanding genetics with Bomb Seeds very own signature THC BOMB. The sole purpose was to inject even more oozing resin into this already trichome laden lady. The results were spectacular.

As a Sativa dominant hybrid, the immediate effect of smoking Gorilla Bomb is uplifting and energetic. The powerful head rush will continue to roll over you in waves until you are firmly settled into a deep relaxing euphoria. But be warned, this is not classed as one of the strongest strains on the planet for fun! If you continue to hit on this, it will very quickly stick you to your couch like its famous namesake Gorilla Glue.

The flavour is a superb blend of sweet and sour chocolate, followed by the distinct fuel after-tang thanks to its diesel heritage. This taste is initially quite subtle but really builds in the mouth, so the exhale has a very potent flavour.

When growing Gorilla Bomb Cannabis Seeds you can really go to town with nutrients in the later stages of Vegetation and all throughout flowering, if you feed her well you will be rewarded with vey think dense buds that absolutely drip with resin. In fact, this is how the original Gorilla Glue got her name, the resin production was so extensive it would “glue” trimming scissors together after just a matter of minutes.

Bomb Seeds have spent years perfecting this cross to ensure that when you get stuck to your couch from the first hit of Gorilla Bomb, you will have nothing but smiles for hours and hours.

Reviews of Gorilla Bomb Cannabis Seeds.

Aromas when growing were fruity, and as per usual there is plenty of fruit punch flavour when vaping. This is a strong-tasting strain. The sweet does depart quickly, after a couple pulls, which yields to a woodier taste.

This batch, though done better and more potent than my last, still hits the same effect wall. The sativa effects here are way too light for me. It reveals itself when not mixing strains and vaping Gorilla Bomb solo. Far from concussive. So, a 9/10 is the ceiling for a rating I think.

The smell while growing is great, and even better when dried and cured. Strong fruity, sweet aromas. You mostly get that flavour through multiple vape tokes too which is ideal. The back tone ends up being neutral, wood-like.

The effects are good, based in sativa, but not concussive. This is where this grow will not get the elusive 10/10, everything else checked out. Good growth, decent yield, great flavour, ... but when I was just vaping Bomb solo for a few days, the lack of strength started to wear on me and my consumption increased. I’m not sure this gives me enough kick on its own - but the flavour and growth are elite.

My next sea of Gorilla Bomb should be left the full nine weeks so maybe that will rectify the back-end effects and improve score. This would be one of the absolute best I have encountered though.

She is a great plant honestly no matter what she won't disappoint n she always gives out amazing buds and amazing tastes and stones all ad say is treat her with care and she will flourish if u do her on her own she will open up n give you a higher yield than if u do her with others she is a very self-cambered plant that doesn't like sharing her space, a great and amazing strain no matter what but I highly recommend her own space/tent/grow area as when she's on her own she grows to twice the size.

Gorilla Bomb Cannabis Seeds is a very dominant Sativa hybrid, that never lets you down. It is the type of strain that you smoke and find yourself moments later actively entertaining yourself with uplifting creative expression. It's a powerful bomb strain and you'll want to make sure that you're ready for an extra intense high.

Growing Gorilla Bomb Cannabis Seeds is really fun because with what seems like overnight, this plant can stretch inches and have you guessing on how to properly train her. The buds are insane and will be so heavy that you will more than likely must reinforce them to stick up.

Ridiculously easy to grow I literally grew it with just water and got some super sticky dank that is just as good if not better then use if fertilizers. If you are an organic garden this is a must have. I just cut her down about an hour ago so I will dry & cure and add a smoke report! Iv smoked Gorilla Bomb before and it gives a huge blow to the face so I cannot wait to try my own!

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Atomic Cannabis Seeds.

Bomb Seeds have gone Atomic Cannabis Seeds with a truly superior strain that will blow your mind. Bomb Seeds combined a hand selected original US clone of the legendary Chemdawg with a hard hitting intensely flavoured Kush from the Emerald Triangle. Bomb Seeds then crossed this with our number one selling, award winning THC Bomb to create a truly knockout strain in every single way. Atomic has the brutal power of THC Bomb mixed with the classic Californian Kush taste and stone.

