Cannabis Seeds The Stinkest Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Stinkest Strains - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

If you are after the smelly skunk cannabis seeds then look no further, we have them all ready for you to buy at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we have thousands of the cannabis strains with Feminised, Regular and Auto Flowering  cannabis seeds available to buy. Photoperiod cannabis seeds and Autos are our most popular with our customers at Discount Cannabis Seeds.


Herz OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Exotic Seeds.

Only most advanced smokers, herbalists and patients may try this tantalizing, bitter-sweet symphony of Larry OG x Kosher Kush  cannabis seeds  as a result of a cooperation with fellow German rap artist Herzog.

Herz OG  cannabis seeds t smells like the forest spirit dipped and rolled in honey. The taste is outstanding, combining melted marshmallows with the Smokey terpenes of a fireplace.

The effect of Herz OG  cannabis seeds is really strong. It feels like a kick in the chest dropping you heavily on a cloudy cushion of concrete.

Reviews of Herz OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This is so smelly and thick soaked with cloudy the tricones

Had no problems with her cannot wait to smoke da botch.
I would highly recommend for her THC content.
Smells like caramels and marshmallow.

This grew easier than any of my other grows with the greatest yield. I find it very relaxing in the evening. Will definitely do this one again.

Herz Og Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a nice smoke tastes like gelato or a fruity Kush in my opinion it good for everyday use not necessarily a bed time smoke as it doesn't relax you or make you sleepy enough for bed the THC this strain produces is definitely high end buds look like they have been rolled in sugar and are super dense and compact the aesthetics on this strain are great buds are great looking and structure is also great in my opinion this strain could be improved with a better taste and nothing else if it tasted a bit better it would have been a 10 star review very happy with the strain

smoke 9/10.
taste 8/10.
density 10/10.
yield 10/10.
growth 10/10.

BC Bud Depot.

BC Bud Depot is from Canada. It is one of the biggest companies in the online cannabis industry. The BC Bud Depot produces the world's finest marijuana seeds with fast and discreet worldwide delivery at reasonable prices.
They breed their own strains and has in fact produced some of the excellent cannabis seed genetics that became popular with both beginners and experts' growers.

Aside from their own pot seeds, they also carry strains from select breeders such as TH Seeds, Soma Seeds, DNA Genetics, and Delta 9 Labs, among others. BC Bud

BC Bud Depot carries feminized and regular cannabis seeds, and feminized and regular landrace pot seeds.

It has world awards for The Purps and Sweet God, for The Black, for The Purps and BC Mango, and for The Purps, God Bud and Texada Time warp.

BC God Bud Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The BC God Bud  cannabis seeds is one of the most fragrant strains in the world. This is a multiple Cannabis Cup Winner for World's Best Indica. The variety is very popular among professional and commercial growers. This is the result of combination of God, Hawaiian and Purple Skunk genetics.

The  cannabis seeds plant develops dense heavy buds with a fat layer of sparkling crystals. This indica dominant  cannabis seeds contains 75% Indica and 25% Sativa genetics. The flowering time is only 8-9 weeks indoors. The plant also suits for outdoor growing where it produces heavy yields in mid-October.

The smoke provides a strong body effect and a calming potent taste.

Reviews of BC God Bud Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Men in term of beauty I think there is a clear winner, this thing is so beautiful, just look at it. I was away two months of this grow unfortunately, it was tough, cannot wait to see until I am at home for 4 months straight what does buds will look like.

Garden of Green.

Garden of Green cannabis Seeds is focused on bringing the public Medical Cannabis seeds of the highest quality. Their aim is to obtain and breed superior selections with the highest medical qualities of THC and CBD.

Garden of Green offer top quality feminised sativa and INDICA  Cannabis Seeds as well as very popular FEMINISED AUTOFLOWERING varieties.

As their  Cannabis Seeds are produced for Medical purposes, they strictly use only organic methods of farming. This includes both fertilizers and insecticides. They strive for the best genetics and are extremely confident in their products which are available at very reasonable prices.

Reviews of Super Skunk Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Chopped at day 68 flower day 170 from seed, dried for 6 days and started curing today. Pretty pleased with the whole grow, started out playing with the mainlining and delaying flower because of space but once she started budding.

I really got excited. Very frosty and a really sweet smell. My first tastes we are very sweet some skunky and a really nice high.

Original Sensible Seeds.

Original Sensible Seeds have been growing your  Cannabis Seeds since 1992. Established in Newport UK they acknowledged what they saw in Amsterdam and paved the way for others to follow designing and supplying hydroponic equipment and creating their own skunk hybrids including Bigger Pine and PR.

