Cannabis Seeds The Best Auto's On A Budget - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Best Auto's On A Budget - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Best Auto's On A Budget - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

If you're a grower on a budget seeking some high quality yet affordable auto flower cannabis seeds, you're in the right place.

Stick with Discount Cannabis Seeds to find the cheapest auto flowering cannabis seeds on the market that will satisfy even a real connoisseur.

Buying cheap auto flower cannabis seeds doesn't necessarily mean they're low quality. At Discount Cannabis Seeds you will find only high-quality cannabis seeds with stable genetics developed by experienced breeders.

The seed price doesn't depend only on genetics and breeding but on many other factors as well, such as packaging, transportation, and the number of cannabis seeds per pack.

You can find a list of the cheapest auto flowering cannabis seeds from some of our favorite breeders.

Here is our list of the cheapest weed seeds you can get with Discount Cannabis Seeds.


BCN Critical XXL Autoflower Cannabis Seeds By Seedstockers.

BCN Critical XXL Auto flower is a potent hybrid that comes with 22% THC content and produces deep and strong sedative effects that will leave you couch-locked. Its terpene profile produces amazing flavors and aromas with sweet notes of citrus.

The flowering period lasts 75 days, after which growers can expect a yield of up to 500g/m2 (1.64oz/m2).

BCN Critical XXL Auto cannabis seeds is very powerful and best if you want something that will leave you feeling quite sedated. With a THC rating usually hovering around 22%, most users tend to experience a very deep and relaxing body high with mostly Indica characteristics.

The strength of BCN Critical XXL Auto cannabis seeds is high is its stand-out feature, making it a good choice for those who have trouble sleeping.

BCN Critical XXL Auto’s biggest selling point is the strength of its high, but its flavors and aromas add a nice touch as well. These tend toward the sweet side, with some pleasant aromatic notes of citrus.

Likewise, there’s a pleasing taste of lemon when this strain is smoked, ensuring you drift off into sedation accompanied by some great flavours.

BCN Critical XXL Auto’s genetics are designed to achieve a very powerful high along with generous yields. This auto flowering cannabis seeds strain is a cross between Kritical Bilbo and Critical Mass.

From Kritical Bilbo it gets its sweet flavour and aromas along with its very strong sedative effects, while Critical Mass amps up the sedative nature of this strain and also ensures an impressive harvest.

Prices of BCN Critical XXL today.

5 Seeds £9.95 €11.69 $11.92
10 Seeds £18.95 €22.26 $22.71
Bulk Seeds £44.95 €52.81 $53.87

Royal Dwarf Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

Royal Dwarf Auto cannabis seeds is a super fast-flowering and tiny Sativa that consists of Skunk and Ruderalis genetics. Royal Dwarf Auto cannabis seeds produces 13% THC-infused buds that deliver a balanced physical and spiritual high alongside mood-boosting effects.

Royal Dwarf Auto cannabis seeds has a skunky old-school taste and smell that come together with spicy and fruity notes.

This strain is an ideal option for impatient growers, as it has an extremely short flowering period of just 49 days from seed! If grown indoors, this strain can yield up to 200g/m2 (0.6oz/ft2), or outdoors, up to 80g (2.8oz) per plant.

An extremely short flowering time of only 42-49 days is probably the main strength of this amazing cultivar. From seed to harvest, Royal Dwarf Auto only takes 56-63 days, making Royal Dwarf one of the world’s fastest auto flowers.

Smoking Royal Dwarf cannabis seeds allows you to reach the perfect balance between the physical and the spiritual. The onset hits you directly in the face and then immediately travels to the limbs.

Soon after, your entire mindset changes, elevating your mood. Nothing will put a bigger grin on your face than Royal Dwarf Auto.

Prices of Royal Dwarf Auto today. 

3 Seeds £12.81 €15.05 $15.35
5 Seeds £21.42 €25.16 $25.67
10 Seeds £38.43 €45.15 $46.06
15 Seeds £56.90 €66.84 $68.19

Auto Bomb Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Bomb Seeds.

Auto-Bomb cannabis seeds is a mix of Green-O-Matic and Big Bang Auto genetics. Auto-Bomb cannabis seeds offers strong effects of deep relaxation that will leave you in a meditative state. Its terpene profile produces simple herbal aromas and flavors that come with fruity and spicy undertones.

Auto-Bomb is ready for harvest after just 56 days from germination, yielding up to 800g/m2 (2.62oz/ft2) in indoor conditions. Outdoors, growers can expect around 50g (1.7oz) of buds per plant.

This strain is an Indica-dominant so plants are not high but rather branchy. Auto Bomb cannabis seeds grow well both indoors and outdoors. However, it is worth remembering that this lady does not like cold weather and sudden temperature changes. Side branches require a lot of free space, which can be a problem for a small grow-box. Fortunately, the bushes are well tolerated of trimming.

Auto-Bomb cannabis seeds taste and aroma are simple, classic and herbal with light fruity and spicy hues. The buzz rolls over with an explosive and all-absorbing wave. After that there comes a deep relaxation.

