Cannabis Seeds The Super Autos - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Super Autos - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Super auto flower cannabis seeds are the crowning achievement of auto breeding to date. While original auto flowers were bred for their small size, fast life cycle, and ability to flower under any light schedule the best super auto flower cannabis seeds strains are all that minus the small size.

The first auto flowers cannabis seeds couldn’t compete with their traditional photoperiod counterparts in terms of potency and taste. However breeders kept improving on all these characteristics, and modern auto flowering varieties are all that you could want from a great cultivar and a premium smoke.

Nowadays, there are very short and compact but high-yielding autos cannabis seeds that also have 20+% THC and smell and taste amazing. There are also much bigger and even more productive cultivars called super auto flower strains.

Just like any other auto, they start to flower automatically, but this usually happens after a longer veg phase, so super auto flowering cannabis seeds have more time to grow bigger and develop more bud sites.

Here is our list of the Super auto flowering cannabis seeds.

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Gorilla Glue Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

As gorilla is the largest of apes, so Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds is a giant among autos  not so much in height as in the final weight on the scales. The colas are huge, closely stacked, and super dense, and the gluey character of this auto flower manifests itself in an incredible amount of resin.

As you might expect, the smoke is intensely delicious and also very complex the taste will run through a palette of coffee, cream, and earth, keeping you guessing until the last toke. The high can either stimulate you or glue you to the couch depending on the dosage.

Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds impressive lineage crosses pure Gorilla Glue and BF Super Auto. Both of these strains are known for their potency. You can expect flypaper-like buds that pack a punch with that family tree.

There's a reason why Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds remains popular among medicinal and recreational users. It produces a highly relieving body high effect. You will also experience a psychedelic experience like many Sativa strains offer. Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds  effects start minimally before creeping into total knockout territory, so beware.

Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds calming traits work equally for the body and mind, providing a euphoric and exhilarating but mellow high. This 55/45 Indica/Sativa blend uplifts your spirits with its elevating nature, perfect for treating insomnia and anxiety.

Gorilla Glue Auto produces potent levels of THC at 25%+. While there is zero CBD content, it still has medicinal user fans. With a percentage that high, it's safe to say it works well for any consumer.

Like her effects, Gorilla Glue has a powerfully pungent and earthy terpene profile. Gorilla Glue Auto cannabis seeds  has an underlying smell of mocha and coffee on the first whiff, soothing the senses.

From there, sour notes linger from its bulbous buds, along with a punch of diesel. The dynamic terpenes taste smooth on the inhale and deliciously sweet when exhaling.

Monster Bruce Banner Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Monster Genetics.

Monster Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds lives up to its reputation with a mighty lineage of potent parent strains including a well-balanced hybrid of 60% Sativa genetics and 40% Indica genetics. Monster Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds with effects and flavors just as robust, Monster Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds is a must-have for your cannabis cabinet.

The breeders at Monster Genetics knew exactly what their creation would muster when crossing the one and only OG Kush, the epic Auto Diesel XXL, and none other than Fast & Vast.

With THC levels through the roof and a powerful Sativa element blended perfectly with an Indica sedation, get ready for effects that will blow your mind while cradling your body in deep relaxation. Keep Monster Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds for the night time and you shouldn’t have a problem, however, some users may still find “powerful” to be an understatement.

Being a cross between three equally recognizable strains, Monster Bruce Banner Auto marries their unique terpenes to impart a poignant citrusy taste that is earthy and spicy all at once. To make matters more memorable, the sweetness blended with a diesel undertone is simply unforgettable.

However, much like how only Bruce can describe how his transformation feels, you’ll only truly know the taste once you try it for yourself!

Auto Xtreme Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

Auto Xtreme cannabis seeds is a cannabis strain designed to meet the demands of Sativas lovers looking for the advantages of auto-flowering cannabis seeds strains.

Two distinguished seed banks: Dutch Passion and Dinafem, after a two-year joint adventure, crafted this strain over a careful and painstaking process of mating Outlaw Amnesia with an auto-flowering strain to create a strain with delicious tastes, strong effects, increased yields and independence from photoperiod.

Devotees to Sativa strains will discover in Auto Xtreme cannabis seeds the combination of classic and contemporaneous features that make this a great choice. Despite her Sativa-dominant genes, Auto Xtreme cannabis seeds  grows well indoors because her height won’t go over 1.5m, meaning it is unnecessary to use special stretching control techniques.

The full cycle of growth (from germination to harvest) is short for a Sativa strain, oscillating between 11-12weeks. Auto Xtreme cannabis seeds long process of stabilization guarantees the development of uniform and resilient plants independent of light, an expected feature among cultivators. Its yields are consistent and classed as XL-sized, full of dense buds with a high THC content.

Overall, Auto Xtreme cannabis seeds is a contemporaneous strain with the best classic and modern Sativa attributes.

Auto Forbidden Runtz Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

While the origins of Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds remain unknown, we know one thing for sure: if it comes from a breeder like FastBuds, these cannabis seeds are sure to be a product of years of research and meticulous cross-breeding for stable genetics.

The family tree of Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds is based on Runtz genetics. You’ve probably heard about them, as after appearing on the market a couple of years ago, this Indica-leaning hybrid quickly became a number one strain in the top lists of all major cannabis media outlets.

Now, Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds continues the legacy as an improved lineage with its own twist.

A true gem for impatient growers, the auto flowering Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds is ready to harvest after just 9 weeks of growing – perfect for growing indoors all year round or outdoors in areas with short summers.

Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds is 65% Indica, and it shows! The effects are extremely potent and start cerebrally, often causing uncontrollable laugh riots. However, as the session progresses, you’ll feel the corporal effects take over, covering your body with warm covers of relaxation  perfect for whenever you need to calm both your body and mind.

FastBuds keeps breaking records with the potency of their auto flowering weed, and Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds is no exception. The THC content of 26% is more than enough to send you floating in the stratosphere, so newbie smokers should definitely start low and increase the dosage gradually.

The flavor profile of Forbidden Runtz Auto cannabis seeds is quite mellow and delicate. The selling point is definitely those fruity terpenes that form the base of the smoke and linger on the palate for quite some time. A great addition to this is the note of damp, fresh soil that’s noticeable in both taste and aroma.

Bruce Banner Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds is an auto flowering variety from powerhouse breeder FastBuds. Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds history proves to be reliable for vigorous growth, but beware you’ll need space for her to flex!

Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds is just as powerful and potent in her effects, which is just one reason this heavy-hitter is becoming one of the most popular cannabis seeds strains out there among growers and consumers alike.

If you’re looking to transform into your superhero self, you should know that Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds is perfect for early AM wake-and-bake sessions. You’ll gain a morning focus that’s ideal for tackling tasks while feeling totally stress-free. The strain delivers fast-acting effects, with a rush of euphoria upon your first hit.

As Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds uplifts the mind and alleviates anxiety, its body buzz soothes discomfort and pain, hence the strain’s rising popularity among medical as well as recreational consumers.

No powerful strain comes without powerful levels of THC. Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds is no different, boasting impressive THC levels of up to 25%. On the flip side, Bruce Banner Auto is weaker when it comes to its non-psychoactive counterpart, CBD, with less than 1% in most phenotypes.

Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds doesn’t stop impressing with its potent effects. Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds is quite aromatic and bursts with a terpene profile of classic scents. Bruce Banner Auto’s sticky nugs are pungent with gassy diesel aromas, along with undertones of fruity berries that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth.

On the hybrid’s smooth exhale, you’ll be treated to a hint of zesty citrus for a refreshing finish.

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