Atomics taste and smell is simply amazing and is sure to be a definite crowd pleaser. It mixes intense fuel and citrus aromas with hints of menthol and berries. The stone is outrageous, beginning with an immediate headrush, melting into a euphoric yet full bodied stone which is long lasting and very satisfying making it an ideal medical strain. Beginners be warned!!

This strain is easy to grow and is of medium height. While not having quite the monster yields of THC Bomb it is still considered a high yielder. Buds will be large and plump with layers and layers of crystal upon crystal. Indoors flowering time can be as little as 8 weeks.

Bomb Seeds aim with Atomic Cannabis Seeds was to create something extra special – a real knockout strain with a wonderful Kush flavour and awe-inspiring stone. We have exceeded our own high standards and we are sure you are going to love it!

All are experienced smoker, and I would never give this stuff too anyone who is new to the feeling of THC or smoked just a few times here and there some random stuff.
But for my personal use it´s perfect. Because of the Insomnia effect off her it´s perfect to meditate and you never fall asleep for hours with an insane and crazy high time within your mind.

She has an earthy and piney smell to her, there is a slight hint of skunk to her but it is very mild.

The smoke has a mild mixture of pine and mint with a hint of skunk. None of the tones are very loud and I would honestly describe the smoke as “classic weed”. It is a nice smoke but it is not any of these fancy flavours floating around. It is a nice smooth classic weed smoke that is not dominated by any flavour, smell, or tone.

The high is highly active, my brain feels alive and creative. I feel happy and it is nice to hit right before I head into my grow room to be a big prune. It is a little more on the creative or involved, like a good video game or cleaning the car, something that is a little more task/decision oriented. I do not feel like doing a repetitive task like a lot of other Sativa’s I have tried, I feel like I want a more involved task. The high is also clear, I do not feel like I am in a heavy fog, maybe a light fog that keeps me more focused on the task at hand, but still able to think well. It also has a bit of a body uplifting high to her as well, I feel lighter and relaxed.

I am really like her; the smoke is quite different from the other Sativas I have grown. I like that it is more mentally and creatively stimulating with the slight body high is also genuinely nice edition. Next time I go for a nice hike I’m going to pack this in the vaporizer, it’d be an awesome smoke to enjoy the great outdoors with.

I wish I had more of her because she has such a nice creative side to her, I’ll be growing her again.

Super fun high it is uppy giggly fun. The buds have a strong chem smell but a nice old school pine taste.
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Cherry Bomb Cannabis Seeds.

Cherry Bomb is the hard hitting, big yielding strain from Bomb Seeds. The result of crossing our monster yielding Big Bomb with a unique and fruity mother means growers can expect an explosion of flavour and maximum yields.

As the name would suggest Cherry Bomb has a sweet fruity aroma which is matched by the distinctive cherry taste. Think summer fruits with the classic skunk undertones. The buzz starts with an initial head high, settling down into a deep and calming body stone that will not knock you out for the count.

Cherry Bomb Cannabis Seeds is the ideal strain for both commercial growers and those wanting big yields without compromising on smoke quality. It has a heavy bud structure thanks to its Big Bomb heritage, growing to a medium height of around 100-120cm. The perfect strain for both indoor and outdoor setups, growers can expect to yield 600-650g/m² with an 8-10-week flowering time. Outdoors it will finish late September – early October. Later in the flowering period leaves can turn a purple, cherry colour with buds glistening in THC.

Cherry Bomb Cannabis Seeds is best smoked however you like. It works equally well as a blunt but smoked through a bong it is a real mind opener – perfect for exercising your inner creative urges.

These buds grew out fat and frosty! The water cure was 100% success! The buds ended up with a mild chocolate mint flavour. After taking a hit you get an immediate strong head rush and real sativa like high that leaves you with some energetic overall happy feeling. This weed really brightens your day. It seems like it could be great for depression and overall lack of motivation.

The bud is amazing strong long-lasting high uplifting and relaxing effect its ability one of my best the bud is rock hard and full of great flavours. I'm impressed truly there is a quality about this bud that u only see in really good genetics the bud is fluffy and dense the quality of the bud is outstanding truly happy about that the whole growing process.

It's really easy grows fast grow strong very tolerant to moisture had no pest problems Clipper maybe this little caterpillars but not really that bad of a problem overall good grow super happy but the outcome big weight awesome quality what more can I say its dank tasty wonderful LOL you want good quality there was bomb seeds they know what they're doing over there.

