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The Edible King - A blog with a twist.

Fancy some light-hearted reading with some enjoyment and cannabis involved. I have put together my very own story about The Edible King, I hope you enjoy the read.

There was once a mighty strong leader who ruled the country named Edward. His palace was huge spreading across half the entire land with acres of greenery around him. The beautiful palace was filled with antiques which were all made from gold, during the summertime his home would be alive with beams of light from the sun shining onto the gold and reflecting every angle.

The flowers which were surrounding the palace had beautiful aromas which you could smell from a mile away. The lavender scents, the rose bushes were assorted with a rainbow of colours and the trees would sway ever so gently with the light breeze. The artwork on the walls were hand crafted by the most incredible artists which he admired dearly. As you entered the palace a breath-taking staircase parted into two sections with a long crossing at the top embellished with gold which was carefully hand made by the villagers in his town.

The palace was enormous, nearly every room had never been lived in. With so much space he did not know what to do with it all. He had his quarters which were guarded by soldiers dressed in the black and red outfits with long black hats.

Edward was a proud man, a ruler of the land and this reflected in his home. Everything had to be perfect down to the last plumped up cushion. However, Edward was not fulfilled, his time in the palace was a lonely one as he did not have his queen. Sadly, her majesty died a few years ago and life was not the same without her. His smile which once greeted all his staff had faded and his passion for life had also. His maids had noticed he was not the same and were concerned as Edward was not like a usual king. He was sociable, a people person and he loved being involved with the country, doing voluntary work for the sick and the vulnerable.

One day Sarah who was Edward’s maid saw a huge crowd of people in the village gossiping and surrounding some kind of stall. She thought to herself she was going to see what all the commotion was all about. As she got nearer, she saw it was the king.

Edward had decided he would step out of the palace for the first time unbeknown to his staff and greet the public, Sarah knew this was a day that would change the rest of his life. Sarah ran up to the king and he recognised her face before she had even got there, the guards let her through and she asked, “why are you here”. He replied quietly “this is where I belong”.

Sarah waited around for the king as he received gifts, flowers, had photographs with the people of his town, Edward finally had his smile back. Once finished Sarah asked the king to take a stroll with her back to palace to walk around the gardens and see what he had been shut away from for years. Edward gladly accepted and took Sarah’s arm under his and they walked together. Sarah was their when Edward’s wife had passed so their bond was unbreakable, they did not have to say much but facial expressions can express a thousand words.

As they walked into the palace gardens the birds were singing, there was not a cloud in sight when you looked up it was just a beautiful blue sky. The sun shone down and radiated a strong blaze through the gardens. Nor Edward or Sarah had ever been around these gardens, mostly too busy for this but it was nice to be wandering around taking all the fresh air in. They happened to notice a small shaded part at the end of the garden which was overcast with trees. Enormous ever green trees which towered above them, they wanted to take a seat, so they headed over to the spot.

As they sat down, they were greeted with the most unusual smells. Citrusy flavours from one side and woody, earthy scents from another, wow they both gasped. What plants were these creating these aromas which had never been smelt before. It was coming from behind them so they both went a little further back to discover what these plants were.

As they did, they noticed a huge array of plants which stood tall with white frosted buds covered with resin. Shades of green and purple were on the leaves and the smell had intensified. The king was curious to what these were and so was Sarah. They both looked at the plants wondering what these were. They talked among themselves and decided they would cut some and take them back inside the palace.

Sarah put them in her bag, and they walked back into the palace. The scents were following them, and the king said to Sarah “They smell so good I could eat them”. When they got back into the palace Sarah and Edward went to the kitchen to have a closer look without being disturbed as it was only morning, so the chef and sous chef hadn't’ arrived yet.

Sarah gently lifted the plants from bag and looked at them in detail. One assortment of plants had crystallized and bright trichomes that would dazzle anyone. The other had volumes of sticky resin covering them which made the potency of this plant a lot stronger.

As they were looking at the plants, they had lost track of time, they were so intrigued by them the chef’s entered the room and startled the pair of them. “What is that smell “the chef said with joy. The king replied, “Well I stumbled across these as a gift and I was taken back by the smell”. The chef came closer to take a look, “I've never seen anything quite like it or smelt like it for that matter”.

I wonder if we could cook them, I have seen a few famous chef’s produce delicious dishes which have been infused with plants before” said the chef. The king was delighted and asked Sarah to join him for lunch and Sarah was honoured.

The servants set out the cutlery and plates which were put onto a huge long wooden dining table that stretched from one side of the room to another. A huge chandelier which was embellished with Swarovski crystals which hung above the table and looked so grand. The table was laid, and the maids invited Sarah and Edward to be seated

The first course consisted of Soup which was infused with the plants found from the garden as a garnish on top which was ever so slightly sprinkled on top. They tasted it and wow it was incredible. The flavours which came through burst in their mouth and it was so tantalising. They both had finished their soups within a few minutes, and both looked up at each other smiling.

As they waited for their main course to come out, they were talking to each other when they both could not stop laughing. It was over something silly and it was uncontrollable laughter. They both bellowed which echoed around the palace which made their cheeks sore from smiling so much. What is in this magical soup. They could not stop laughing even when the maids brought them their main meal.

It was salmon on a bed of asparagus with a buttery sauce which had the buds of the plants infused in the sauce, it looked delicious. As they both continued to laugh and try and keep a straight face they indulged into their meal. Their taste buds were alive with flavours, the smell of the rich butter which oozed off the salmon and slowly dripped onto the vegetables. This course was even better than the first. The buttery sauce had a lemony tang to it, and it was so sharp to taste.

They continued to talk throughout the meal but constantly forgetting what on earth they were saying. They were giggly, forgetful, relaxed and mellow all in one hour, the king had not laughed like this in years and this was great for Sarah to see.

Dessert was offered to them however they were both too giggly to even answer so the maids left them alone and stopped the meal service. The laughter lasted for ages and the tears which crawled down their faces, their cheeks were bright red and their stomach’s hurt because they were laughing so much. They must eat this more often they both thought.

As the day went on, they were both so tired. Edward said to Sarah she could take the afternoon off to rest so they both retired to the living quarters. They slumped on the sofas which were normally immaculate. With cushions chucked everywhere and feet up which was unheard of in the palace they relaxed and chilled out. They both fell asleep and napped for hours. Once awakening they visited the chef to see what he thought these plants were. They described their feelings and sensations after eating the meals and the chef was taken back by what they had both described.

The chef decided he was going to consult with his chef’s in the catering business and see if they knew. So, later that evening that is exactly what he did. No one had seen or smelt anything like it before. This was a new cooking material which gave happiness in a meal too.

The king had a brilliant idea to make meals for the poor and less fortunate than himself and take them around to his villagers. Everyone loved them, the village was alive with the sound of laughter. The buzz in the atmosphere was electric which this village had not seen in centuries.

One villager shouted for the king, “I know what this is”. The king quickly went over to him as he was inquisitive to find out. “Please share with me what this is”. “This my king is cannabis. I travelled to America and this was grown over there and smoked but it was unheard of to eat”.

Cannabis thought the king. How have I got cannabis in my garden? The villager said, “You are our king but now you are the edible king”. Everyone laughed and chanted The Edible King, The Edible King, The Edible King, The Edible King, The Edible King, The Edible King!

Cannabis has now been taken into food across the world and is a huge hit within the catering sector. All thanks to Edward, The Edible King.

The Edible King - Discount Cannabis Seeds

The Edible King - Discount Cannabis Seedsd

I hope you enjoyed my story. More to follow very soon.



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