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Exotic Seed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Exotic Seed Cannabis Seeds combines the qualities of Dutch, American and Spanish genetics creating unique and innovative cannabis seed. The creators of Exotic Seeds high-quality seed have over 20 years of experience and strong roots in the international cannabis family.

Exotic Seed brings you a new line of 26 unique varieties through crossing powerful genetics. Exotic Seeds selected the best in taste and effect. After a long period of crossing, producing, tasting and testing they are proud to present our one-of-a-kind, high quality seed assortment.

Exotic Seeds have several award-winning cannabis seeds such as,

  • Biomenocannabis  3rd best Indoor  Blue Monkey
  • 2018    Expo grow Irun Spain 2nd Auto flower Monster Mash
  • 2018    Expo grow Irun Spain 2nd Sativa Spicy Bitch
  • 2018    Indica Sativa Bologna 1st Best Seed Bank Award
  • 2018    Expo Canamo Sevilla 2nd Hydroponic Black Lemon Auto
  • 2018    Spannabis Champions Cup 3rd best Indica Herz OG
  • 2018    Herbes del Dimoni Mallorca 3rd Outdoor Black Lemon Auto
  • 2018    Herbes del Dimoni Mallorca 1st Outdoor Mango Cream
  • 2018    Herbes del Dimoni Mallorca 1st Indoor  Herz OG
  • 2018    Secret Cup Napoli 3rd Professional Black Lemon Auto

With all those incredible cannabis seeds which have won Cannabis Cups and many more in this blog I am going to show you some growing tips, reviews and photos of Exotic Seeds.

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we sell Exotic Seeds for the cheapest prices online!

Reviews of Exotic Seeds Cannabis Seeds Bank.

High as hell. I am last summer I bought some seeds one of them was my fav hers og. Cause I like Herzog he did his way and now he got a seed strain graze And I grow the complete last year with it. Make mother's and then much little baby's and I have to say it was easy to do so the seeds are resistant vs some mistakes because I did some, but it's grown very potent and straight and the smell. The result is I am high as hell I you the best seed bank for me!!

Best genetics in the game, if you are looking to grow some dank, do not hesitate and go for Exotic Seeds, I stick to them years ago and never disappointed.

The best experience in a while and the genetics are pure fire!!!!

If you are feeling like it is time to grow some novel seeds, this is the joint to go with.
I ordered a bunch of Black Haze Cannabis Seeds and could not be happier with the results. Every seed popped and I am close to harvesting something that none of my pals have ever tried!

Black Lemon Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This auto-flowering variety is the result of a selection of a strain of Black Haze Auto crossed with the Skunk Auto variety that Exotic Seeds have already used in previous auto-flowering genetics. The main characteristic of this hybrid consisted of a marked citrus aroma that was expressed with greater intensity in those individuals who showed flowers of dark colours. Hence, Black Lemon auto.

Regarding the aroma and flavour of its flowers, they are of a marked citric character as we have already mentioned previously. To all this we must add a complex effect, being more active at first, indicated for creative and social activities, to be more physical in its final part.

Reviews of Black Lemon Auto Cannabis Seeds.

A beautiful stoned feeling, without a couchlock! Still it is not too trippy/cerebral, so perfect for the end of the day while it is not too strong.
Additionally, the colour of those flowers is amazing.

Good comments: this was the most beautiful plant I ever grew, gorgeous colours, extreme frost, great bud/leaf ratio, unique taste! Extremely easy to grow! Will grow her again.

Aesthetically it is beautiful, probably my top 3 looking grows ever, downside is that it grew 1 branch straight up and nothing towards the sides, could fit 12 of these in 1 room.

Exotic Seed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Mango Cream Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

A cross between a selected Somango clone and a cross of Blueberry and New York Diesel. Its aroma is citrus with sweet fruity tones, finding in turn some specimens with aromas where the skunk is intertwined with that hint of citrus characteristic of its diesel descent.

Robust and short internodal distance, it is a plant with a clear Indica trend, with individuals featuring a "Christmas Tree" type columnar structure. The flowers it produces are dense, very resinous, with an average calyx-leaf ratio, we see in some cases the phenomenon known as "foxtails" (turrets).

Regarding its effect, it is a hybrid suitable for the end of the day and for relaxing, yet not as physical as to not get off the couch (couchlock).

