Cannabis Seeds Our Best Sellers - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Our Best Sellers - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Our Best Sellers - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Looking for the cream of the crop when it comes to cannabis seeds strains? With thousands of options out there, only some become certified classics with worldwide appeal. From timeless and iconic cannabis seeds strains to the latest modern cultivars.


In this blog i will show you the best cannabis seeds strains of all time that you should grow at home.

Picking your favourite cannabis seeds strain is a bit like choosing your favorite movie. There are so many genres and styles to choose from that the task is daunting and subject to taste. Like a classic movie, a legendary strain becomes iconic for a reason – it boasts worldwide popularity and remains relevant for years.

Wedding Cake Cannabis Seeds by Barneys Farm.

This groundbreaking Indica-dominant strain WEDDING CAKE is related to fellow legends Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. The result is an exceptionally balanced and potent offering that’s taken home numerous accolades over the past several years, making it the best strain for 2021.

Wedding Cake cannabis seeds is easily grown indoors in soil or hydroponic environments, although a little experience goes a long way.

Some knowledge of pruning and training methods, in particular, makes all the difference in producing Wedding Cake’s cannabis seeds luscious yields.

This is because it exposes the stems to much-needed light during the flowering phase. If you’re growing outdoors, warm and dry Mediterranean-like climates are best, although some humidity is not usually an issue.

Wedding Cake cannabis seeds is a heavy hitter with a sweet yet earthy and spiced aroma.

The flavor is like no other cake you’ve tasted, with sweet layers of berry and citrus coupled with a funky tang. This is all complemented by a creamy mouth-feel.

The effects are potent and relaxing, delivering a full body and mind high that’ll ease you into wonderland. Its high-quality calming credentials make it a go-to for those treating insomnia and chronic pain.

Island Sweet Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds by Next Generation Seeds.

This exceptionally skunky strain ISLAND SWEET SKUNK hardens back to the classic weed strains of the 1970s. It’s a Sativa masterclass that originates from crossing Skunk #1 with Sweet Pink Grapefruit, delivering the best of both worlds and an energetic, cerebral high.

Island Sweet Skunks cannabis seeds will suit indoor and outdoor growers, and is comparatively easy to grow if compared to other Sativas.

Still, some experience and plenty of space are recommended for superior yields. It boasts a good resistance to common mold and pests, but does require some pruning and branch support, particularly when flowering.

Outdoor growers require warm and dry climates, although the occasional rainy spell shouldn’t be an issue.

As you might expect, this is a fully-loaded skunk strain with notes of citrus, pine and tangy grapefruit on the nose and tongue.

It delivers an exceptional Sativa high that’s marked by an energetic buzz and uplifting effects. Beloved as a wake and bake strain, it’s also well suited to the treatment of muscle pain and anxiety symptoms.

Cinderella 99 Feminised Cannabis Seeds by BC Bud Depot.

This highly acclaimed Sativa-dominant strain CINDERELLA 99 cannabis seeds is related to the beloved Shiva Skunk and Jack Herer.

It deserves its place on the Sativa awards table thanks to its ease of growth and thoroughly balanced high.

Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds is among the best Sativa strains for beginners to cope with.

Provide her with plenty of space, and you’ll reap excellent rewards with very little maintenance.

You can prune this varietal or employ high-yield training techniques like SOG or ScrOG. While she grows the tallest outdoors, indoor environments are fine too. Just ensure the temperature stays above 20 °C for the best results.

Cinderella 99’s cannabis seeds flavor profile is truly magical with aromas of skunk, earth and pine.

The taste is similarly complex, with layers of sweet citrus and tropical fruit juice. This cannabis seeds strain is best known for its energetic and cerebral high that’s noted for its concentrating effects.

As such, it has great medicinal application for sufferers with ADHD, fatigue and depression.

Super Silver Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Zambeza Seeds.

SUPER SILVER HAZE cannabis seeds is a 90s classic that flourished through 2019. Considered among the top Sativa strains out there, it has won countless awards over the decades and become a staple of dispensaries and seed banks.

Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds is recommended for experts up for a challenge. Although resistant to mold, she requires a knowledge of nutrition and pH conditions to flourish.

As such, some experience goes a long way in getting the most out of this Sativa cannabis seeds strain. Perfectly attainable indoors and outdoors, you can grow her in a greenhouse if your climate is too temperate, but you still want to achieve expert yields and growth over 200 cm.

Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds is incredibly spicy and pungent, with notes of diesel and garden herbs. There are hints of citrus on the tongue, but this is an old-school flavor of skunk and sour lemon.

The high you get from this is long-lasting and uplifting, making it a perfect wake and bake or inspiration-seeking strain. Medicinal users see great result when treating fatigue and appetite loss.
Trainwreck Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Medicann.

TRAINWRECK does what few other Sativa-dominant strains do; it allows its Indica elements to shine as well. Powerful and punchy, this modern Northern Californian classic is a must-try for lovers of all things THC.

Trainwreck cannabis seeds benefits from some prior experience and know-how. Able to grow indoors, outdoors or in dedicated greenhouses, it adapts well to training techniques like ScrOG for greater yields.

Maintenance of the leaves and branches as it grows is essential if you want your buds to develop evenly.

This is a strain that’s limited by climate, so be sure to bring things indoors if you’re in a mild or wet country.

Trainwreck has a delightful aroma of sharp citrus and spicy pine and sandalwood. The taste is similarly fruity with a tart and zingy pepper-like tang.

This is a strain that comes on strong like a rollercoaster, bringing a blast of euphoria and opening the mind. Ideal for those in search of creativity, patients also use this strain to combat ADHD and PTSD.

With all these cannabis seeds available at Discount Cannabis Seeds shop now and start your cannabis grow today.