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If you are looking for a new Cannabis Seeds Bank to try for your cannabis garden, then why not try Discount Cannabis Seeds Top 3 Cannabis Seed banks.

Our Top 3 are Royal Queen Seeds, Barney’s Farm and Sensi Seeds. These 3 seed banks offer Regular, Feminised and Auto Flowering cannabis seeds with incredible prices and the top-quality cannabis.

When buying from Discount Cannabis Seeds we are the cheapest online cannabis seeds store with the best quality, top notch weed seeds, so why not buy from us?

In this blog you can see why these 3 cannabis seed banks are Discount Cannabis Seeds Top 3!

Sensi Seeds.

Sensi Seeds is a legendary seed company founded by Ben Dronkers, which in 1975 began to cultivate medicinal marijuana. He travelled the world in search of the best cannabis. Such expeditions took him to places like the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush – all over Central and Southeast Asia.

His crossbreeding programs brought some of the newest and most ground-breaking strains of marijuana to the world at large, and around this time he began to understand that the cannabis loving people of the Netherlands deserved to be able to enjoy the fruits of his works, just as much as he did.

In 1986, Sensi Seeds opened shop in Amsterdam and quickly became quite famous, offering not only incredible strains but also books on growing and breeding, equipment necessary to start growing.

Through years of experimentation and experience Sensi Seeds developed some of the most ground-breaking, powerful, and easy to grow hybrid cannabis plants the world has ever seen. When it comes to the production and incredible variety no other seed bank can even come close to what Sensi Seeds can do.

Reviews of Sensi Seeds.

I ordered the CBD capsules 10mg, since day 1 I could feel a real difference with my back pain and a bit work stress, highly recommended. I tried few brands, and this is one of the best by far.

These guys can seriously take care about your projects! Trust Sensi Seeds!

Great company. Excellent and very potent strains, very wide selections.

The only place you have to go for your growing. Top quality products from a top-quality company. I personally love to try new varieties and sensi never disappoint. Loving the Girl Scout Cookies at the moment.

A trustworthy supplier of a product of extreme quality! Large selection of top genetics and variety of strains.
I am a big fan of Sensi Seeds they have great choice in their catalogue and great genetics.

Sensi Seeds, Seed Reviews.

Hindu Kush Auto Flowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Hindu Kush Automatic is a stable pure indica strain that is easily grown in all growing environments. The variety has a high potency and rapid growth. After 45-56 days, the crop appears.

The plant is strong, compact, with many branches. It is suitable for growing in small rooms. The strain does not require special conditions and is suitable even for novice growers. Also good for the SOG method.

 The effect gives a long-lasting body-stone sensation. Smoke relaxes and helps to relieve pain or stress. Taste and aroma-a mix of sweet earthy, pine and sandalwood notes.

During flowering, the smell is not strong. Hindu Kush Automatic will appeal to fans of old-school indica.

Reviews of Hindu Kush Auto Flowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Hindu Kush is a really nice indica smoke, heavy and good for the body, this grew out really nice and the plant did what it was supposed to do, I made hash out of most of it, thanks sensi seeds, I made her into some hash, and she was really smooth, before I knew it my lungs were full. this happened four times as the smoke was so smooth and you get really big hits, well got me pretty stoned and I must say again, thank you @sensiseeds Get this now people this strain is great, flowers in just 56 days, and she can be yours, great smoke and makes good hash, I will be running this again.

Excellent for the night consumption, feeling a deep relaxed while at the same time high! It is worth mentioning that this time around I never used any pest control sprays and fed her nutrients only when she needed them!
The high is on the body high of the spectrum, definitely good for using before going to sleep, relaxing the body muscles. She grew really well considering she is my first from seed to harvest experience. The growing was really easy and even under harsh conditions. A tip for my future grows is to not make frequent selective defoliation and rather defoliate only at the beginning of flowering and maybe in the middle of flowering some more even more selective defoliation.
Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Black Domina Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Sensi Seeds.

Black Domina Feminised Cannabis Seeds is an almost pure Indica plant that based on the mix of the best indica genetics in the world. The genetics of Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghani SA were crossed to create this crystal-coated hybrid.

The plant demonstrates an amazing appearance, fast flowering, a delicious taste. It suits both for masters and beginners. The plant develops dark-green leaves, a huge central cola. The female Domina will be a good mother plant. The harvest comes after 50 days of the blooming and brings large yields of resinous buds.

