Cannabis Seeds Review Sweet Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Review Sweet Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Review Sweet Seeds.

If you would love to try a new cannabis seed bank or cannabis strain and you are looking for a top marijuana seed bank, then why would not you try Sweet Seeds.  

In this blog all your questions will be answered by Discount Cannabis Seeds and all your cannabis prayers will be answered if you try Sweet Seeds.  

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Let us look at Sweet Seeds cannabis seeds.  

Gorilla Glue XL Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

A sixth generation auto flowering strain. A tall, “Super Strong” marijuana strain produced by crossing two of most powerful varieties in the Cookies family: Gorilla Girl® x Sweet Gelato Auto.  

It has a potent, stimulating effect with extremely high THC levels of up to 25%. Individual plants can even surpass this threshold. The buds have an intense, sweet, and fruity aroma and taste, with tones of blue cypress and wood complemented by citric, earthy shades.  

The plants’ buds are heavily loaded with resin, have long trichomes and exceptionally large flower calyxes. This strain is known for its exuberant resin production which completely coats the calyxes with aromatic trichomes. 

Reviews of Gorilla Glue XL Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Gorilla girl xl It was a great smoke. One to my team members Prefers this smoke in the morning. He says that gives him a smile on his face 
some a good appetite for the early morning to get a full day of work done. It had that typical xl background taste to it. Always refer to it as like a cheese. Nice tight rock-hard buds. 
We did flush this properly to have white burning cannabis. All around a treat!! 
Thick smoke! 
Good tokes! 
It fits the needs! 
Wicked job sweet seeds!! 

Looks like it will be good smoke. Top buds have some amber patches. So those will be sleep time. Lower portions of tops are good cloudy trichomes. =

Still amazing, second go and results are consistent, always covered in snow, smell is wonderful and will only improve with drying, so we cannot wait to start puffing on this one. 

The effects are felt already after 4-5 puffs, quite relaxing on the body but nothing excessive, it makes the mind highly creative and does not become annoying and pungent at the end of the joint. 
This is a top-notch auto flower. Dense nugs covered in a blanket of trichomes. The smell is earthy/sweet with the taste being the same. Great for daytime smoke or a little extra at night will lullaby baby!! Now I have not cured this yet, but I snapped a branch, so I tried that as a tester, and I was shocked how clean the ash was as well as the smoke being smooth. I cannot wait to properly cure this bud because it is very promising. Top shelf IMO for an auto flower. Easy to grow. She was a big drinker and liked training LST. I would highly recommend this plant to a newbie straight up to a veteran. 

Cannabis Seeds Review Sweet Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cream Caramel Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Result of the cross between our best 2nd generation auto flowering strains with our Cream Caramel. Auto flowering with great hybrid vigour, short internodal distance and good development of side branches.  

The plants feature abundant production of dense and sticky resin that gets harder with the buds drying process. This high-quality auto flowering strain features very dense buds with pungent sweet aroma with earthy tones, fast flowering, and strong effect.  

Genetics such as Cream Caramel Auto were the foundation for the re-evolution of the auto flowering strains. At the end of flowering the plants reach the same resinous and appetizing appearance as their photoperiod-dependent sisters. 

Reviews of Cream Caramel Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

I really liked this strain; the buds were very dense and a strong caramel smell that goes a long way. 

This girl was a hidden gem! The whole grow I thought she was a bit stunted, and the smaller of my two Sweet Seed auto plants, but man was I wrong! On top of the yield, I have never had a plant smell SO GOOD going into the jars after trimming. Cannot wait to grow her again.  

Very resistant and easy to grow, great for Newbies. automatic plant of low structure and with a medium / high yield of high-quality buds, the trichomes are large and fat and can be seen very well with the naked eye, with an extremely sweet and active aroma, some care with odours is necessary because the buds give off an extraordinarily strong aroma. Great Strain.  

