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Nirvana Seeds cannabis seeds strain is the best one for you is not always straightforward. Your choice should be based on several factors, so below we cover as many points for you to consider helping you make your perfect choice and grow some cup-winning buds!

With more eyes now fixed on the Cannabis industry than ever before, a new wave of beginner cannabis seeds growers has emerged.


As a beginner grower, it can be a little overwhelming understanding the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid Cannabis plants, as well as flowering times, growth structure, and applying plant training.

For many experienced growers, getting big yields and a solid return on investment can be the main priority when growing Cannabis. Commercial-scale operations that are number-driven and dependent on profit margins and investors will demand high-yielding Cannabis seeds.

Autos have changed the way that Cannabis plants can be grown indoor and outdoor, as they are not dependent on a 12/12 lighting schedule, and can be ready to harvest from seed within 70-90 days. This means growers who live in a hot climate such as California or Southern Spain can enjoy perpetual harvests all year long when growing auto flowering Cannabis seeds.

Here are the best auto flowering Nirvana cannabis seeds.

Auto Northern Light Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Nirvana.

Northern Lights Auto flower cannabis seeds is one of the original and best household names now in autoflower form. Perhaps, the most resilient strain around.

Outdoors, she will produce excellent results and massive yields, making her the dream strain for those who suffer with colder climates. She will not let you down and is well recommended to everyone who loves to grow strong Indica cannabis in a short time frame.

This Auto flower hybrid was created by crossing an original Northern Lights chosen for its superb resistance to plant disease, insects, and pests and cold weather. By using our flagship auto flowering Short Rider, we were able to produce a rock-solid strain that can be planted from seed and harvested in 10-12 weeks without the need for any specific indoor light cycles.

Northern Lights Auto flower cannabis seeds is an old-school gem that is a blast from the past, who won't disappoint the old school or new school smoker.

Growing Northern Lights Auto flower cannabis seeds.

Like the Northern Lights strain, she is straightforward to grow, and likes to remain short. Perfect for growing on a balcony, or terrace and keeping well hidden.

Planting the strains in a Sea of Green works very well, as all the plant will remain the same height and flower with a uniform appearance. Her appearance will be short and bushy, making her easy to camouflage in the garden or terrace.


When grown as a Sea of Green in smaller-sized pots, Northern Lights Automatic is a solid performer and will stay low and bushy. She hardly requires any maintenance and can leave it to her own devises. We advise keeping them under 12 or 18 hours of light for best results using HID lighting.


Northern Light Auto-flower cannabis seeds can be planted outdoors all year long, meaning she is extremely reliable, tough, and sturdy.

Thanks to her very low plant height and bushy growth structure, Northern Light Auto flower is a great candidate for keeping out of sight and growers with short summers and challenging climates.

Blue Mystic Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Nirvana.

Blue Mystic Auto cannabis seeds is an auto flowering version of the fruity and short sized Blue Mystic. A small-sized plant that is easy to camouflage and perfect for beginner growers looking for a tough hybrid that requires little maintenance. Beautiful fruity and zesty flavor profile with a superb amount of resin production once flowering starts.

Blue Mystic Auto cannabis seeds has a much more euphoric effect and will automatically flower in just 9-11 weeks.

The ultimate stealth strain that is well suited for a terrace or balcony anywhere in the world. She requires very little maintenance and will reward you with flavors that can only be found on a tropical desert island. An uplifting feel good effect that is perfect for Summer and being out in nature.

Those searching for a super reliable auto flowering strain that can be planted multiple times a year outdoors with excellent results, need look no further.

Growing Blue Mystic Auto cannabis seeds.

Created by crossing Short Rider with Blue Mystic, we were able to produce an auto flowering hybrid that kept the same resilience and terpene profiles.

By crossing our automatic Short Ryder with the indica dominant hybrid Blue Mystic, the results are a hybrid that can be grown outdoors most of the year and thrive in rough climates. Not only is she a tough strain for growers who experience short Summers, she will produce spectacular results in hot climates.


Blue Mystic Auto cannabis seeds will grow with a short appearance similar to Blue Mystic, however will not require any photoperiod to flower.

She can produce generous yields when grown closely together in a Sea of Green. Perhaps not the most productive auto flowering variety, however her rich and fruity terpene profile, and what she produces in terms of hash and extracts, up for it.


Blue Mystic Auto flower is an exceptionally low maintenance auto flowering cultivar. An indica dominant variety meaning she will keep a low and stealth profile making her well suited for balconies, terraces, and greenhouses.

Once planted Blue Mystic Auto cannabis seeds can be left alone, making her a wise choice for beginner growers. Growers who experience short Summers will get the best results when planting outdoors from June until September.

Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Nirvana Seeds. 

Bubblelicious Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Nirvana.

