Cannabis Seeds The Purple Weed Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Purple Weed Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Purple Weed Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

There’s something about the deep indigo hues of purple cannabis seeds that turn into purple bud that stirs up wonder and delight inside every keen marijuana grower.


The colour transformation is enough to make any of us giddy, but what’s even better are the delicious flavors and mind-bending potency that many of these well-bred purple cannabis seeds strains exhibit.

Now despite their dazzling exterior and exciting reputations are purple cannabis seeds strains some sort of superior weed species or are they just oxygen-starved cannabis plants begging for better conditions?

To start off, no, purple weed strains don’t turn purple because of some hidden deficiency or imbalance. The reason why some strains of cannabis can turn purple and others don’t is simply genetic, due to special components called Anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are grouped in a category of molecules called flavonoids which despite how they sound affect the pigment of plants without affecting flavor.

This particular flavonoid has the ability to turn plants a range of colors including red, blue, black and you guessed it, purple!

Growing purple cannabis seeds strains does take a bit of skill to get the best out of the purple colour.

Some might argue that allowing your weed plant to mature longer in order to produce a more pronounced hue will  in turn result in more matured pungent flavors and smells, making for better bud but we’ll leave that for you to decide!

In this blog you will be amazed with all the purple bud you can get your weed fingers on!

Grandaddy Purple Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Blim Burn America.

Possibly one of the most hip and famous purple weed strains is Granddaddy Purple by BlimBurn Seeds.

Although it’s a mind-warping weed with THC percentages up the wazoo this cannabis seeds strain is best known for its classic grape soda flavor profile straight out of the ’90s.

These delicious, sweet berry and grape flavors lead the charge in memorability but if you’re not too careful, Granddaddy Purple cannabis seeds will bend you over his knee and give you something to remember with its hard-hitting THC ranging between 25-35%!

Although not even experienced smokers take this strain lightly it’s one of the greatest Indicas for medicinal use especially for anxiety, sleep disorders, nausea, and pain. Treat it with respect and this old classic will always have your back.

Black Cherry Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Pyramid Seeds USA Range.

Like picking cherries off a glistening cherry tree, Black Cherry Punch cannabis seeds by Pyramid Seeds produces some of the most beautiful dark purple buds you could possibly wish for.

With 90% Indica dominance and up to 25% THC content.

Be prepared for a body-numbing rush of euphoria with a surprising mental alertness you wouldn’t expect from an Indica of this caliber.

Complementing its appearance and effects seamlessly Black Cherry’s cannabis seeds intense berry-like sweetness of blueberry pie cuts through a woody aroma and thick earthy mouth flavor that’s to die for.

As you can imagine the potency and powerful Indica influence make this purple strain a must-have for pain relief and anxiety.

Passion Fruit Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

Bred to perfection to create one of the most delicious fruity strains of all time Passion Fruit cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion.

Passion Fruit cannabis seeds is an explosion of orange and grapefruit with a sweet tutti frutti-like terpene profile.

As she matures her long hybrid fan leaves turn a rich purple gradually consuming the sugar-coated tips of every bud she blooms.

Another balanced hybrid her exciting flavors are matched beautifully by her 22-26% THC potency and well-rounded effects.

Enjoy a wonderful cerebral buzz that slowly transforms into a calming hug of mind and body relaxation with every tasty toke.

Blackberry Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

If a classic deep Indica stone is what you’re looking for but you feel a calling to grow a beautiful purple tree with dark potent fruits Blackberry Auto cannabis seeds by FastBuds has you covered.

A sparkling lilac spectacle this strain is good for more than just offering a lovely sedating high.

 it also works well as a powerful medicinal strain for easing symptoms of glaucoma epilepsy chronic pain and more.

With a potent high of up to 23% THC, it’s no surprise that beginners run the risk of serious couch-lock, so handle with care. Blackberry Auto cannabis seeds tastes yummy purple strain tastes like, just look to the name she is ripe with sweet, berry-rich aromas and flavors.

Caramelo Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Delicious Seeds.

Like a breathtaking spectacle of fanning purple Sativa leaves, Caramelo cannabis seeds by Delicious Seeds is one of the best purple cannabis strains for Sativa enthusiasts.

Ready in just 8.5 weeks, and maturing with a pungently floral yet skunky aroma and dark purple hues Caramelo cannabis seeds really deserves her place on this list.

Her effects are instant and energizing like a classic Sativa offering a strong 24% THC content and a lingering cerebral euphoria.

Every puff of Caramelo cannabis seeds is memorable her sweetly penetrating walnut flavor gently hits your tongue and fades into a melting sensation of delicious floral smoke.



Whether you believe purple strains have some sort of mystical superiority over regular strains or not, there’s truly something special about growing these color-changing cannabis plants.

Watching a seedling grow and mature only to ripen as a dense, glittering bud of deep indigo glory is something every grower should experience at least once. Proceed with caution though, as growing purple strains of weed is so rewarding that you might never look back!

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