Super consistent phenos in terms of growth speed/smell/colour. The taste and high were all remarkably similar; creamy sweet biscuit caramel notes, as expected. Very relaxing and smooth high for such a high indica % strain. Potent too, slight hangover the next day! Beautiful purple colours towards the end of the grow with extraordinarily little temperature manipulation. 

This was an absolute joy to grow. My favourite strain now that I have dried and smoked it. Still to cure for a few weeks. The smell changes through its development. 

 From flowery to a more pungent, fuel odour at harvest. The caramel is more of an aftertaste, rather than an odour. It now absolutely stinks and is so sticky unpleasant. I just cannot rate it high enough. The yield is crazy for an auto flower under 250w cheap setup, and I could have given them another week. I have some fast bud seeds, but I think I will just grow these again. I love cream caramel.  

Cannabis Seeds Review Sweet Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Black Cream Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

  This 100% Auto flowering strain is based on a purple flower's genetics of Pakistani Kush and the original Cream Caramel.  

The plant demonstrates indica view with a short internodal distance and a plenty of small branches on the central cola and compact resinous buds.  

The height reaches 60-110 cm depending on the conditions, growing methods and systems etc. Black Cream Auto has extremely sweet and fruity smell with earthy notes that are inherited from Cream Caramel.  

Reviews of Black Cream Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

Love this lady she smells so sweet like blackberry and cream with dark purple hues too her. 

The bud's range in colour from green to dark purple, with most a mix of both colours. There are orange pistils throughout the buds, and they are dusted with very frosty trichomes. 
The buds smell sweet, with a bit of creamy spice and caramel earthiness but I expect the smell to evolve during the cure. 
The potency is quite strong, the highest that I have grown so far. After both smoking and vaping the buds have a very calming effect that does not become overly sedating. 

Nice strain. It is too purple but looks great grinded up in a bowl. It has a ton of trichomes, and the smell is incredibly unique. It smells more like berries than any berry strain I have ever had. 
It is difficult to describe but it is an extraordinarily strong fruit basket smell with a unique edge to it. I am a huge fan of the high. 
The potency is about an 8. Not the strongest ever but any stronger in an Indica and it becomes sleep medicine. 
Cannabis Seeds Review Sweet Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cream Caramel Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

This indica dominant plant consists of 90% indica and 10% sativa. Cream Caramel is the result of mix of the best indica genetics such as Blueback, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino.  

It has numerous awards. The strain is popular with medical users. It is ideal choice for indoor cultivations, but also suitable for outdoors.  

The plant produces 400-550 g/m2 indoors and 350-600 g/plant outdoors. The plant develops a dark green leaf, dense buds, and a substantial number of white crystals with a high THC content of 15%-20%. 

Cream Caramel provides a sweet deep taste, like caramel, with earthy notes that are inherited from Blueback. The strain is a great relaxant and antidepressant. 

Reviews of Cream Caramel Feminised Cannabis Seeds,

A strain that reminds us of Romulan 
Excellent muscle relaxant and sleep encourager not the most potent but it was harvested on the early side and effects are incredibly significant. 

I recommend to everyone who grows this strain to let her stretch a bit because she does not become too high, and you may have a lot of branches stuck together. Overall, I am happy about the harvest but first about the smoke, Cream Caramel is the sweetest weed I ever tasted, smells and tastes like strawberry candies, once you try you want to smoke increasingly, effect is a good balanced indica wave that gets you ready to sleep, I will grow it again 10/10. 

Just had a vape of this fantastic tasting flower. She is smooth and creamy with a nice, sweet finish. A nice wave of calm and relaxation go through me and melts away pain nicely. I will grow her again! I huge thanks to sweet seeds for some dynamite genetics! 

What can I say, the Cream Caramel totally beats my expectation? Huge cola with few fan leaves makes trimming a pleasant job. She is short and great for indoor and I have no problem at all during the entire growth cycle. Truly an amazing strain! 
Because the feelings are uplifted, very giggly, energetic, creative, and very munchy(cravings) 

Taste and smell are amazing! A subtle cookie aroma with a hint of lemon (washed in lemon concentrate with water And Of course Creamy and a sweet taste/smell. The crystals and trichomes are Insane on this plant! 

