Cannabis Seeds The Bruce Banner Strain - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Bruce Banner Strain - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Bruce Banner Strain - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

The Bruce Banner cannabis seeds strain will Hulk Smash straight through even the highest tolerance.

But, just like Banner himself, there's more than meets the eye find everything from grow tips to effects in this complete Bruce Banner strain review.

The Bruce Banner strain is an uncompromising hunk of green potency hidden behind a veil of resinous leaves, brilliant trichomes, and a bag-busting aroma that can be smelled from miles away.

Considering these characteristics, Bruce Banner weed looks like your typical high-end strain, kind of like how Mark Ruffalo looks just like your average dude in The Avengers.

But, as soon as you ruffle Banner’s feathers, he gets angry  and you don’t want him to get angry.

Hitting Bruce Banner weed with some heat is all it takes to reveal the strain’s Hulk side, and instead of angering you, it hits you over the head with an intense array of positive effects that linger for hours.

The Bruce Banner strain ushered in a new era in the cannabis world. Before Banner tore through the wall, weed strains weren’t hitting the 30% THC mark yet.

After Bruce Banner seeds arrived on the scene, though, everything changed, forcing people’s tolerances to adapt. Maybe that’s why High Times calls Bruce Banner the 9th best strain of all time.

Want to know if the Bruce Banner cannabis seeds strain is for you, or if it’s easy to grow Bruce Banner cannabis seeds?

Growing Bruce Banner Cannabis Seeds.

To save yourself time, effort, and money spent on resources like electricity and nutrients, you can opt for Bruce Banner feminized seeds. Feminised cannabis seeds are what they say they are — they’re all females, meaning no selection process necessary.

Regular Bruce Banner cannabis seeds have their upsides too. With regular seeds, you have potentially more stable growth, meaning fewer chances for hermaphrodites and more phenotypes.

If you’re looking to really hone in your growing skills, select special phenotypes, and perhaps even breed your own strain, then regular Bruce Banner cannabis seeds are for you.

Growers who want to speed up the process without delving too deeply into the selection and genetics side of cultivation should choose feminised Bruce Banner seeds.

Appearance Of Bruce Banner Cannabis Seeds.

The Hulk isn’t exactly known for his looks, right? But Bruce Banner weed is, for sure.

Taking a nug of Bruce Banner cannabis seeds flower out of the jar is jaw-dropping. The resin content splashes out across leaves that go from hues of lime green, straight up neon green, and even purple.

When Bruce hits your nose, it doesn’t disappoint. Bright citrus  think sweet, like a glass of fresh-squeezed organic orange juice mixes with a classic diesel fuel aroma that’s supercharged enough to power a rocket.

The Bruce Banner cannabis seeds strain’s powerful sensorial qualities and sugary resin production make it clear as day why this strain became the extract du jour. Bruce Banner live resin is one of those bucket list concentrates that elevates your senses like never before.

Here is the top Bruce Banner Cannabis Seeds Strains available from Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Bruce Banner #3 Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Original Sensible Seeds.

With outrageous THC Levels, if there´s one strain in your life that you must grow its Bruce Banner # 3 cannabis seeds from Original Sensible Seeds. Bruce Banner cannabis seeds are an original creation from the USA and ranked one of the strongest cannabis seeds strains on the planet with colossal THC levels and aptly named Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk due to its outstanding strength and potency.

Bruce Banner # 3  cannabis seeds is one of our most accomplished marijuana strains to date and we are ecstatic to showcase these outstanding feminised cannabis seeds in our catalogue. Based on the original potent phenotype we´ve used our Colorado Ghost OG (as with many of our strains like the Blueberry and Black Ghost OG) and Strawberry Diesel (Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel) to create this monster strain.

The Strawberry Diesel is a wonderful variety with a juicy fuel aroma and taste. When Bruce Banner # 3  cannabis seeds is  crossed with Colorado Ghost OG the result is special. Spicy earthy tones are present in both front and back notes with the ultra sweet lemony nuances combining beautifully.

