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Delicious Seeds Review - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Delicious Seeds - Are you wanting to try a new seed bank or do you fancy starting your weed journey with a top seed bank? Then if this is you, Delicious Seeds are the one for you.

Delicious Seeds provides enjoyment and quality. With Delicious Seeds you will be able to push open the door to your own garden of Eden with godly plants of mythical power and mind opening highs.

Delicious Seeds is operating its creational work in Spain and is a rise of top-quality cannabis seeds with exclusive genetics, bringing forth strains with new flavours and great harvest.

Delicious Seeds is a well of superbly refined auto flowering and feminized seeds, catering to any wish or need you could possibly imagine. Mind blowing high, heavy body buzz or a combination of both - Delicious Seeds delivers.

Delicious Seeds is the door that wakes imagination and senses, the gateway to the state of a complete giddiness of the feelings.

In this blog I am going to give you fantastic reviews on Delicious Seeds, photos of the seeds and some growing tips. Plus, all the seeds by Delicious Seeds are available to buy at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Reviews of Delicious Seeds seedbank.

In my 19 years of seeds and growing, I have never experienced such great service from a seed bank.
I have tried many but will now never buy elsewhere.

I ordered some Sugar Black rose seeds as well as some 11 roses and Golosa. The sugar black rose gave me huge yields and the Golosa and 11 roses gave hood yields as well. The 2-sugar black rose seeds I popped both gave particularly good yields with very fruity flavours.

Many options to choose from with high potency and some nice flavours.

Excellent range, you can always find something original and beautifully decorate your garden. This is really the company that tries to please and create the necessary comfort for its customers. I recommend it, I think that many will be happy.

All my seeds germinated. grew out 11 roses beautiful colours smells incredibly unique and wonderful. great smoke! Also grew sugar candy outdoor in eastern Canada in 30 gall containers. Plant grew 4 to5 ft. yielded12 oz of resin covered buds, super smoke.

Seeds always get here faster than expected and I have had 100% germination. I have tried 4 different strains and have been impressed with each one honestly, the Fruity chronic juice is special. I always get asked to grow more from everyone who has tried it. You cannot go wrong with any of their strains from what I hear so give them a try and I bet you will keep coming back.

The strains have all been of the highest quality and I look forward to trying new genetics in the future.

Let us look at some cannabis strains by Delicious Seeds.

Delicious Seeds Eleven Roses.

Eleven Roses is an Indica plant that is based on crossing between Appalachian Kush and Sugar Black Rose. This sweet cannabis took lots of cups and proved its quality. The strain demonstrates a high potency and has a potent THC level of 24-25%.

This is easy to grow plant with high resistance to mould and pests. It develops a compact structure and does not develop too many branches indoor. At the same time Eleven Roses demonstrates good developing of lateral branches and excellent yields up to 2000 gr outdoor. The flowering period takes 9 weeks.

The smoke brings an amazing bouquet of flavours. A slightly metallic kushy taste is changed by sweet fruity notes with touches of earth.

Reviews of Delicious Seeds Eleven Roses.

Stunning strain, very easy to treat, without any problem or type of stress. very resinous and compact buds look like stone after drying. very pleasant floral aroma. a great strain very well developed. happy Growing for everyone.

Strongest smell I have ever grown, radioactive plant, cannot wait to taste, harvested at day 60 of flowering.

Nice 100% Indica! Great body buzz and wonderful for pain relief! A very relaxing strain.

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Delicious Seeds Critical Super Silver Haze.

Delicious Seeds Critical Super Silver Haze is the result of the combining two amazing strains such as the fast-growing Super Silver Haze and the well-known Critical Mass. The new variation inherited the best properties of both parents. It contains 70% sativa and 30% Indica genetics.

The strain grows up high and develops big buds. It is ideal choice for SCROG. The harvest comes after 10-11 weeks of bloom and brings yields of 450-550 gr/m2.

The buds produce strong, intense smell of citrus fruits and menthol with hints of haze and even varnish. The smoke provides sour, sweet taste with notes of incense. The potent cerebral effect also brings wave of physical energy. It brings mental stimulation at first that then turns to a soft, physical stone high.

Reviews of Delicious Seeds Critical Super Silver Haze.

The silver haze looked beast and will definitely do this strain again to show u its real power, I grew it before under HPS 600watt and the yields were massive.

This one was vigorous and quickly grew into any pot she was in. Her roots at the end were thick and had a nice tap root.

Plant smelled a bit funky. Not sure how to describe it fresh but it was pungent. Maybe meaty with a hint of berries or mint.