In the late 90´s Sensible Light Systems and The Sensible Seed Co continued out of the public eye for a while until finally relocating to sunny Spain.

The evolving industry in Spain has given them a wider scope to develop and re-create the seed catalogue and now Original Sensible Seeds offer an extensive range of premium feminised cannabis seeds to suit growers on all levels including the latest in West Coast genetics which are available both in feminised and auto fem varieties together with their flagship cannabis strain Bruce Banner # 3 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

With colossal potency levels of over 22% THC and incredible flavours, it is no wonder Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds is one of the most popular varieties of marijuana available on the planet today. OG Kush and Poison Durban  Cannabis Seeds combine to create this dominant Indica plant which obligatorily has compact resinous buds' structure of tinted purple leaves.

Whether grown indoor or outdoor fits so easily that even the novice grower will achieve great results. And you will not have to wait long either indoors it will be finished after 70 days of flowering while outdoors you will reap this powerful head stash in early October.

And Leni, what an abundant harvest she will bring 500 gr m2 interior and exterior 700 gr per plant. With a spicy, fruity flavour the Girl Scout Cookies  Cannabis Seeds effect is well-balanced, starting with a high enthusiast who will evolve into a vaporous drowsiness of pure relaxation and well-being.

 Pain and depression will quickly dissolve away and those suffering from nausea and eating disorders will also discover the benefits of GSC  Cannabis Seeds. Not only is this strain one of the hottest at all times, but also, as the name implies, she is also one of the sweetest.

Reviews of Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Really dense and frosty buds, super heavy even after drying.
Easy plant to grow, took a little longer than the others to reach maturity but worth the wait!
Smoke - very smooth smoke, does not really leave any kind of after taste - the high is pretty mellow, find it relaxes my entire body and creeps up until the eyes are heavy and stinging and I am halfway through my tub of evening smoke.

An absolute joy to grow.
Massive buds with a sweet, fruity, fragrance.

Anesia Seeds.

Anesia Seedbank develops very powerful, unique and productive genetics and delivers it to the cannabis market. The company uses hundreds of different varieties from more than 25 countries.

Anesia Seedbank is searching and scanning the cannabis world to find the best genetics. It develops and uses advanced breeding method and 100% organic production.

All  Cannabis Seeds are easy to grow, very strength and have high yielding.

Gorilla Glue #4 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Gorilla Glue #4  Cannabis Seeds is at the moment the strongest strain on earth, tested 12 times with more than 30% THC. It was created by Josey Whales when he crossed Chem Sis with his Sour Dubb.

He gave a couple of seeds to his buddy Mardogg, who popped the beans years later and ended up with 4 pheno’s of the Gorilla Glue. Because of the extraordinary trichome production they decided to take pheno number 4 to breed with it. We got an elite cut directly from the Standard Seed Collective and crossed, backcrossed and stabilized this outstanding strain.

This  Cannabis Seeds variety is one of the stickiest and tastiest sativa-dominant strains in the world. Gorilla Glue is the kind of weed that literally gums up your fingers in big clumps when you are trying to break it up. GG #4  Cannabis Seeds has a piny, spicy aroma and a taste of sandal wood and sweet cherry.

When it is consumed it shows its enormous potency with a THC level of more than 30%. It has very clear cerebral effects which lasts more than 4 hours. Gorilla Glue #4  Cannabis Seeds should only be consumed by experienced users!

The  Cannabis Seeds strain is incredibly resinous. A bane to all trimmers, GG4  Cannabis Seeds got its name from its tendency to clog scissors until they are stuck. This shiny star produces a euphoric, focused and happy high and offers best results in a SCROG-grow.

GROWING GORILLA GLUE #4 Feminised Cannabis Seeds

She is ideal for growing indoors but also shows perfect results in sunny conditions outdoors. As it stretches a lot during the 9-week flowering period it should been grown only for 2 weeks before the lighting time is reduced to 12 hours daily. Gorilla Glue #4  Cannabis Seeds produces yields of 500-550 g per sqm or 600g per plant outdoors.

Reviews of Gorilla Glue #4 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The smell and taste are amazing, a friend came over to test the strain and when I start grinding the bud, he was like wow that smell isn’t normal.

I had to cut it down a bit too early because of botrytis, my airflow wasn't optimal for this big and dense buds.
Next grow I need some extra fans to prevent myself for this.
I smoked some small testers later with a couple of friends and they all felt in love instantly with the taste/heavy stoned effect this strain gives.
The effect starts as sativa but if you sit down you directly "glued" to the cough.
I think that why they name it like this.

