Cannabis Seeds The Best Indica's - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Best Indica's - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Best Auto Flowering Indica's - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Auto flowering cannabis seeds plants are any grower's dream come true.

With these genetics, you can grow some of the heaviest Indica cannabis seeds strains in the world with little effort.

If you love Indica cannabis seeds strains but don't have the time or space to grow a big plant, auto flowering varieties are definitely for you. These plants finish in just 2-3 months, while remaining small and compact but still packing a severe punch regarding THC content.

Auto flowering Indica cannabis seeds is also great for beginner growers, as they are easy to grow and don't require hassling with light schedules or extensive training.

Let us take a look at some of the best auto flower Indica cannabis seeds out there.

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Strawberry Pie Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

Strawberry Pie Auto cannabis seeds is a strain that lives up to its name, with a sweet and cookie-like aroma that will tantalize your taste buds.

This auto flowering Indica produces some of the most potent and eye-catching buds, with a whopping THC content of 26%! If you want to remain alert but enjoy a thoroughly relaxing experience, these are the best auto flower Indica cannabis seeds.

Strawberry Pie Auto cannabis seeds is a beautiful rainbow Indica hybrid, maturing with many different hues of greens, pinks, purples, and reds with lots of orange hairs and an insane amount of glittering trichomes.

A fantastic choice for hash lovers and commercial growers, her crazy potency, strong pungent red berry aroma, and beginner-friendly growing potential make for a truly enjoyable strain to cultivate.

Strawberry Pie Auto cannabis seeds Indica dominance and ultra-high potency, make her effects very well-balanced offering deep relaxation with a calm mental alertness.

Strawberry Pie Auto cannabis seeds is a great strain to kick back on the couch and play video games or read a book with a lovely relaxing body feel and just enough sedation to take the day’s edge off.

One of Strawberry Pie Autos’ greatest highlights is her insanely high THC content of up to 26% with CBD levels below 1%.

Topping Strawberry Pie Auto cannabis seeds off is her exquisite terpene profile of delicious dessert flavors and stinky fuel undertones to grab your attention. Taste a complex combination of fruity, red berry, and fuel astringency on the inhale with creamy cookie dough and hints of pine on the exhale. It is truly unforgettable!

Wedding Cake Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

Wedding Cake Auto cannabis seeds is the perfect strain for those who love a delicious, sweet plant that can handle and even thrive in milder temperatures around 70°F (21°C).

Wedding Cake Auto cannabis seeds produces some seriously potent buds, with THC levels reaching up to 25%. You can expect a mellow body buzz, as well as potent cerebral stimulation and creativity outburst.

Wedding Cake Auto cannabis seeds  CBD levels are also high, at 2.5%, making this an ideal strain for those looking for medical benefits.

Wedding Cake Auto takes the popular original strain up a notch! Facts are facts – ideal for day or night, Wedding Cake Auto from breeder Barney’s Farm is a strain you’ll find yourself craving.

You’ll be enchanted by Wedding Cake Auto’s cannabis seeds  calming Indica effects bursting from its smooth and delectable flavors.

The strain’s high is well-balanced, mellowing the body and mind with an alluring combination of relaxation and euphoric giddiness.

After puffing on the auto flowering Wedding Cake Auto, her potency will cerebrally stimulate the mind with creativity and motivation. As the effects continue, your body will be warmed by a soothing stone as you wind down. 

This cannabis seeds strain is exceptionally potent for an auto flower, and boasts a THC level of 25% while also providing over 2% of CBD for an even more enjoyable experience.

Auto Night Queen Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

Auto Night Queen cannabis seeds takes around 70 days to flower and produces a huge yield of up to 500 g/m² (1.6oz/ft²) indoors.

Auto Night Queen cannabis seeds THC levels are incredibly high, over 20%, so this plant is not for beginners. However, if you can handle the potency, you're in for a treat. Auto Night Queen cannabis seeds high is relaxing and uplifting, perfect for a lazy day or evening.

Auto Night Queen has a very calming high that’s very much reflected by its flavor. Rich, smooth and sweet, this cannabis strain is soothing even down to its taste; the kushy and earthy flavor slides right down your throat and makes its way to the brain.

Novice smokers beware; this might be a smooth-tasting strain, but its effects may be a little too relaxing for some users. 

This auto cannabis seeds strain is very tolerant to growing mistakes and suitable for both indoor and outdoor setup, where it can bring a quality harvest reaching 500g/m2 or 150g/plant respectively.

  • It is one of the easiest cannabis plants to grow. 
  • The plant grows to a maximum height of 100cm, perfect for indoor growth.
  • It goes from seed to harvest in 10 weeks.
  • The strain develops rich, white resin coating on its buds.
  • It also develops beautiful purple leaves during weeks 5 and 6. 
  • Expect a very high yield both indoors and outdoors.

Auto Night Queen cannabis seeds is from a line of incredibly potent cannabis strains. Coming from the legendary Night Queen, this new automatic version manages to inherit some of her best features, including an elevated THC count and an incredible taste that perfectly suits its effects. 

Small wonder that Auto Night Queen cannabis seeds  took first prize at the 2015 Champions Cup as one of the most potent Indica strains!

Solomatic CBD Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

Solomatic Auto CBD cannabis seeds is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves CBD-rich strains, as it contains a whopping 21% CBD.