Black Domina provides a spicy pepper smell, and the smoke brings a long-lasting effect of relaxation and sleepiness, therefore it is great for late nightly smoking.

Reviews of Black Domina Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Proper Indica, perfect for indoor culture, does not stretch too much. Quite ok for ScrOG, but I think the traditional Xmas tree growing style would be better for this strain. Flowering period is short, it will be ready in 60 days.
Old school strain, how does it taste? Well, it is a mix between a green apple, mint and lemon. Very fresh and fruity and a bit sour, like some kind of apple skittles. Very heavy stoned effects and a pleasant relaxing experience.

Very resistant for an outdoor grow, good branches. Many websites say that is an indoor plant, I coincide because she can stay small in size with a discrete smell.
Early vegetation is not one of the faster, but as continues it grows exponentially.
LST and topped her, and she responded well. Tendency to big colas, and 4 or 5 medium-big branches below each main cola, which have buds from bottom to top.
Very good ramification. Strong branches. Not a stinky one when outdoor, discrete smell.
Very short internodal space.... Still amazed.

Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds
Northern Lights Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Northern Lights Auto is an Indica dominant plant that is an auto flowering version of the original strain. This compact strain has an average yield, but develops large buds covered with snow-white trichomes.

It can be grown in any growing environment, even in cold regions. The crop appears in 60-91 days. Northern Lights Automatic is suitable for stealthy cultivation and is easy to grow. This squat plant develops many bushy branches.

Smoking has a relaxing effect and helps with insomnia. The aroma and taste are herbal, earthy. You can also feel the citrus and fruit notes. The strain will appeal to fans of indica, as well as growers of the northern regions.

Reviews of Northern Lights Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Buds were sticky and firm. The end product smells nice and lights well. The high is mostly body high. Smoke is a bit rough but makes up for it in weight.

This strain was quite easy to grow, there was little care given, other than the usual watering and feeding, and keeping PH levels within the correct range, and I just let it do its thing.

Smoke is relatively smooth for being uncured, with a small amount of harshness with a big rip, probably the THC. They are so super sticky I cannot rotate them in the jars, Bud smells great dried, lemony peppery with no grassy-ness.

Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds   Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Super Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Super Skunk is a champion Indica dominant variety, created as a result of crossing Afghani hash plant and the famous Skunk #1. Super Skunk is a more productive version of the latter.

It is an energetic, easy-growing plant with great potency and a strong Skunk smell. After 49-56 days, it produces a large crop of strong, large, resinous buds, which can be harvested several times a year. Super Skunk can grow in any growing environment, preferring a warm climate.

The strain is suitable for SOG and SCROG cultivation methods. It is also suitable for novice gardeners. Smoking gives a euphoric, relaxing, uplifting effect, helps well with pain, stress. The smoke has a sweet, earthy taste.

Reviews of Super Skunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The easiest strain to grow. This is the strain that I will strongly suggest for beginners for their first grow. I believe it might have been created by a wizard or something like this. It always makes donkey dick buds full of resin. It can be ready in 56 days of flowering, but I really like to trigger the Afghan Hash plant side with the most CBN possible and I personally harvest around 65 days.

It is hard to define the flavours of the Super Skunk, it is very sweet, resinous and intense. The effects are devastating when you let it mature long enough, strong heavy stoned sensation.

This strain/grow was as easy as you can get. All she needed was some water every other day. I will say next year if I use this strain, I will throw her some nutrients.

Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Next up I have Royal Queen Seeds, our customers go to cannabis seed bank with incredible yields, top hitting smokes and easy grows.

Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) is one of the fastest-growing cannabis seed companies in Europe.

With the aim of bringing top-shelf genetics to hobby growers the world over, their dedicated breeders have created an incredible range of quality feminised, auto flowering, and CBD seeds.

With over 20 years of breeding experience, their passion for cannabis has expanded into one of the most comprehensive seed catalogues available. Moreover, 2019 has been their most exciting year yet, with Sweet Zkittlez, Legendary Punch, and North Thunderfuck just some of the strains added to the line-up.

 If you prefer the classics, RQS stocks premium versions of all the household names—White Widow, Shining Silver Haze, Northern Light, Amnesia Haze, OG Kush, Critical, and Skunk #1 to name but a few. RQS also has several, multi-award-winning strains among its collection. Not only did they win “Best Seed Bank” at Spannabis 2019.

They have won numerous Highlife, High Times, and Soft Secrets cups. Royal Gorilla and Green Gelato were voted “Soft Secrets European Plant of the Year” for 2018 and 2019, making RQS #1 two years in a row.

