Cannabis Seeds The Top Strains By Dutch Passion - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Top Strains By Dutch Passion - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds The Top Strains By Dutch Passion - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

If you are planning on growing some incredible cannabis seeds there are some truly special strains available. Especially when you consider the elite strains, those cream-of-the crop varieties which always deliver exceptional results. The Dutch Passion feminised cannabis seeds collection contains numerous cannabis cup winners, plenty of classics and some awesome modern strains. These are Dutch Passion's top-10 feminised cannabis seeds, all of them come with the highest recommendations of the team!

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To qualify as one of the best feminised seeds of the year these strains have all had to deliver some very special results. You will see some highly recommended THC-rich strains, with sativa and indica-leaning varieties there is something to please everyone. All these strains have to deliver stability, high cannabinoid content and predictably generous yields to qualify as one of the best feminised cannabis seeds of the year.

Amsterdam Amnesia Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

Amnesia cannabis seeds is a legendary strain for all the best reasons. As many Amnesia connoisseurs will already know, the best Amnesia comes from Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Amnesia cannabis seeds is  the most consistently powerful Amnesia ever found by the team. The effects are notoriously hard-hitting, vape a little too much and you really will forget what you were doing! With very high THC levels this is only recommended for serious growers who need a refreshingly potent new sativa cannabis seeds strain to enjoy. Bloom time is around 9-10 weeks with very heavy yields.

Amsterdam Amnesia cannabis seeds are easy to germinate and grow in any grow medium/system. The genetics are delicious, with a terpene profile rich in beta-caryophyllene, limonene, terpinolene and pinene. The high comes with wonderful anti-anxiety relief and strong physical effects. For the novice smoker, or those with a low tolerance the effects can be quite over-whelming so caution is advised.

As one of the most powerful strains ever created by Dutch Passion, she is a member of the exclusive High THC cannabis seeds collection. Home only to those exceptional strains that can show extreme THC levels of around (and even above) 25%.

Skywalker Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

Skywalker Haze cannabis seeds is a sativa dominant strain with Amnesia genetics crossed with original Skywalker. This is a classy combination of cannabis cup winning genetics - Skywalker.

With cannabis cup winning genetic heritage you would be correct to assume some genuine connoisseur effects. Skywalker Haze cannabis seeds managed to win the third prize at the prestigious Homegrown Cup in the Haze category in December 2020 right before it was released in the new Dutch Passion cannabis seeds collection of 2021.

Stress is nuked rapidly by the very high THC levels, expect a long lasting chill-out session with a hint of indica to really relax body and soul. This is a strain with a feel-good high that will bring a smile to your face every time. The buds are sticky and have a pungency that will delight you each time you open the jars.

Bloom time is around 9 weeks. This is a quality sativa which delivers a deeply pleasurable high, already a repeat best-seller that attracts rave reviews.

Frisian Dew Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

Frisian Dew Cannabis seeds is Dutch Passion’s outdoor best seller. Many grow outdoor cannabis seeds, for such growers there are few strains with greater toughness and durability than Frisian Dew.

Frisian Dew cannabis seeds is fully proven over many years. She grows well at Dutch (and similar) outdoor altitudes and is able to grow as far north as Northern England and Southern Scandinavia.

She is usually ready for harvest around early October and in optimum outdoor conditions (or in a greenhouse) can yield a Kg or two of dried buds.

When smoked the effect from Frisian Dew cannabis seeds weed is strong and displays its Sativa and Indica characteristics by way of long lasting high.
The award winning strain, winner of the outdoor category at the High Life Cup 2008) is a cross of a Super Skunk female and a male Purple Star cannabis strain.

CBD Charlotte's Angel Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

CBD Charlotte's Angel Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a high CBD, low-THC strain which has CBD levels of up to/around 15% in the dried buds. THC is below 1% meaning that you can’t get high from this strain.

CBD Charlortte's Angel cannabis seeds ia popular with medical growers and those that want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without getting high.

You can use CBD Charlotte’s Angel seeds during the day and still function normally.

Critical Orange Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

Critical Orange Punch cannabis seeds may well be one of Dutch Passion’s most affordable cannabis seeds, but don't be fooled into thinking this infers lower quality levels. In 2018 these genetics made the High Times Top-10 list!

That’s serious praise from one of the most respected names in the industry. Expect high THC hybrid genetics with a marvellously enjoyable and powerful high alongside a remarkably easy grow experience. All at budget prices with an 8 week bloom time and XXL yields!

With such powerful, stable and illustrious parent genetics you can be assured of excellent results from Critical Orange Punch feminised cannabis seeds.

On average, the flowering phase lasts about 8 weeks. This Feminised cannabis strain is bursting with delicious, tropical aromas with citrus like terpenes. Orange, mandarin and lemon are the 3 most common scents and flavours.
Critical Orange Punch weed delivers a long lasting powerful euphoric high.

The Ultimate Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

The Ultimate cannabis seeds is perhaps Dutch Passion's heaviest yielding strain of all time. With very high THC levels and a 9 week bloom time, this hybrid is a repeat best seller with extravagantly sized blooms. These will need support to stop them collapsing under their own weight.

The Ultimate took 1st Prize in the Skunk Category at the prestigious 2021 high times cannabis cup. The judges were blown away by the intensely powerful high and rich, aromatic taste/aroma. But it’s the uniquely heavy harvests which really make her a real hit with home growers and licensed growers around the world.

In good conditions blooms as thick as your forearm are no exception! If you have been enjoying the quality levels from your preferred strains but have been disappointed by the yields, then it could be time to try growing The Ultimate for yourself.

Fans of autoflowering cannabis seeds should note that The Ultimate is also available auto flowering.

Mokum's Tulip Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.

Mokum's Tulip cannabis seeds is perhaps Dutch Passion’s tastiest strain with a connoisseur terpene profile, she is already a multiple cannabis cup winner just a couple of years after her release. The hybrid genetics come from Gelato x Sherbet and take around 8-9 weeks in bloom. This is a high-end Gelato hybrid with a classically sweet taste and a fruity ice-cream flavoured character.

It’s a delicious combination of pungency alongside a candy-fruit scent. One of the best ever from a Dutch Passion feminised strain and highly recommended to the flavour chasers out there!

Mokum’s Tulip is easy to grow. With average stretch levels, you can feel comfortable giving her a good period of vegetative growth and be prepared to enjoy the scents and aroma from this truly special strain. THC levels are very high too, you are assured of powerful Grade-A buds with the potency to satisfy even those with the highest tolerance.

The distinctively sweet and penetrating terpene profile is rich in linalool, beta caryophyllene, limonene and humulene. If you’re looking to experience a new feminised strain with a uniquely special taste/aroma then Mokum’s Tulip has to be our top recommendation!

This collection of feminised seeds represents the cream of Dutch Passion’s genetic achievements over several decades. Dutch Passion were the first to invent feminised seeds back in the 1990’s, so why not start your cannabis experience with the trusted cannabis seeds store Discount cannabis Seeds.


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