Auto Bomb’s effect brings an ideal state for meditation, watching your favorite movie and pleasant contemplation of the surrounding world.

Prices of Auto Bomb Cannabis Seeds Today. 

5 Seeds £27.20 €31.95 $32.60
10 Seeds £50.19 €58.96 $60.15
15 Seeds £73.50 €86.34 $88.09

Auto White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Pyramid Seeds.

Auto White Widow cannabis seeds is a result of crossing the well-known White Widow strain with the Ruderalis phenotype.Auto White Widow comes with 17% THC and delivers cerebral and euphoric effects that are perfect for daily use.

Just like the famous parent, Auto White Widow cannabis seeds produces sweet and candy-like aromas and flavors. Growers can expect a harvest within 10 weeks of flowering. Indoor setups can bring up to 500g/m2 (1.64oz), while outdoors, it can be up to 200g (7oz) per plant.

Auto White Widow cannabis seeds just like it famous parent, will provide you with sweet smell and candy or caramel aromas which seem to be even more highlighted in the auto flowering version. Usually testing at around 15 THC and 1 to 2% CBD, Auto White Widow is a great choice for medicinal users seeking pain and inflammation relief or for those looking to manage symptoms of depression or stress.

Effects of Auto White Widow cannabis seeds are mostly cerebral, euphoric, creative, uplifting and relaxing making it a good choice for daily use.

Prices of Auto White Widow Cannabis Seeds.

3 Seeds £9.87 €11.59 $11.83
5 Seeds £16.38 €19.24 $19.63
10 Seeds £31.80 €37.36 $38.11

White Crystal Meth Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Original Sensible Seeds.

White Crystal Meth Auto cannabis seeds is a balanced hybrid resulting from crossbreeding two top-notch varieties. This auto flower is a mix of the White Widow Auto and Crystal Meth strains.

With 20% THC-infused buds, White Crystal Meth Auto cannabis seeds delivers potent and uplifting effects dominated by its Sativa lineage.

White Crystal Meth Auto cannabis seeds comes with amazing terpenes that combine citrusy aromas and taste with undertones of herbs and earth. After just 65 days of flowering, growers can end up with 600g/m2 (1.9oz/ft2) if grown indoors, and around 100g (3.5oz) per plant of terpene-rich buds outdoors.

Besides being an excellent choice for making concentrates, White Crystal Meth Auto contains superb THC content that promises an incredulous high. This potency allows it to attack stress levels in seconds, quickly enticing the body to submit to its relaxing effects while carefully augmenting the overall thought process to a more uplifted state.

Experience a lushness of classic flavors that flirt with all five senses with every hit. An excellent blend of terpenes, White Crystal Meth Auto cannabis seeds combines a vintage citrusy feel with herbal undertones and earthy notes worth savoring. The invigorating flavor is partly due to its resinous nature, and of course, a concentrated aroma that will entice even the most scrupulous of noses.

Prices of White Crystal Meth Auto Cannabis Seeds.

3 Seeds £14.80 €17.39 $17.74
5 Seeds £22.80 €26.78 $27.33
10 Seeds £42.00 €49.34 $50.34

Amnesia Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

Amnesia Haze Auto cannabis seeds is an 80% Sativa hybrid that was made by crossbreeding Amnesia Haze genetics with BF Super Auto #1.

Amnesia Haze Auto comes with 21% THC and offers a true Sativa uplifting and energizing high. The flavorful buds are infused with citrusy flavors and aromas together with light notes of pine.

Amnesia Haze Auto cannabis seeds has a flowering period of 75 days and can produce massive results in the right conditions. Indoors, yields can reach up to 600g/m2 (1.9oz/ft2), while in an outdoor environment, these can get up to 650g (22.9oz) per plant.

Amnesia Haze Auto is a favorite among those who like to stay baked for the better part of the day but aren’t ready to embrace the couch-potato lifestyle. This smoke fills you with lots of focused energy that allows you to face any challenges the day may throw at you – yet you can’t shake off the feeling that all this isn’t quite real and you’re sleepwalking.

If you’re suffering from a lack of appetite or feel the stresses of the day are too much for you, Amnesia Haze Auto will put you in the right frame of mind. It also purges anxiety, but only in smaller doses.

Amnesia Haze Auto has medium levels of THC.

The flavor of Amnesia Haze Auto is as exotic as the underlying genetics; it combines the juiciest terpenes of freshly squeezed lemons and other citrus fruits, while the smoke tastes like fragrant earth with notes of pine forest.

just enough to create a potent and long-lasting effect but not so powerful as to incapacitate you when you absentmindedly take an extra toke.

Prices of Amnesia Haze Auto Cannabis Seeds.

3 Seeds £19.95 €23.44 $23.91
5 Seeds £31.65 €37.18 $37.93
10 Seeds £59.95 €70.43 $71.85

Growing on a budget doesn't mean you can’t grow some nice cannabis seeds strains. At Discount Cannabis Seeds you can find high-quality yet inexpensive cannabis seeds available to you today.