Cream Caramel extraordinarily strong indica plant with very heavy as a stone buds, grew without any problems, suitable for beginners. 
Cream Caramel have an extraordinarily strong fruit flavour smell, pine, and like old school afghan smell, very amazing strain) 
The effect is strong long lasting Indica, increases appetite very much, but does not make you sleepy, very relaxed, everything becomes joyful. 
Takes effect over time, long lasting, it is great for medical purposes, no have other side effects. I love this strain, still grow again. 

Cannabis Seeds Review Sweet Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Devil Cream Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Auto flowering strain. This polygyrid is the result from the crossing of two selected strain of our purple flowered varieties: Dark Devil Auto and Black Cream Auto.  

This strain shows a great hybrid vigour since germination, developing the typical structure of an indica-sativa hybrid, with a strong main stem, surrounded by multiple buds on the side branches also with a good calibre and density. Tall, stemmed auto flowering strain. 

 Some specimens can reach one meter in height, all this in just two months from the germination of the seeds. The aroma is sweet and fruity with hints of incense and lemony citrus tones. The plants produce copious amounts of aromatic resin with a powerful and exciting effect. 

Reviews of Devil Cream Auto Cannabis Seeds.

Plant grew quickly and had zero issues along the way. She turned a marvellous shade of deep purple. Buds were incredibly fluffy, and I ended with exactly half an ounce. Smaller yield then I would like- but a wonderful grow experience regardless. 
 The colour of this strain is incredible, buds are an intense purple almost black, the plant has achieved this colour despite the extremely hot temperatures during night and day, which confirms its good genetics. Buds are ripe and compact, with a nice amount of trichomes, they have a good and intense scent, when I grind them, the room is filled with perfume of flowers! 

 After two weeks of cure, I can say that the taste of this strain is, and I like it very much. I was expecting a sweet weed, instead the flavour is not like the smell. It tastes like berries with a strong lemon aftertaste that balances everything, it is good to smoke. 

This is a day weed, the high is not particularly heavy and makes you creative and talkative for a few hours, before ending in a peaceful sense of relaxation. This weed makes me very hungry, every time I smoke it, I empty the kitchen! Initially I wanted to use the trim to make hash, but I think I will make a dessert! 

The bag appeal is 10/10 with this strain, the smell is unique and sweet, not as much carries through to the taste as I would like, most flavour is kept to the aftertaste, but still an enjoyable smoke. It presses extremely well under rosin press. 

This strain had problems from the beginning, the colour of the leaves was different from the other ones, it was a bit brighter, had a smaller growth I thought it is a nut defiance, but by the time I realized it was just a weaker seed. 
At the end this was the most potent plant with the biggest buds and size, plus her smell is the absolute winner for me! 

Cannabis Seeds Review Sweet Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Green Poison Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

This hybrid is the result of crossing a selected strain of Big Devil #2 Auto and our Green Poison elite clone.  

The resulting hybrid was backcrossed twice with the original Green Poison Auto clone to establish the Green Poison aroma and taste.  

In this auto flowering strain, the tastes and aromas are strongly set to a very pleasant and intense standard, with sweet fruity tones and a mild Skunk background.  

This strain features exceptional flower and resin production, providing a potent long-lasting effect. 

Reviews of Green Poison Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Grow Green Poison Auto it is a pleasure, very amazing plant, when you look at him the mood rises, incredibly beautiful plant, smell of medium, not so strong, overly sweet, pleasant smell of nuts and fruits, nice frosty buds. Particularly good genetics, I can recommend this amazing strain to everyone. Wonderful job Sweet Seeds, thanks. 
Smoke: Nice indica/sativa hybrid, extremely sweet smoke, aftertaste like ate a lot of sweetness. I love this strain. WONDERFUL day time hybrid, instantly all pain in your body is gone and waves of happiness and relaxation start run through your body. In your head you feel euphoric and uplifted.  