Royal Queen Seeds, Seed bank reviews.

Great seeds, wonderful sticky harvest. Could not be more pleased!

All seeds germinated and produced good quality products.

Pure professionals' discrete quality and I got it fast every seed rooted no burns no nothing just good ass weed. 9 weeks from planting to smoking.

Always the best seeds, the medical auto flowers are amazing, great benefits from the CBD. Greets a grower 4-life with Royal Queen Seeds.

Reviews of Royal Queen Seeds, Seeds Reviews.

Northern Lights Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds.

Northern Light Auto is the Automatic version of the Northern Light that is one of the most famous Indica dominant strains in the world.  This is a perfect mix of new and old schools. The plant contains 80% indica and 20% ruderalis genetics.

The strain is ideal for indoor cultivation as well as for outdoor growing in different climate conditions. The plant demonstrates energetic growth, and the harvest comes in only 9-10 weeks from germination and brings the amazing yield of 500 - 550 gr/m2 indoors and 170 - 220 gr/plant outdoors.

The plant has a quite big height for auto flowering strain. It reaches to 90-120 cm tall.

The strain inherits the properties of classic Northern Light. The smoke brings a nice, sweet taste and an enjoyable physical effect. It is also a good medical remedy.

Reviews of Northern Lights Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Very nice heavy Indica with this sweet, dank hash taste and smell, after 1 bong hit my whole body is filled with relaxation and a nice head space. This strain is quiet lung expanding so beginners watch out, really smooth on the inhale but the cough will get you on the exhale for sure. Definitely an evening/night strain, tastes the same way it smells, you get this danky sweet hash aroma in the back of your mouth, really enjoyable.

It was an awesome experience growing this plant, it´s so amazing to see it from seedling to a big and beautiful plant. I couldn´t ask for anything more on my first grow. It is an incredible genetic, strong from pests and stress. This one seems to have been a really strong phenotype, hence my other harvest I did last week were a NL of mine had a really weak pheno and had stunted twice.

Also, I think that I found to be awesome was the purplish colours it developed on the top buds, I think due to cold temperatures.
The roots developed pretty well, maybe even started root bounding.
It´s really a great genetic overall, beautiful, dense, sticky and smelly buds. And I´m really happy with the results, the weight was pretty good, and quality looks and smells to be awesome.

Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds   Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Royal Gorilla Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Modern auto flowering genetics are changing the cannabis industry, and strains like Royal Gorilla Automatic are leading the charge. Cannabis growers have always appreciated autos for their speed and ease of growth, but many see these traits as a trade-off for potency and productivity.

It did not take long for the innovative breeders at Royal Queen Seeds to come up with an auto that packs a THC punch and offers generous yields.

After a period of experimentation and pinpointing the corrected genetic matches, our crew cracked the formula. They managed to bring what was missing to the realm of auto flowering strains—high yields and plenty of THC.

Like other modern autos, Royal Gorilla Automatic rivals some of the best traits seen in photoperiod strains. Growers can now experience powerful highs and fill up their stash jars in a fraction of the time. Plus, this strain is as easy to grow as a tomato plant and perfect for casual Kush-seekers.

Keep her watered and throw in a bit of pruning here and there and you are sure to get good results.

Reviews of Royal Gorilla Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This strain never ceases to amaze me! still I will never pass up a chance to grow from this strain from them, as it is truly a wonder, boost your creativity and appetite, good for laughs and can lead to hours upon hours of conversations, or me this one does the trick! this I recommend to newcomers and hardcore growers.

Super easy strain to smoke straight from drying. I suffer from insomnia and I also tend to stress a lot from work. This strain is a saviour, it tranquilizes me from the first hit. And puts me to sleep very easily. A great strain for these moments. Absolutely recommended.

The citrus, diesel, and pine aromas and flavours are very powerful with this plant. I have come into the cannabis game fairly recently, so I do not know too much about various strains and flavours. By now I have probably grown 5 times more than I have ever bought legal or otherwise. So, I cannot say for certain, but there is a pretty strong aftertaste -- maybe Kush, maybe pine-y -- that can be pretty unpleasant, but I do not always notice it.
Guys really impressive buds. Little bit off purple and orange. Amazing looking buds. 4 buds made it to 28-30 grams wet each. A little fluffy for my liking after drying. Smells Really strong.

Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds
Green Gelato Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Green Gelato is a juicy balanced indica / sativa hybrid of Thin Mint

 Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. The strain has a powerful aroma and outstanding dessert taste.
The plant has a medium-high height. For maximum yield, LST, ScrOG, fimming, topping and mainlining are recommended.

The strain demonstrates lavender and purple colours when the night temperature is lower than daytime. The harvest comes after 8-9 weeks and brings 500-700 gr/m² indoors and 800 gr/plant outdoors.

The extremely high THC level of 27% provides powerful physical effects and clear high. The smoke brings a unique sweet, citrus, earthy mix of aromas and tastes.

Reviews of Green Gelato Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Amazing strain!
The smell was quite great! She was a very resilient strain did not disappoint at all, blew my mind!
Highly recommended,
The smoke was incredibly smooth, nice relaxing high, uplifted, and happy, takes to a powerful stone with a pleasant tinkling comfort. Slept like a baby.

never smelled a plant with this kind of fruity notes before. it is absolutely stunning. Royal Queen Seeds is one of the best out there for sure grown many strains, but this has to be my best so far.

Great smell dense buds not high yielding plant but I make it all up with top shelf buds- incredible smoke as well in love with it.

This is a very nice strain. The best-looking buds I ever grew. Nice density, brilliant colour and nice, sweet smell.
Also, the strongest I have grown.  I am not so sure on the Sativa/Indica high difference, but this is quite mellow and relaxing for head and body. Definitely would highly recommend.

THIS STRAIN IS AMAZING! The taste on green gelato #2 is lime/lemonish with fruity after taste and leaves a nice fresh taste after smoking it, it's deep as fuck in my opinion, as for green gelato #1 ,it has a fruity, candy taste and leaves a nice aroma of candy ,it reminds me of some candies I used to eat when I was young, this got on my favourite taste list, as for the high they give you, well it's different almost with each smoke, what I noticed that is really predominant out of all the effects, is the uplifted mood you get and clear thoughts ,while being euphoric in the same time, you get a long munchie effect which can have it's down sides.

Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Quick One Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds.

Quick One is a fast-growing auto flowering strain with a short flowering cycle, decent yields and compact size. This is one of the first and one of the fastest varieties in the Royal Queen collection.

The strain is based on the Canadian genetics and on the famous original Lowryder. The Williams Wonder, Northern Lights and Ruderalis were crossed to create this strain.

The result is indica dominant plant that does not depend on light schedule and contains 10% sativa, 60% indica and 30% ruderalis genetics.

The plant develops a strong and compact structure. The height reaches to 50-60 cm, so the strain is ideal for small spaces. It is harvested in 8 weeks after germination. Sometimes flowering takes one more week to get fully mature plant.

The harvest provides great yields that reach to 275-325 gr/m2 indoors and 100-150 gr/plant outdoors.

The smoke brings a fresh, herbal aroma with soft citrus notes, a mild taste and an enjoyable body stone high.

Reviews of Quick One Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This strain is perfect for anyone who wants quick sticky flowers with some incredible taste and smell. The plant stays compact in size which is perfect for your regular home grower or people with limited space. I would run these in a SOG setup in any size tent.
Turned out great! Big, Beautiful, and smells like candy. Definitely will grow this strain again. Not sure if almost 5 ounces dry is above average or not for an auto flower, but it is definitely my best personal grow.

The smell - Interesting, like a strong herb mix with light hints of a tropical fruit / squashed banana on the fingers after handling buds.

High - Slow rolling into the front of the head & nicely cerebral leading to relaxed vibes & body. Giggly & mellow & easy to lock into a movie or send you into a deep sleep. Indica heavy in my opinion & quite enjoyable with medium levels of THC. The only "downside" is a strong hit of the munchies.

Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds   Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

And finally, I have our customers at Discount Cannabis Seeds favourite cannabis seed bank, it is Barney’s Farm.

Barney’s Farm has won many international awards for the flawless quality and stability of its products and is a recognised world leader in the production of top-quality seeds.

Barney’s Farm was founded since the early 1980’s after Derry settled in the Himalayas where he honed his knowledge by selectively breeding various strains, choosing phenotypes for their taste, aroma and THC levels.

Derry collected a variety of land-race cannabis seeds from countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and China. After hand picking the most promising seeds, they were then backcrossed in order to stabilise them.

Today Barney’s Farm is the team of experienced breeders, who collected landrace genetics from around the world. This enables Barney’s Farm Research Lab to create the best and rarest cannabis strains and makes Barney’s Farm the leader in the production of top-quality female cannabis seeds.