This cherry bomb is clearly the type of weed I like to grow and smoke. This strain could have grown tall as I practice a lot of HST, and she still ended with a nice height. Very resilient to the HST, that method brings a lot of the secondaries just a bit under the main canopy and is producing a lot of mid-sized but compact buds. The buds are hard like rocks before and after drying, they appear small but are heavy, 70g of cherry bomb looks like 50g of Fruity Jack in terms of volume.

The Smoke is clearly hearty, I even want to say that it taste like hash & a hint of cherry but after a bit of curing it's nor more a cherry hint but more like a lightly sugary one , very pleasant and raw at the time, nothing complex but a clear taste. The easiest I had to describe since I am on GD.
It is a Very nice hybrid style high that leans Indica. it starts out with a nice cerebral stimulation but not jittery or racy and mellows out into wanting to sit down and game or watch a movie or enjoy conversations with friends followed by proper munchies!

Great appetite stimulation for us. I don't get a cherry taste from the flower its more of a fruity skunk but the BHO I made is a different story, It has a nice Cherry cough syrup type of taste to it so I can see how they get the name from it. nice strain especially if you are a skunk or hybrid lover!

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THC Bomb Cannabis Seeds.

THC Bomb: Bomb Seeds original signature strain, has created rave reviews around the world. This unique mixture of giant, rock-hard buds with explosive THC levels make it one for commercial growers and connoisseurs alike.

Like Big Bomb, the harvest will be massive coupled with the power and strength of white strains. THC Bomb has extremely high levels of THC, well over 20% when grown under optimum conditions. The plant grows with extreme vigour and strength while staying relatively short and finishing amazingly fast for such a large yielder.

Outdoors THC Bomb Cannabis Seedscan produce well over 1kg per plant. When ready to harvest the plant will literally be covered in frosty white trichrome. THC Bomb was developed to be something special delivering on every level: yield, strength, taste and speed!

really enjoyed both growing and smoking that strain! The speed of growth during the vegetative stage was spectacular. It is like nothing could have stopped her! She was able to build a strong root mass and big healthy leaves in a few days under cheap IKEA bulbs. And she exploded when I moved her under a 110W smd ("quantum board"). She was transplanted twice, and each time I switched her container I noticed some crazy roots all around the Airport. Solid genetics in here, for sure!

She was a pleasure to work on because her stems were flexible enough to bend them continuously, making the mainlining process extremely easy. No snap, no slow recovery, no toxicities nor deficiencies, and no light stress.

She asked for more and I gave her the maximum I could, in terms of time, pot size, quality/quantity of light. I was not expecting so many side-branching, so pruning was mandatory, as well as defoliating its large fan leaves.

She needed some air at her feet. If you want to work on the same project, and plan to mainline a THC Bomb in a quite short space, I would recommend to stop the training at 8 main colas, pushing to 16 was a bit crazy, since the buds were really close from each other's during late flowering.

Once again the quality of the genetics showed up and she was not affected by mould/mildew or any late-flowering disease. She just faded out nicely and drove its last energy into resin production.

Grew exactly how I expected, thick stems that supported the fat buds with no problem. Smoke report will come after they are dry. Dried: the buds are very dense and puts off a genuinely nice lemon scent which I have come to expect from this strain but this pheno also carries an extraordinarily strong skunk aroma. The high comes on slow and then hits like a brick wall. Extraordinarily strong grad high. Stare into space kind of high. This will not be a daytime strain for me.

The final product looks great in the jars, and even better in the grinder, her dense dry buds literally explode once crushed, a small bud results in a big joint!

The high will hit you after a few minutes and will last for more than an hour. It is - in my opinion - an afterwork or party strain, it will not glue you to the couch but will make you feel energetic, happy, and creative. A social strain to share with good friends! The taste is not that unique (it can make you think of other strains) but still genuinely nice, some notes of citrus, pepper, with an earthy dominance.
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From these fantastic reviews of Bomb Seeds, surely Bomb Seeds is the one for you. At Discount Cannabis Seeds we have many more strains available to buy from our cannabis seeds store at the cheapest prices.

Head over to our weed seed store and start shopping for Bomb Seeds today.


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