Took down after 67 days of flowering. She showed some real nice colours as she got hit with some 55-degree nights. In person the bigger nugs are all purple and the newer growth and under growth is green. It is a nice contrast. With some bugs being both dark purple and light green.

Trimmed up I got a bunch of nice, even nugs and a few bigger ones off the colas that were not trained as hard. Smoke is so incredibly smooth. Probably some of the best weed I have grown in this apartment.

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Delicious Seeds Dark Purple Auto.

Delicious Seeds Dark Purple Auto is the result of the crossing between the powerful OG Kush and the beautiful Purple Kush Auto. This is mostly Indica plant with unique aroma and medical properties.

The plant demonstrates amazing purple hues during the flowering. It develops compact structure with biff central stem and few side branches. The strain has a resistance to mould and pests. The time from seedlings to harvest takes only 7-8 weeks. The strain is ideal both for indoor and outdoor growing.

The resinous buds deliver sweet and complex aroma. And the smoke offers intense, sweet, fruity taste and relaxing effect.

Reviews of Delicious Seeds Dark Purple Auto.

super strain, quality, brutal colours and smoke effect, Top Strain 10 out of 10.

While the outcome of the buds was incredible, I would give this strain a 9 out of 10.

More on the contemplative side than the euphoric experience (unless you smoke a blunt worth.) This weed pairs well with beer (three beers and a bowl of this stuff makes me happy as hell.

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Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose.

Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose cannot be more successful around the world. It receives new prizes nonstop and it is always between the first places of the best rankings.

Sugar Black Rose is one of the tastiest Indica strains in the world. The strain is a multiple winner of different awards. It is the result of the crossing between Critical Mass and Black Domina. This feminized hybrid contains 80% Indica and 20% sativa genetics.

The plant has a compact size indoors and can grow up high and branchy in big space. The strain produces good yields that reach to 400-450 gr/m2 indoors and to 900 gr/plant outdoors. The fragrant buds have sweet, fruity aromas during the flowering that takes only 8 weeks.

The smoke provides intense, rich taste of grapes and flowers with notes of skunk. The effect comes instantly and lasts for a long time. It brings pleasant relaxation with slight cerebral stimulation.

Why is it so unique?

The buds have a sweet, fruity fragrance like orange or other sweet citrus fruits. The taste, on the other hand, is like mature grapes and flowers with a touch of skunk that is interesting. When we exhale the smoke or vapour, we may detect an aftertaste that is slightly spicy yet sweet. An explosive combination!

Also, the effect of Sugar Black Rose is instantaneous and very long-lasting. Almost narcotic, it will soon put you in a deeply relaxed state. Very suitable for medicinal usage and for Indica lovers in general as it also causes mild cerebral stimulation.

Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose has been winning the best prizes for a decade! It has been internationally recognized, winning the most important awards from Spain, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, and a lot more! Without a doubt, it is Delicious Seeds cosmopolitan variety. Check some of its prizes below:

1st Premio outdoor La Marina Baixa 2010

3rd Outdoor, Copa Alacannabis 2010

1st Premio Indoor Copa La Marina Baixa 2011

2nd Premio indoor, best Indica strain, Canarias Cannabis Cup 2012

2nd Premio indoor - Secret cup 2011

Reviews of Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose.

My new no. 1 plant, I will definitely grow it again, harvested at day 53, first try behind me and I love the high and taste already, I was happy with this plant from seed to joint, fully recommended.

Grew well! Really took off after topping. Big strong stems and big nice buds! Not very smelly while growing and after drying but smells fruity and earthy when I grind some up. Sticky but not terribly much. Nice smoke and good mellowing high.

Great strain! Me and my wife love it! Very relaxing and chill smoke until you get hungry then there is no chill only food unless you are eating ice cream then there is a little chill.

She was a nice short bush naturally. Did very well with topping and LST. Took longer to flower than breeder specs. Smell is amazing!! A nice Indica buzz. Night-time smoke but with a nice head high. Made excellent cooking oil with the trim. She will from now on be a constant in my garden. Extremely impressed with the ease of growing her and the quality of the strain.

Easy to grow, bushy with great variations in colour it is an absolute keeper for me. Have been growing it for quite some time now and I will continue too.

I have been growing this strain for five years and I will continue for ever. Grows perfect, with great colour variations, super frosty with a sweet smell of skunk mixed with roses!

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Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy.

The Lavender and Power Plant were crossed to create a new sativa dominant variety Cotton Candy. The result strain contains 75% sativa and 25% Indica genetics and offers good medical properties and high yielding. The Cotton Candy inherited the sugary sweetness of the Caramelo and delicate flowery aromas of the Power Plant.