Excellent genetics, sometimes I will try again, I recommend.

Decent size buds if you trim up the bottom part of the plant. It is a balanced type of bud, so it gives you that sativa front with the indica comedown. Outstanding smell and flavour. It is a stretch Indica so be advised.

Exotic Seed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Black Haze Cannabis Seeds.

A hybrid whose genetics are shared by Sir Jack Auto and a hybrid which is based in the Pakistan Chitral Kush. With this variety we managed to set a uniform offspring in terms of colour and aroma, mainly incensed with a sweet and sour touch, finding that all individuals acquire reddish hues as the flowering progresses.

Regarding height, we can find individuals ranging between 80-100 cm, with a medium-high yield, inherited from the Sir Jack Auto Cannabis Seeds.

Its scent varies between the most "Cathedral" incense and specimens that retain a certain Kush touch, more floral and fresh; while all specimens maintain a similar effect, where the cerebral high dominates, little physical, which makes it a very nice variety which will not leave anyone feeling indifferent.

Particularly this one amazed me on how beautiful these plants can become, having those marvellous pink-purple-red buds and even if its fox tailed quite a lot, I am incredibly happy with the result. Plant was extremely easy to grow and strong, she absorbed all the stress I have been put on her without any sign of deficiency.

First I would like to thank Exotic Seeds for the awesome strain of Black Haze Cannabis Seeds, I got a total of 125 grams from 1 plant and it's definitely a sativa haze that's a great daytime smoke and Apthorpe for amazing the great super soil that really brought out the colours and smell
First thing with this black haze that stands out is the colour! Soon as she started to flower the purps came through.

Exotic Seed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Green Gummy Auto Cannabis Seeds.

The origin of this variety is in a selection of Green Gummy Cannabis Seeds whose main characteristics were a very sweet aroma and a quantity of resin that from the first moment made us realize that we had to take advantage of that selection to create something really interesting.

And so Green Gummy Auto Cannabis Seeds was born, a large auto flowering Strain, between 100-120 cm high and with high production, close to 500 gr / m2 in optimal conditions, with dense flowers that are supported by its robust structure and Levels of resin comparable to those of a non-auto flowering hybrid, being ready to harvest in about 9 weeks from its germination.

As for its aroma, Green Gummy Auto Cannabis Seeds is characterized by a very sweet smell, a trait inherited from its non-auto flowering mother and that we have managed to maintain throughout the development of this variety, whose effect is fundamentally physical, relaxing, appropriate for those Users who need to relieve muscle aches or simply seek relaxation.

She could have been bigger I am sure. I tried some last night and it is good even before the curing. I cannot wait till it is all cured and truly smokable. Even though she stayed tiny as hell, I am so happy with how beautifully she turned out. Some of the nicest looking buds I have grown so far.

Lovely gummy sweet taste with a mellow high, one of my favourite autos for flavour.

Exotic Seed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Gipsy Widow Cannabis Seeds.

The result of crossing different selections of White Widow, the legendary Dutch variety of the 90’s. In our interpretation, we used two different types of white widow, one of a purely Indica type, with dense flowers and fast flowering, and another more Sativa-like, with a longer flowering and a higher level of resin.

Thus we see that the Gipsy Widow Cannabis Seeds behaves like an Indica, but during flowering phase its behaviour varies, stretching and creating flowers that bind to each other, forming long and dense buds, that as the days go by the flowers become compacted, making it necessary to place guardians support canes by the end of flowering.

The array of aromas of the Gipsy Widow Cannabis Seeds mainly includes citrus tones, where fresh lemon mixes with an earthy touch, finding in turn individuals in which a light scent of incense appears.

The effect is powerful, very physical throughout the smoke, with a cerebral effect also appearing that makes for interesting times of the day when there are no responsibilities, and you can relax.

I harvested and let it dry for a week and am now curing. I dipped into some of the cure and it is nice and fragrant with earthy tones with a sharp sweetness at the end of the sniff not dissimilar to the smell of fresh pine. I never saw much amber but feel this gives a heady high. None of the negative effects listed apply.