This strain will wash away your stress, depression, and anxiety by sending waves of heat throughout your body. Hits me more like an Indica, and gives me an almost psychedelic high, I can relax and watch tv, or work, or go to the store, whatever. Happy and cool. No matter how much you smoke, you will feel great and euphoric! Best of both indica and sativa. Strongly recommend to anyone :) Love, love, love this strain. 

This phenotype is the tastier, the taste is like some fruit between a pineapple and a mandarine mixed with lime and thin mint all together. 
The mint taste is more powerful when you exhale, and you feel something spicy in the taste. 
It clearly smells weed so it is better to smoke it in a safe place, if you like to smoke outside then be careful. 
The effect is a perfect mix between a high and a stone. The stone is the 1st effect you can feel but soon after the talkative and uplifted high comes to put you in a good mood. Perfect for daytime. 

Cannabis Seeds Review Sweet Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Jack A47 XL Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Tall-stemmed version of one of our most appreciated auto flowering strains, the amazing Jack 47 Auto. Jack 47 XL Auto was developed through a recurrent selection programme of tall-stemmed and high production specimens of Jack 47 Auto along multiple generations.  

This is a high yielding auto flowering strain that preserves a powerful hybrid vigour. The plants develop compact buds covered in outstandingly aromatic resin.  

The tastes and aromas of this genetic are sweet and fresh, with lemony citrus tones and a touch of incense. One of the most powerful auto flowering strains in the market. 

Reviews of Jack A47 XL Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

Very fragrant strain and excellent taste, very resinous and sticky buds. Exceptionally good for the day, it was my favourite of that cycle. 

Quite easy to grow, I do believe though it was a mutant, or this is how the name matches with its size, it is not the size of the plant itself but its bud's beautiful mutation, great strain, no complications at all. Massive buds with extraordinarily strong smell of citrus. 

The taste of these buds is incredibly special - a delicious, sweet fresh taste that is extremely hard to describe. But it was so good that I decided to grow her genetic parents Jack Herer and AK47 as well to find out where these delicious traits come from. 

This is a glorious strain. Super potent fruity smell to it as you grind it up. A delicious smooth and citrusy taste as well. 
If you smoke just a little, you can feel it is Indica side - quite a relaxed body high. But if you smoke more, you will feel the full forces of the Sativa, especially giving enhanced concentration. 

Cannabis Seeds Review Sweet Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Sweet Skunk Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Sweet Seeds has created this hybrid as a tribute to this classic and extremely loved family of cannabis.  

This is the resulting hybrid from the cross between our Early Skunk elite clone and an auto flowering version of Critical Mass from the Sweet Seeds R&D Department.  

The resulting hybrid has been backcrossed twice with the Early Skunk elite clone. This fast-flowering auto flowering strain is one of the best yielding and most resinous varieties, producing dense buds that get totally covered by trichomes in the final stages of flowering.  

It features an intense skunk aroma with an overly sweet background, scented with hints of spices. 

Reviews of Sweet Skunk Auto Cannabis Seeds.

Sweet Skunk Auto strain has been easy to grow. The plants grew tall, taller than what I would expect from an auto, it was not stealth but fine for me. My sweet skunks' autos did not request a lot of nutrients during they lifetime and it was a pleasure to watch them  every day. It is a good smelling strain but not aggressive, so you do not really smell anything until you close to it, but at the proper distance it is smell like citrus / fruits / tropical / incent and skunk!!! Hard to choose 3 of that is smells as my 3 phenotype has 3 different tons of the same aroma/smell. 

The most potent & tasty. It tastes like pineapple & citrus with a little incent tons when you exhale, pleasant to smoke. And the effects a quite like some photoperiodic I have smoked; it is start with a good motivating and funny high and after 30 min you switch to a loud stone but not too narcotic. Clearly to smoke at night for me. 

The smell is more like tropical and pungent, good. The smoke is smooth, the taste is sweet and sour, difficult to describe but damn good and the effect is quite the same as the Ssk#1 but a bit less long lasting. For night-time. 

Cannabis Seeds Review Sweet Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

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