Cannabis Seeds Blueberry Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds Blueberry Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds Blueberry Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

One of the most beloved flavour profiles of cannabis connoisseurs is that of blueberry cannabis seeds.

The terpenes that generate such pleasurable tastes stem from a strain unsurprisingly titled Blueberry cannabis seeds.

The original Blueberry cannabis seeds emerged from a breeding program involving Afghani, Sativa Thai, and Purple Thai genetics. The strain was first developed in the 1970s and its genetics have been used to produce some incredible Blueberry strains that exist today, many of which express the delightful aromas of the original.


In this blog you will find the top Blueberry cannabis available to buy with Discount Cannabis Seeds. 

Auto Blueberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds by OO Seeds.

Blueberry Auto cannabis seeds was birthed out of the crossing of blueberry genetics with cannabis ruderalis. This cross enabled a famous and greatly appreciated strain to harbour auto flowering characteristics which leads to smaller plants that are easier to manage and easy to grow.

Blueberry cannabis seeds is a great strain choice for those looking for a deep stoned and body high sensation. Although it may not be the best strain to smoke before setting out to work for the day or before exercise, the strain is great before bed, to relax at the beach with and for certain medical conditions.

The body high and stoned capabilities of this plant are represented by its genetic makeup, which is 70 percent indica, 20 percent sativa and 10 percent ruderalis.

Indica strains are renowned for deeply relaxing, sleep inducing and healing effects. Blueberry Auto flowering offers buds with 14 percent THC along with medium levels of CBD. This makes the strain great for both recreational and medicinal use, with impressive levels of both major cannabinoids.

Blueberry cannabis seeds also makes a great strain of choice for growers who want a yield fast, or those who are growing their crop in a covert manner. This strain goes from seed to harvest in a rapid period of 8 to 9 weeks and can be expected to grow to a height of 75cm indoors and also remains on the smaller side of things when cultivated outdoors.

Growers can expect approximately 450g/m² when it comes to yields from plants that were grown indoors.

Blueberry Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Zambeza Seeds.

The classic Blueberry cannabis seeds strain now has been turned into an auto flowering variety by the great folks over at Zamnesia. This Blueberry Automatic cannabis seeds was created by adding ruderalis to an already impressive mix. This strain is tailored to the inexperienced grower. Due to its easiness to cultivate, no one will find it difficult to achieve the famous, flavourful, and potent results.

Even with the auto flowering properties, you won’t be missing out on any of the original selling points. Besides the great high, this brilliant flower will display the classic blue and purple tonalities with a deliciously pungent flavour and smell.

The only thing you’ll be sacrificing with Blueberry Automatic cannabis seeds is time. This genetic takes a couple more weeks to develop full buds, requiring a total of 8-9 weeks from seed to flower.

Blueberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

This Dutch Passion Blueberry cannabis seeds is an original cannabis strain. It combines a fruity flavour-punch with the classic blue colour on the leaves and buds.

This Amsterdam coffee shop bestseller is the most famous member of the blue family Blueberry cannabis seeds.

Blueberry cannabis seeds takes approximately 7 weeks of extremely hard work for this beauty to develop its buds. It’s hard work because this strain is very picky when it comes to nutrition. As a grower, you’ll need to pay close attention to the plant’s signals and be ready to react quickly to its needs.

But the hard work pays off when the fruity buds are collected. They come with a potent high that is both long-lasting and thoroughly enjoyable. The cerebral experience is said to be euphoric and very resistant to tolerance build-up. You will certainly not get tired of the resulting bud from this Blueberry cannabis seeds. You’re promised great highs for as long as you grow these plants.

Blueberry Bliss Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Vision Seeds.

By crossing not two, but three cannabis heavyweights Blueberry, White Widow and Super Skunk with a ruderalis strain, Vision Seeds have created this 85% indica-dominant super specimen.

While it doesn't provide as big of a yield as some other Blueberry strains, it's purely quality over quantity when it comes to Blueberry Bliss Auto flowering cannabis seeds. She stays at a manageable height of 80cm and only requires a little maintenance before giving up the goods. After 10 weeks from seed, Blueberry Bliss Auto cannabis seeds will be ready to yield, offering around 160g/m² indoors.

Coming from such a wide variety of genetics, Blueberry Bliss Auto cannabis seeds takes all of her heritage and offers something extraordinary when it comes to effects, flavours, and aroma. Sweet berry notes are coupled with highs that begin with a burst of euphoric and uplifting energy before settling into blissful relaxation.

White Berry Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Paradise Seeds.

One ambitious breeder had the excellent idea of crossing Blueberry with the potent and widely known White Widow, and in doing so gifted the world with White Berry cannabis seeds.

This impressive lady went on to win 1st place in various competitions due to her unique flavors and contrasting effects. The flowers of White Berry can be smoked at almost any time during creative pursuits or when resting on the couch at home. This is because she offers a high that relaxes and stones the body whilst energizing the mind.

Each hit of White Berry cannabis seeds leaves users hungry for another, treating the taste buds with hints of pine and berries. White Berry cannabis seeds contains medium levels of THC, so can be smoked during the daytime without reducing productivity.

White Berry cannabis seeds remains at a medium height throughout the grow cycle, and is therefore a great choice for small-scale grow operations. When grown indoors, White Berry cannabis seeds  will reward the cultivator with yields reaching 450g/m². Outdoor plants are capable of churning out 500g/plant. She features a flowering time of only 7 weeks.

With all these great blueberry cannabis seeds you can get at Discount Cannabis Seeds for your blueberry strains.