Gorilla Glue #4 Feminised Cannabis Seeds has a super sweet-fruity taste and a pine wood aftertaste incredibly tasty for me Perfect for relaxing outdoors. In the nature after strenuous & stressful working days.

Barney’s Farm.

Barney’s Farm  Cannabis Seeds has won many international awards for the flawless quality and stability of its products and is a recognised world leader in the production of top-quality seeds.

Barney’s Farm  Cannabis Seeds was founded since the early 1980’s after Derry settled in the Himalayas where he honed his knowledge by selectively breeding various strains, choosing phenotypes for their taste, aroma and THC levels.

Derry collected a variety of land-race cannabis seeds from countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and China. After hand picking the most promising seeds, they were then backcrossed in order to stabilise them.

Today Barney’s Farm  Cannabis Seeds is the team of experienced breeders, who collected landrace genetics from around the world. This enables Barney’s Farm Research Lab to create the best and rarest cannabis strains and makes Barney’s Farm the leader in the production of top-quality female cannabis seeds.

Purple Punch Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Purple Punch Auto  Cannabis Seeds is an auto flowering 80% Indica, 20% Sativa cannabis strain developed by breeder Barney’s Farm as an auto flowering variant of one of the newest additions to the Barney’s Farm Family: Purple Punch  Cannabis Seeds.


This fruity concoction’s origin is a result of crossing Purple Punch  Cannabis Seeds with BF Auto Critical to yield an incredibly powerful auto flower.

Flowering Time

Purple Punch Auto  Cannabis Seeds has a flowering time from seed to harvest of 50-60 days, which is definitely on the fast side – great news for growers who want a strain they can harvest quickly.


The harvests you will get from Purple Punch Auto  Cannabis Seeds are more than decent, at around 350g/m² (1.15 oz/ft2) indoors or 400g (14.1oz) per plant outdoors.


The effects of Purple Punch Auto  Cannabis Seeds are remarkably chill. You are going to feel very relaxed along with a sense of happiness and euphoria, making her a great choice for social gatherings or just hanging out by yourself after a stressful day.

Reviews of Purple Punch Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This was my first grow and Barney's Purple Punch Auto   Cannabis Seeds did not disappoint. She was very easy to grow and took every mistake a first-time grower could do to her like a champ. I am sure I could have had a bigger harvest but I am really proud of what I have. I now know why everyone is crazy over Purple strains.

Purple Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds really shows you she is a true Indica after the first few hits. I culled a few popcorn buds after she finished drying to taste test her and all I can say is WOW!!!!! Very smooth with a light fruit and gas flavour and will creep up and smack you into euphoria.

Buds are beautiful tight and dense full of resin really amazing colours are incredible too cannot wait to try this Punch after drying.

710 Genetics.

710 Genetics  Cannabis Seeds are a boutique UK seedbank offering both rare and popular seeds from around the world.

With genetics that are a combination of the UK’s finest crossed with strains from the US and Europe, 710 Genetics are flying the flag for Britain in the cannabis seed market.

Their strains are reliable, flavoursome and most importantly of all, are cultivated with care by a team of breeders who are proud of their roots! They have a good range of Indica, Sativa or Auto flowering strains. Something for everyone from beginner to connoisseur.

710 OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

710 OG  Cannabis Seeds is the genetic backbone of many of the West Coast of America's cannabis varieties. Its history remains shrouded in mystery.

A common myth is that the Chemdawg and a Hindu Kush were the parents of the OG Kush, passing on the distinct “Kush” bud structure and flavour that we see in many OG strains today. 710 OG cannabis seeds take 9 weeks to flower reaching 150-170 cm in height. 710 OG  Cannabis Seeds gives off an earthy pine scent with woody undertones and aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush varieties and their offspring.

Reviews of 710 OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

From the beginning this girl sprouted fast and outgrew her tent mate and although they reached the same height this girl yielded nearly twice as much flower and I can still hardly believe it considering after all she has been through; she gave me 11.5 ounces of some very stinky and potent Diesel.
It has a very strong smell and the nugs are dense and resinous. I would buy seeds from this breeder again.

This plant was very simple, she never had any issues, she was always extremely happy. She has a very intense smell between fruitiness and diesel fuel. The nugs were so dense and heavy, and covered in trichomes. One of my best-looking plants to date and I could not be more pleased with how much weight I got, I am so thrilled.

With all these cannabis seeds available to buy and many more, these will be perfect for growing cannabis for the smelliest grow.

With things looking up for a brighter year why not buy your cannabis seeds from us today, Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Thanks for reading and Happy Shopping.