Barney’s Farm Seed bank reviews.

I have grown about 5 or 6 barneys farms photoperiod strains and even won plant of the month with their Gorilla Zkittlez strain (and was entered into plant of the year on which was one of the most beautiful plants I have ever seen.

Barney's farm is just the best seed bank.
100%germinate seed and super quality research for the newest strain that they put in commerce.

Love Barney’s Farm! I’ve legit had 100% success rate start to finish on every seed I have ever popped. Never had a male to date and that says a lot! Customer for life, always support quality products and this in one of them!

Barney’s Farm seeds reviews.

Gorilla Zkittlez Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Gorilla Zkittlez is the powerful indica dominant cannabis strain that based on the crossing between Gorilla Glue and Zkittlez.

The flowering period takes 8-9 weeks indoors and the harvest comes in early October outdoors.

 Lots of sparkle trichomes cover the whole plant. The THC level of 24% provides very strong stony effects and smoking brings a pleasant relaxation and fruity aromas.

Reviews of Gorilla Zkittlez Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

An amazing strain with huge bud formations. I noticed a very tight node structure throughout veg/flower. Got to love these gorilla strains.

This pheno was more like Zkittlez smoke wise fruity and sweet with a small earthy hint buds turned out nice and dense with a great coat of trichs the effect starts off with a head high which soon turns into a relaxing body stone and made your mouth really dry after would recommend this strain to most people as there is nothing to not like about it.

taste 9/10.
high 9/10.
growth 9/10.
density 9/10.
yield 9/10.

These buds are amazing. The Gorilla strains never fail to produce beautifully ripe and gritty nugs. She tastes a little fruity now off the stems but needs some jar time to release those smells.

Her smoke is smooth and definite citrus tang on exhale which suggest a cure still needed too. Her hit is a steady build over a few minutes each hit but leads to a pleasant steady, chatty high.

To use in joints, she is perfect. That gritty crumble has me every time and the main reason I chose the strain to grow. Love this Strain and one for the keeper collection.

This particular plant was a pain to grow, with her super long, skinny stems. She stretched like crazy, even when topped. The buds are super sticky and smell of a fruit scented cleaner. Yields could be improved with more training. I would recommend doing a SCROG on this particular strain, with multiple toppings. She starts off with a sociable, slightly cerebral euphoria, that blends into some body relaxation.

Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Blue Gelato 41 Feminised Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Blue Gelato 41 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a wonderful indica-dominant hybrid of Blueberry, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. The plant reaches a high size in 63-70 days and produces fat resin buds that are blue or purple in colour. Producers of extracts will like it.

The yield reaches up to 700 g / m2. Outdoors the plant can reach 2 meters in height. Blue Gelato 41 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is easy to grow and resistant to moisture and Mould.

The strain has a piquant earthy, citrus and sweet flavour. When Smoking, there is a feeling of euphoria and happiness. Brings a clear energetic effect.

Reviews of Blue Gelato 41 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Amazing Colours! As you can see the colours on this plant at the end of its run are absolutely amazing. The buds did not out as dense as I had hoped but I think that is just this pheno and we are busy hunting a denser pheno atm. what a great strain to grow though. no problems during the cycle of the plant and the colours make it so rewarding to grow! I would definitely recommend this strain to people who like fruity and colourful plants.

Blue gelato is absolutely top end smoke, the high from it is incredibly strong, smells of dank and then smells of memories of Amsterdam when being smoked, will grow again.

Buds are tight and solid. Buzz is energetic and motivating! Very much a daytime smoke but when I top a bowl with some of the dry sifted hash it is great for bedtime. This first grow has more than surpassed my expectations.

Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds   Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Critical Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Critical Kush is a unique feminized hybrid of Critical Mass and OG Kush. This is a 100% indica strain that produces a lot of resin. Critical Kush is easy to grow and fast flowering. After just 8 weeks of flowering, the plant yields up to 650 g / m2 indoors. I

This reaches an average size approximately 100-110 cm. The strain is suitable for breeders of all levels, but special attention must be paid to hydration during the flowering period.

The variety is ideal for powerful relaxation and physical pain relief. It has a rich tropical fruit flavour with a hint of lemon.

Reviews of Critical Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Evening/night stuff! Yields hell-of-a-lot if done right. This one smelled a lot like apple most of the flowering.