The plants develop quite branchy structure especially outdoors. The flowering takes 9-10 weeks indoors and brings 450-550 gr/m2 of big buds. The harvest comes in October and brings amazingly huge yields of 1000 gr/plant.
The smoke provides intense citrus smell, sweet taste with notes of skunk and cedarwood and potent, durable, euphoric and cerebral high.

Reviews of Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy.

very euphoric smoke good to wake and bake on but if you smoke a lot it becomes a bit phsycadelic and one of tastiest strains I have tasted.

Cotton candy is an amazing hybrid :) Sativa characteristics with minimal variations and few purple hues in some phenos, develop an overall extraordinary hybrid. Taste and smell are sweet and pungy and the overall crop is above average. Amazing strain with great high

I absolutely loved growing this strain, definitely one of my favourite photo period strains...
She was an easy grow, the only issues I ran into was when I had her outside but all problems, I had was due to the environment & weather. Soon as I brought her inside & gave her a little TLC, she grew beautifully!!

I highly recommend everyone to try growing Cotton Candy at least once, you will not be disappointed.

Buy Delicious Seeds at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Buy Delicious Seeds at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Delicious Seeds Black Russian.

The original genetics of Black Domina and White Russian were crossed to create a new Indica dominant strain. The result plant has improved structure, taste and aroma. The Black Russian is a potent variety with high medical properties. The strain contains 20% sativa and 80% Indica genetics.

The plant has a compact, branchy structure. The harvest comes after 8 weeks of flowering indoors and in mid-September outdoors and brings good yields of 450 gr/m2 or 900 gr/plant.

The smoke has tropical, fruity taste with notes of sweet candy. The high THC content of 24% provides powerful, long-lasting effect. The Black Russian is popular among medical users.

Reviews of Delicious Seeds Black Russian.

A nice high for me is a combination of a good cannabinoid profile / a natural original genetics in combination with organic / biological cultivation.
Hemp should make life more worth living and not cause that it keeps you from living.
I define a beautiful effect as accessible, emotional, active and motivated (of course with the individual strength of the strains).

Buy Delicious Seeds at Discount Cannabis Seeds

2 New Delicious Seeds Early Versions.

The Early Version of the great UNKNOWN KUSH, winner of more than 20 awards worldwide, due to its special and distinctive flavour, and an extremely high return for extraction with a high psychotropic and therapeutic result.

And they also bring you the Early Version of Delicious Seeds best-seller: ELEVEN ROSES, a variety they launched to the market without knowing that they were marking a milestone. What a bomb!

Both varieties maintain the proprieties of their feminized versions. These are feminized and photo dependents seeds with a shorter ripening cycle.

On the one hand, the UNKNOWN KUSH EARLY VERSION is a 50% Indica/Sativa hybrid, with a high THC content, and abundant production of trichomes, which flood the plant in bloom and cover it completely providing a very characteristic smell.

On the other hand, the ELEVEN ROSES EARLY VERSION is a 100% Indica hybrid with a quite high potency. In the right hands, this variety easily reaches THC percentages of 24-25% and shows quite low CBD contents.

The first one has a complex and tasty mixture of nuances with a very pleasant sensation when tasting it, very characteristic and different from other hybrids with predominance Kush. From its flowers emanate aromas of haze and Kush while in the mouth become very nuances complex, with sweet, metallic, incense and citrus tones.

With respect to the second, it shows at the beginning a Kush type of metallic flavour, which after a few seconds gives way to soft nuances of sweet fruits and wet earth, which we assure you will pleasantly surprise you.

The unknown Kush Early produces a very pleasant, narcotic and stimulating effect at the same time, which makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed with a very satisfying sense of peace ideal for use as an analgesic or as a therapy for sleep disorders.

As for the effects of the best seller Early Version Eleven Roses, it produces an explosive sensation due to its high THC content and its low CBD content. This variety, a cross between a male Appalachian Kush and a female of Sugar Black Rose (DS27), is quite fast without many demands at the time of cultivation and grateful.

Delicious Seeds Early Version Eleven Roses.

Buy Delicious Seeds at Discount Cannabis Seeds

Delicious Seeds The Unknown Kush.

Buy Delicious Seeds at Discount Cannabis Seeds

You cannot miss out these beauties!  True jewels in your crop with the ability to make you feel very satisfied with their production, peculiar effect and inimitable taste.

All these cannabis strains by Delicious Seeds are available to buy at Discount Cannabis Seeds plus many more mouth-watering weed strains!

Thank you for reading.


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