Bubblelicious Feminised cannabis seeds is a candy shop sweet strain that was created by bringing together our best two skunk lines. Incredible terpenes, mouth-watering flavors and large sized frosty nugs making Bubblelicious the ultimate strain for beginner growers.

To create the unique and fruity Skunk hybrid possible, we used Big Bud and crossed her with a Skunk #5 male.

Both plants are well known for their massive yields of bright green, resin caked flowers, and their resilience to withstand hot and cold climates with ease. Bubblelicious Feminised cannabis seeds will flower in 9-10 weeks and will not grow tall when blooming commences.

Growing Bubblelicious Feminised cannabis seeds.

She will grow up to a medium height and produce solid branching. During the vegetative stage, Bubblelicious cannabis seeds will produce a bushy canopy thanks to her Skunk heritage, making her a great candidate for plant training such as topping, L.S.T. and pruning.

Her buds will grow with a bright-green hue that becomes covered in thick, bright orange and pink pistils, surrounded by clusters of trichomes.


Bubblelicious cannabis seeds have a high calyx to leaf ratio, so she will grow enormous buds and will be easy to harvest and trim. Her fragrance during the flowering stage is exotic, floral, fruity, and tropical, with an earthy, candy sweet strawberry essence.

Another thing about Bubblelicious Feminised cannabis seeds  is how she will flower with pink, magenta, and purple hues making her stand out from the rest, meaning her bag appeal is sky-high.


When grown outdoors, she will really express her hybrid vigor and grow large-sized plants, with a high amount of long side branches. Plants will stretch to a final height of around 120-150 cm / 47-59 inches, with a Christmas tree profile. Bubblelicious Feminised cannabis seeds can take a higher than normal amount of nutrients, and will reward you with a prolific amount of huge, glistening buds.

Master Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Nirvana.

A true expression of Dutch genetics that packs real potency. Classic Kush dank flavors and rock-hard buds plastered in resin make this lady a winner. There is no school like the old school and Master Kush cannabis seeds is the headmaster! A true expression of Kush genetics and a hybrid that will display true hybrid vigor and stability.

A vintage Amsterdam strain that is a quick flowering, resilient producer of dank, kushy buds with a resin profile that is out of this world. It is no wonder  Master Kush cannabis seeds  is a cup winner and coffee shop favorite even until now. Hunting these seeds for different phenotypes can be extremely rewarding, and a perfect choice for a beginner grower.

Growing  Master Kush cannabis seeds.

By crossing two of the most reliable strains around, Skunk #1 and Hindu Kush, the result was a strain that reveals hybrid vigor, exceptional plant resistance and an easy, low profile hybrid.

The flowering time will range between 7-9 weeks depending on phenotype, however the growth structure will remain short and squat with a typical indica appearance. She does not need much looking after and will produce a stocky profile.


A short plant that stays low during 18/6 and will stretch to a medium height once flowered. We recommend Master Kush to beginner growers, or those with short spaces. Thanks to her low profile nature, Master Kush will not require much plant maintenance and performs incredibly well indoors. Thanks to her high resistance, she can be grown during wet seasons with no issues.


Master Kush is an excellent performer outdoors, and will produce impressive results in all climates. Thanks to her rapid flowering time, with plants finishing as quickly as 50 days, we strongly recommend this cultivar for beginner growers, and those searching for a highly resilient strain. She will finish close to 100 cm / 39.3 inches tall and keep a low profile.

Regular Cannabis Seeds. 

Super Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds by Nirvana.

Super Skunk Regular cannabis seeds was created by taking Skunk #1, known for her fast blooming, rapid growth and tough resistance to all climates.

By crossing her with Afghani, the result was an indica and sativa hybrid that is an upgrade of both parents, displaying the most desirable traits. Flowering time will vary between 8-10 week dependant on phenotypes, and growers can expect to find male and female

Super Skunk Regular cannabis seeds is an easy to grow strain that does not require much maintenance, and reacts very well to plant training such as topping, tying down and super cropping. Super Skunk Regular cannabis seeds final height will remain short to medium height, making her an excellent choice for growers indoors working with limited height. 

Super Skunk Regular will develop large sized, pointy buds that have a nice density to them. Super Skunk Regular cannabis seeds will fill out every branch with compact buds, coated in resin. Yields can range between 550 - 650 g/m, meaning she is a good choice for commercial growers who want a fast flowering, tough hybrid that performs well both indoors and outdoors. 

The effects from Super Skunk Regular are not too heavy, and will keep you in a state of tranquility with motivation and focus. Over time, Super Skunk Regular cannabis seeds can reveal her indica heritage and will put you in a sleepy, dream state if you blast this one with reckless abandon. Well suited for smokers who enjoy an upbeat strain without the energy boost and is ideal for daytime use also, although take her easy.

All these Nirvana cannabis seeds are available at Discount Cannabis Seeds plus many more Nirvana Seeds.