An absolute grower dreams! Responds tremendously to last, topping, mass defoliating and just about any technique you could throw her way! Produces tight compact gleaming buds that are absolutely picture perfect! If u want a great yield this is the strain! Barneys farm really hit the nail on the head with this one! Aroma is so potent it will leave pot heads following their nose from miles! Growth continues basically all of flower so measure up that space good because you are going to need it to fit those donkey dick colas she is going to produce!

The smells and flavour of this strain are top notch! Solid dense buds with great THC production! A+.

Excellent strain for your night-time delight. Hints of nuts and wood giving this a delicious flavour profile. Lots of THC Crystals and previously tested at 21% THC Levels.

Definitely some heavy hitting Kush, good for late evening of seriously chilling, it has a very laid-back euphoric start that just transforms quickly in a very relaxed stone, not a narcotic stone, a real nice laid back, but heavy stone, listen to tunes, relaxed creativity kind of happy deep sleeper.

Good to relax the muscles, for me heavy Indica's and Kush I prefer in small hits and ride through the high, else that fog my head, this Critical Kush will last me for a long-time, one for late summer evening after surf or gym, maybe a laid-back BBQ with mates, overly smooth almost fruity start with a musky woody fine finish.

Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

LSD Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

LSD is a powerful indica-dominant cross between Original Skunk #1 and Mazar.

This is the champion of the Indica Cup in 2008. This mildew and disease resistant feminized plant is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors in any conditions. The strain has a compact structure and reaches 90-100 cm in height. The yield reaches 700 g / m2 in 60-65 days. The THC level is 25%, the CBD level is 1.2%.

The effect brings a psychedelic, euphoric and stone high. The fragrance has musky notes and the smell of earthy chestnut. The smoke has a sweet and slightly pungent earthy taste.

Reviews of LSD Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Nice compact buds covered in resin, one phenotype smells like cardamon, mayoran or something like that- really interesting and pleasant smell.
Effect is strong indica narcotic, cerebral, definitely not day smoke by my opinion.

It is very difficult to find your favourite variety, so that if you meet most of all the requirements, it is one of the rarities that satisfies the receptors of almost all off my tastes. You can smoke up when you want.

LSD provided the most bud between the 3 when size is taken into perspective. if you wish to have a night of introspection into your mind and if you find questioning reality a fun past time activity then I recommend this strain to you, just be sure you do not have much to do for the night as it kind of wrecks you with its high THC content.
Flavour: 9/10.
Aroma: 9/10.
Ease of grow: 9/10.

This is some quality medicine!! Tastes absolutely amazing too! It is a great working weed that does not get you sleepy at all but has a very high euphoria that makes you forget you were in pain. One of those buds that leaves you wondering if you actually just smoked that bowl or never even packed it.

Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Orange Sherbert Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Orange Sherbert is a cross between Orange Cream, Cherry Pie and Purple Urkle. This indica-dominant American strain has orange and purple buds when flowering.

The plant grows up to 130 cm and has bushy branches that need support in the last weeks of flowering.

The variety is easy to grow indoors and outdoors, so it is suitable even for novice growers. After 60-70 days, the yield will be 650 gr/m2.

The effect gives physical relaxation and calms the mind. The smell and taste are reminiscent of candy and orange. This is a good choice for a chill-out after a hard day.

Reviews of Orange Sherbert Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Overall, an excellent strain that should be much more popular than it is at the moment.
Really easy to grow in hydroponics, does not mind the odd PH swing out of range and handled mainlining absolutely fine.

Very heavy indica. Gets you so freaking stoned its awesome Haha. A few mates and I already all said this pheno is a definite keeper! huge heads, amazing taste, incredible smell and best of all knocks like a donkey just kicked you.

The dominant taste in the first pheno is a pungent citrus with almost a sweet cheese aftertaste. Its smell is like an orange peel with hints of ginger. The second pheno has more of an herb-Ish taste which is less citrusy, but it does also carry that backbone of a sweet cheese. Its smell is a lot cheesier too and does not smell too citrus or ginger like as the other pheno does.
My favourite strain out of this run from barneys. Sweet orange smell almost gassy to the nose. Nice dense ginger buds packed with flavour.

Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds   Buy Cannabis Seeds UK at Discount Cannabis Seeds

With all these cannabis seeds plus many more on Discount Cannabis Seeds cannabis seeds store, you will be blown away with your cannabis grow.

If you love to try new cannabis seeds or want to get more of your favourite seed bank, then shop today at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Happy shopping.


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