Solomatic Auto CBD cannabis seeds THC levels are negligible at just 1%, allowing you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD without any of the adverse effects of too much THC.

Solomatic Auto CBD cannabis seeds genetic engineering makes it perfectly suitable for even the most inexperienced growers to cultivate. Requiring minimal manipulation, the plant blooms without a need to alter light cycles and can be grown both indoors and out regardless of the limitations of climate and environment. 

Solomatic Auto CBD cannabis seeds Indoor-grown plants reach a medium height of 90 to120cm, providing an average yield of 475g/m². Outdoor-grown plants reach a height of 110 to 150cm, providing an average yield of up to 150g of dry bud per plant.

  • Complete life cycle from seed to harvest is 9-10 weeks.
  • Lighting: 18–20hrs/day.
  • 20% Sativa, 70% Indica, 10% Ruderalis.
  • Prefers mild climates.

The sweet, fruity flavor with hints of pine and ginger provide a fantastic aroma that connoisseurs love, allowing you to savor the fantastic taste while reaping the medicinal benefits which CBD is well known for.

Extreme Impact Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Heavyweight Seeds.

Heavyweight Seeds has done an incredible job crossing Mazar Auto and Fast & Vast Auto to create Extreme Impact Auto cannabis seeds a robust and bushy plant that is perfect for evening use.

From seed to harvest in just 56 days, you'll be enjoying the aromatic citrus notes of this Extreme Impact Auto cannabis seeds in no time. THC levels are high, at 21%, so be prepared for a relaxing and couch-locking high.

Extreme Impact Auto has an aroma and taste with a unique personality; it’s powerful and will certainly excite you. This auto flowering weed variety’s spicy aroma becomes even more pronounced in its sweet, dense smoke.

The taste consists of the solid base of traditional hashish and additional zesty notes of lime and lemon that put an exciting twist on the classic taste, making it fresh and playful. 

Extreme Impact Auto cannabis seeds has a strong, short, bushy structure with sturdy branches that can adapt pretty well to almost any environment or climate.

Extreme Impact Auto cannabis seeds very easy to grow, which makes it a perfect choice for both amateur and professional growers. Besides that, Extreme Impact Auto has enormous yields that can outperform even a standard photoperiod Extreme Impact Auto cannabis seeds . Extreme Impact Auto cannabis seeds will thrive in any grow medium, producing resin-laden buds whether grown indoors, in a greenhouse, or outdoors in the open sun.

Extreme Impact Auto is an Indica-dominant auto flowering hybrid by Heavyweight Seeds that was produced from a cross between two different strains, Mazar Auto and Fast & Vast Auto. These two auto flowering cannabis strains were combined to create an auto variety Extreme Impact Auto cannabis seeds that can outperform many photoperiod strains both in terms of potency and yield.

Auto Bruce Banner #3 Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Original Sensible Seeds.

A potent auto flowering Indica, Bruce Banner 3 Auto cannabis seeds is a fast-growing plant that growers love because of its high commercial value. The sweet earthy notes are accompanied by intense diesel notes, making this an authentic experience to remember.

 Bruce Banner 3 Auto cannabis seeds looks fantastic and goes from seed to harvest in just 65-70 days, producing a huge yield of 500 g/m² (1.6oz/ft²) indoors, that will delight even the most experienced growers.  Bruce Banner 3 Auto cannabis seeds THC levels are high, at 25%, so be prepared for a powerful and long-lasting high.

If you’re new to growing  Bruce Banner 3 Auto cannabis seeds is a great option because it’s easy to cultivate, not sensitive to common beginner issues, and switches from vegetative growth to bud production without any effort on your part. This ease of growth has been a key driving force in the commercialization of Bruce Banner Auto #3 cannabis seeds and makes it a great cash crop.

Bruce Banner #3 Auto is an auto flowering cannabis variety that was achieved by crossing Bruce Banner #3 and Auto Ghost OG. Bruce Banner #3 itself is derived from Colorado Ghost OG and Strawberry Diesel, whose flavors can still be strongly detected in this auto version.

The final result is a  Bruce Banner 3 Auto cannabis seeds that maintains the balanced high and earthy flavors of Bruce Banner #3, but with a much easier harvest.

Things to find with the best auto flowering cannabis seeds.

The first is the THC content; if you're looking for a potent strain that will leave you feeling relaxed and even couch-locked, you'll want to choose a strain with a high THC level.

Anything above 15% THC will deliver great effects, but if you’re looking for a euphoric experience, aim for concentrations above 25%. Beginners should be looking at strains that are between 10-20% THC, or even consider choosing CBD dominant cannabis seeds strains which primarily offer medicinal properties.

If you decide to go with medicinal cannabis seeds strains of Indica, higher CBD contents offer more relaxing effects. CBD levels above 5% are considered relatively high, and often these plants have lower THC levels as well (below 5%). Our top medicinal cannabis seeds strains offer strong concentrations of CBD (upwards of 15% on average), that provide a potent escape from the anxiety and stress of daily life.

Finally, you need to consider the aroma and flavor of the strain. If you're looking for a specific taste or smell, you'll want to choose a cannabis seeds strain known for producing those flavors. However, if you're just looking for a good-tasting and smelling strain, you can choose any strain you like.