As well as power, this green beast has outstanding productivity and is well suited to scrog and sog methods of growing cannabis, forming massive dense buds with a thick coating of the most powerful resin that creates the colossal THC levels.  When grown outdoors, #
Bruce Banner # 3  cannabis seeds absolutely thrives and can reach a height of around 3 meters. And you won't need to be a genius in nuclear physics to achieve monster yields of this incredible green – Raging Fire!

 Bruce Banner #3 Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Anesia Seeds.

Bruce Banner takes it’s name from the alter-ego of comic book superhero the Hulk and it receives this name because it is quite a powerful strain, Bruce Banner #3 cannabis seeds reaching nearly 30% in THC content

Bruce Banner # 3 cannabis seeds with more than 28% THC is the strongest strain, which was ever tested in the US Cannabis Cup. Bruce Banner cannabis seeds has its origins in Colorado, from where Anesia Seeds have directly received an elite clone from their friend and profi-breeder Larry. The phenotype number 3 of Bruce Banner is OG-dominant and originated from the intersection of a OG Ghost with a Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel.

The effects come on quickly to provide an immediate burst of euphoria before easing into relaxation. This powerful hybrid has a great balance between the Sativa and Indica effects. The energy Bruce Banner gives is easily channeled into productivity, making this strain suitable for daytime or evening smoke sessions, though its potency is often too much for professional situations.

It is a pleasure to grow this strain: late in flowering, the fan leaves tend to turn a rich dark magenta color. A coating of large-headed trichomes covers all surfaces, the buds are dense, completely frosted and slightly rounded. The aroma of Bruce Banner # 3 is very sweet with lemon undertones and leaves a slightly spicy aftertaste. The effect begins immediately with a euphoric head high, that lets you slowly drifting into a pleasant relaxed body stoned, while the mind still accomplishes maximum performance.

The trip of the Bruce Banner # 3 cannabis seeds never seems to die, and its almost 30% THC will be an unforgettable experience. A great choice for experienced Marijuana users and those looking for a powerful and strong high.

Bruce Banner # 3 cannabis seeds has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. The best results provides this mostly Sativa cannabis variety as a Scrog with 9 plants per m². Bruce Banner produces big yields despite its extreme potency. The buds get very sticky, heavy and big and the plants have an expansive grow. Therefore the strain often must be tied down to get the height under control. Makes 100% full melt bubble hash, and has amazing yields on bubble hash and bho runs. Flush well.

Bruce Banner cannabis seeds will provide a relaxing body high accompanied with useful pain killing effects for users. The Sativa dominant strain is often used for treating pain, depression, PTSD, inflammation and migraines.

Bruce Banner #3 Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Blim Burn America.

BlimBurn Seeds is thrilled to bring Bruce Banner #3 cannabis seeds to your garden, a strain born form the combination of the extraordinary genetics of Og Kush and Strawberry Diesel, and which will delight you with its sweet, fruity flavors with earthy touches.

The great potency of Bruce Banner#3 cannabis seeds induces joyous, even euphoric cerebral lift, culminating in nice relaxing bodily effect.

With remarkably high levels of THC  exceeding 20% in some samples Bruce Banner#3 cannabis seeds will stimulate your creativity and your senses, and is an ideal variety to share with friends.

Bruce Banner Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Bruce Banner cannabis seeds  is a Sativa/Indica hybrid originates from a cross between Ghost OG and Strawberry Diesel, resulting in vigorous and well-branched plants that readily adapt to both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation.

Indoors, Bruce Banner cannabis seeds will finish flowering in 9 to 10 weeks, producing up to 800g per m2. Outdoors, it will mature in October, offering up to 1000g per plant.

Completely covered with resin, Bruce Banner cannabis seeds fleshy buds exude a powerful scent, mixing floral and fruity notes on a fuel background.

The effect of Bruce Banner is an intense and euphoric high effect.

Discount Cannabis Seeds also have a BOGOF offer with Bruce Banner seeds by us. 

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