Cannabis Seeds The Stickest Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Stickest Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Stickest Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

In this blog Discount Cannabis Seeds has a list of the best sticky cannabis seeds strains that you can grow and smoke this season.

Discount Cannabis Seeds has a top ten list of the most resinous strains contains both auto flowering and photoperiod varieties and covers the whole Sativa-Indica spectrum, but one thing these seeds have in common is that they all produce the most resinous weed on the market.
You can smoke these sticky-icky buds straight or make all kinds of concentrates from them in either case, the experience will be top-notch.

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What Makes Cannabis Sticky?

We all know that sticky cannabis seeds strains are the most potent, smelly, and flavorful and that the secret ingredient is the cannabis resin, but what is this resin exactly?

Resin is not unique to cannabis. Many other plants, such as pine trees, produce it too. Resin mostly consists of water but is also chock-full of aromatic substances called terpenes. It’s exactly these terpenes that make resin so sticky and gooey and smelly as well.

You will find the stickest weed below so let us take a look.

Gorilla Glue Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

We start our list of super sticky cannabis seeds strains with one that has the same name as a popular brand of glue, which speaks volumes on its own.

Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds by Barney’s Farm is really that sticky. It also ‘glues’ you to the couch when you’re seduced into smoking too much of this silky-smooth and creamy goodness.

However, if taken in moderation, this balanced Indica/Sativa hybrid provides a mood-elevating and stimulating effect that peaks immediately and lasts for hours.

Expect massive yields from this cultivar, with THC content above 25%.

Gorilla Girl Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Sweet Seeds.

Gorilla Girl cannabis seeds is a Sativa-dominant hybrid of two American sticky bud strains Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies.

Both gave the offspring an insane amount of resin-dripping trichomes, mind-blowing potency, and an earthy flavor with citrus notes.

If you’re lucky, you may even get a smell of menthol – the legacy of the legendary GSC ‘Thin Mint’ phenotype.

This is also a fast-flowering plant that takes only 9 weeks of 12/12 to mature, and it can be harvested in late September outdoors.

Owing to her Sativa-dominant genetic lineage, this strain grows tall with a large internodal distance and long, flexible branches which make her an ideal candidate for SCRoG style grows.

Not only does this improve yields but it also improves the overall quality of the buds produced.

Indoor yields for this hybrid cannabis strain are 400 – 550 gm2 after a 9 week flowering period while outdoor growers can expect to bring in 350 – 600 g per plant after a late September harvest.

Bruce Banner Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

With indoor yields reaching 600g/m² (2oz/ft²), Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds is definitely a super producer.

This towering green giant is actually not so green at harvest because of layers upon layers of frost that conceal the buds completely.

The THC content is very high at around 25% exactly as you’d expect from such a ‘white’ variety – and the pungent flavor combines hot diesel exhaust with fruity sweetness.

This is a wake-and-bake type of smoke that’s better than morning coffee it purges all your worries and makes you focused only on what’s important while bubbling euphoria provides enough fuel for a long busy day.

Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds doesn’t stop impressing with its potent effects. The strain is quite aromatic and bursts with a terpene profile of classic scents.

Bruce Banner Auto’s cannabis seeds sticky nugs are pungent with gassy diesel aromas, along with undertones of fruity berries that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth. On the hybrid’s smooth exhale, you’ll be treated to a hint of zesty citrus for a refreshing finish.

White Crystal Meth Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Original Sensible Seeds.

The perfect source material for concentrates, White Crystal Meth Auto cannabis seeds is an incredibly fast 8-week auto flower with record-breaking yields and above all, extreme resin production.

The high is both relaxing and mentally stimulating and can provide a much-needed shot of energy after a long day.

Smoke it alone to binge-watch Netflix ‘til long after midnight or go out for a party  the 20% THC will suit any purpose (except sleeping), while the old-school skunky and citrusy taste will make you want to refill that bowl again and again.

Super Hash Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Pyramid Seeds.

With parents like G13 and Hash Plant by Mr. Nice, this amazing hybrid can’t be anything but the sweet and herbal-smelling resinous miracle that she is.

If you want to roll a huge ball of finger hash or dry-sift some premium kief, Super Hash cannabis seeds is the strain you’re looking for because you get the signature smell and taste of the old-school imported hashish. Now you can get the same authentic results at home in a short 55 days of flowering.

Super Hash cannabis seeds is a strain with an incredible tropical flavor that has hints of acid with every taste. 

It has strong tastes of hash with a lot of potential in the tropical department. It’s perfect for extractions due to the incredibly big size with plenty of flowers on every single plant. If you’re a lover of Hash, this plant is a must-try!

Glueberry OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

And just like that, we‘re back to the Gorilla line, which is so sticky we just can’t get rid of it. Its next descendant is Glueberry OG cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion.

With 84 days of 12/12 needed for buds to mature, this plant is longer-flowering, but the wait is totally worth it because at harvest, you’ll get tons of huge and dense colas shimmering with crystals and smelling of pine and pepper.

The smoke packs 22-26% THC and leaves a beautiful earthy aftertaste of a classic Indica.

The effect is pure happiness, where you love the world and everything in it, yourself included.

We hope that our top list of the best sticky cannabis seeds strains will be enough to send you on a quest for that ultimate resin-producing growing experience. Shop for the stickest cannabis seeds at Discount Cannabis Seeds.