Cannabis Seeds The Classic Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Classic Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

A classic cannabis seeds strain is defined by the impression it leaves on the cannabis community. Often seen as a rite of passage for any true stoner, these strains vary from sweet to savoury, Indica to sativa. 

These cannabis seeds strains all have one thing in common; they each have a reputation that they can live up to. Simply put, they deserve your attention. So whether you're keen on finding new cannabis strains to smoke or looking to grow a legendary cultivar, this list of the top classic cannabis seeds strains will see you right. If that sounds good, let's get into it.


Amnesia Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Zamnesia Seeds.

Multiple Cannabis Cup winner and all round best seller Amnesia Haze cannabis seeds is a strain of high prestige. This predominantly sativa super strain is blessed with psychedelic powers that will captivate all of your senses (and body too).

Her capacity for producing exceptionally high yields make her a prize catch for growers, regardless of her 12-13 weeks flowering period.

Amnesia Haze may not be the fastest or the easiest strain to grow, but this does little to deter the many dedicated followers of this cannabis classic. The prized sativa-dominant hybrid rewards with world-class bud that delivers an incredible almost-psychedelic high and throws in  exceptional yields for good measure.

You won’t find too many cannabis strains where a little patience and some extra care in the grow room will pay off as much as with this highly reputed Haze.

Super Lemon Haze Cannabis Seeds By Green House Seeds.

Super Lemon Haze cannabis seeds is a very tasty variety - she has a very distinct flavor of citrus fruits mixed with the unmistakable influence of a Haze. The taste buds are fondled by lemon, lime and pink grapefruit and on the exhale the mouth is filled with very earthy and musky flavors, underlaid by traces of incense and black pepper. Able to yield up to 1.2kg outdoors.

Super Lemon Haze cannabis seeds is a multiple award-winning very tasty strain with a very good productivity and highly potent product. This crossing of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze perfectly combines the most desirable traits of its parents. The plants tend to grow quite tall and exhibit Sativa-like leaves, but the internodal distance is not too big.

Super Lemon Haze cannabis seeds responds very well to pruning and is the ideal plant for the ScrOG method and LST (Low Stress Training).

Super Lemon Haze cannabis seeds requires a good portion of patience, in an indoor setup it takes 9-10 weeks before she reaches maturity. She performs very well in high EC hydro systems as well as in organic soil.

The buds are dense, very long, riddled with very bright, almost white stigmas and have a high calyx-to-leaf ratio.

Outdoors Super Lemon Haze cannabis seeds is ready for harvesting by mid October, but she requires a warm climate like in California or southern Spain/Portugal.

Auto Blueberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

A mostly Indica plant that won several cannabis awards, producing a tasty, fruity marijuana. A deserved first place in the general category at the High Times Cannabis Cup tells a lot - Dutch Passion's Blueberry cannabis seeds is one of those strains that create history. An absolute must among the serious grower's collection.

While rewarding, growing the Dutch Passion auto feminised Blueberry cannabis seeds might be quite demanding. A picky plant when it comes to nutrition, requiring the grower to be able to read its signals quickly and reacting aptly.

The most famous member of the Blue family, the Dutch Passion Blueberry takes approximately 7 weeks to develop its fruity buds.

Mostly an Afghani Indica, with traits of Thai Sativa and just a touch of a Mexican Sativa.

A strain that most growers like to come back to, despite the modest yield. The strength and uniqueness of the plant made it a favorite of many experienced marijuana connoisseurs. Despite a very high THC content (19,5%!), it is more euphoric than mind blowing.

Skunk #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Sensi Seeds.

The very finest example of feminised Skunk #1 and Sensi Seeds has it. Unashamedly uniform, Skunk #1 cannabis seeds grows with both consistency and quality each and every time. Putting on an energetic performance, the Indica-dominant diva flaunts a tantalizing aroma and boasts amazing yields.

Once inhaled, she puts hybrid genetics to good use, unleashing a physical/cerebral buzz that Indica lovers will adore.

Skunk #1 feminised cannabis seeds by Sensi Seeds is the feminised successor of a legendary strain that doesn't need much of an introduction. Skunk #1 cannabis seeds sets the standard for powerful cannabis everywhere and is still the favorite for many smokers as well as growers. This feminised version emerges as a fast flowering specimen, that needs only 45-50 days of flowering to produce an amazing yield of large and dense nuggets.

Split at a 65% Indica to a 35% Sativa ratio, Skunk #1 cannabis seeds samples the very best of both worlds. This in turn enables her to put on a reliable and consistent performance - producing bountiful yields as a result. But how does she support such abundant yields? Well, as Skunk #1 develops, robust stems and branches start to emerge; keeping her fully anchored down and strong.

Auto Sour Diesel Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds Originals.

To the delight of the enthusiasts of classic flavour profiles, Fast Buds have taken a true West Coast legend and turned her into an autoflower. With their Original Auto Sour Diesel cannabis seeds you can now have very potent bud with the trademark sour and fuel-like diesel taste in record time.

Original Auto Sour Diesel cannabis seeds is a superb auto flowering version of the iconic Sour Diesel. She ticks all the boxes, boasting complex, classic flavours and aromas, as well as energising and uplifting high.

She’s also a pleasure to grow and will suit cultivators of all levels of experience.

Influenced by her sativa roots, Original Auto Sour Diesel cannabis seeds grows to medium-tall heights of 1.2m, with many side branches. If you’re growing indoors and you don’t have much space, consider low stress training (LST), and the strain can produce particularly large buds for monster yields.

There will be lots of resin-covered leaf and trim as well, making this plant great for hash and concentrates.

You can also grow her outdoors, where she does well in hotter climates and can tolerate cooler nights. She likes plenty of nutrients as she grows, so be generous!

With up to 550g/m² at harvest time and nugs that are very compact for their large size, Original Auto Sour Diesel cannabis seeds will delight every grower.

OG Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

Kush cannabis family is surrounded with a mythology and reverence. The Royal Queen Seeds feminised O.G. Kush cannabis seeds lives up to those high expectations, offering powerful marijuana with great taste. A prime example of successful transatlantic cooperation between American and Dutch breeders.

The original OG Kush, developed by the Californian master breeders, was created using Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush genetics.

With three quarters of Indica genetics and a smaller, but significant part of Sativa, Royal Queen Seeds feminised O.G. Kush cannabis seeds produces an intense stone with a slight high to wrap the experience up.

Plants reach no more than 1 meter high and takes some 8 weeks to blossom. Expect each plant to yield approximately 50 to 70 g of top quality, powerful ganja with THC content sometimes exceeding 20%!

A really strong stuff for dedicated marijuana connoisseurs.

Afghani #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Sensi Seeds.

Afghani 1 cannabis seeds by Sensi Seeds is a almost pure, 95% indica plant, bred from the finest selection of Afghani parent strains.

With distinctive indica traits, it is a medium-sized, compact and heavy-yielding plant, with a short flowering period. It produces dense, sparkling buds filled with resin and is ready for harvest in just 7-8 weeks.

A perfect strain for indica “charas” lovers.

Even though Afghani 1 cannabis seeds is a heavy indica strain, a cannabis genotype that is found all over India, it actually originates from the mountains of Afghanistan, a region very famous for its premium hash, or so called charas, production.

Both India and the Afghani region are home to the purest indica in the world that produces rich, resinous buds that are traditionally turned into hashish.

Afghani 1 cannabis seeds genetics come as close as possible to that of Afghanistan landrace strains - making it a top-shelf indica breed.

With all these classic cannabis strains suitable for all types of growers, you can buy your cannabis seeds from us at Discount Cannabis Seeds.



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