The plant grew nicely given it is 1-gallon pot and various irritations. The buds are beautifully covered in orange hairs and smell great. I would say a nice 50/50 with the day and night strain. It grew like an Indica to me, given its short and stocky stature and its large fat fan leaves vs long skinny fingered.

This is the perfect weed from breakfast to 4:20. Will keep you awake and energetic, proper stoner Red Bull.
Exotic Seed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Herz OG Cannabis Seeds.

Only most advanced smokers, herbalists and patients may try this tantalizing, bitter-sweet symphony of Larry OG x Kosher Kush because of a cooperation with fellow German rap artist Herzog.

Herz OG Cannabis Seeds smells like the forest spirit dipped and rolled in honey. The taste is outstanding, combining melted marshmallows with the Smokey terpenes of a fireplace.

The effect of Herz OG Cannabis Seeds is strong. It feels like a kick in the chest dropping you heavily on a cloudy cushion of concrete.

This grew easier than any of my other grows with the greatest yield. I find it very relaxing in the evening. Will do this one again.

A head banger loved this strain. Bo better way to describe it than it being a bittersweet beautiful strain. not only taste and flavour but looks too! A must grow!

Nice flavours, perfect for the afternoon and evening. Very unusual, I do recommend, it worth the try!

Herz OG Cannabis Seeds is a nice smoke tastes like gelato or a fruity Kush in my opinion it good for everyday use not necessarily a bed time smoke as it doesn't relax you or make you sleepy enough for bed the THC this cannabis strain produces is definitely high end buds look like they have been rolled in sugar and are super dense and compact the aesthetics on this strain are great buds are great looking and structure is also great in my opinion this strain could be improved with a better taste and nothing else if it tasted a bit better it would have been a 10 star review very happy with the strain.

Smoke 9/10.
Taste 8/10.
Density 10/10.
Yield 10/10.
Growth 10/10.

Exotic Seed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Sir Jack Cannabis Seeds.

Definitely one of the clones we like to work with and grow the most, selected around the year 2000, now presented in its "S1" version, crossed with itself so that you can enjoy this selection as much as we do; originally from Sensi Seeds Jack Herer.

Sir Jack Cannabis Seeds is a robust plant, which helps keep the weight of its large flowers. With an elevated level of resin, it is highly recommended for performing extractions, producing a super high quality "Ice-O-Lator".

With Sir Jack we recommend monitoring the humidity of the room, since the density of its flowers, with a high relative humidity, can potentially cause Botrytis to appear.

But if there is something worth highlighting about Sir Jack is its taste and effect, which has granted it multiple awards throughout its career, with a clearly marked incense and lemon flavour, which lingers on the palate, being a difficult taste to forget, like its effect, strongly brainy, which leads to a more Indica-type body feeling, without being disabling.

This strain is not recommended for novice smokers.

Proper Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds, all traits are locked, I recognize Sensi Seeds genetics! I do recommend for Jack connoisseur!

Low humidity at night-time is important 5 star!

Exotic Seed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Blue Monkey Cannabis Seeds.

Blue Monkey cannabis seeds by Exotic Seeds have their origins in the cross of a Gorilla Glue #4 and a Black Domina x Blueberry hybrid. This Indica-dominant feminised strain is noted for her complex aromas as well as for her heavy-yielding properties.

Her numerous branches being so laden with dense buds covered in smelly resin means she is very adequate for the elaboration of top-quality resin extractions at home.

The flavour and aroma of Blue Monkey Cannabis Seeds are both sweet and fruity. Simply delicious. When it comes to her effect, it is physically potent and relaxing. Suitable for therapeutic use.

This is a fruity smoke I had a more blueberry pheno it tastes remarkably like blueberry but after cure the berry ness fades but not a lot. The high I would say is a definite indica effect relaxing and body hitting and dry's you up a lot the looks of the buds are really nice with some purple blue tones and a generous coating of THC would recommend to most as she tastes beautiful and does what you expect from a good indica.

Taste 9/10
High 9/10
Density 7/10
Yield 8/10
Growth 8/10

Exotic Seed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Exotic Thai Cannabis Seeds.

The result of a cross between a relatively short flowering Thai Sativa and the well-known New York Diesel, the Tai Exotic is born, a short flowering Sativa (9-10 weeks), where citrus aromas give way to a light scent that we define as perfume or cologne, between the chemical and the sweet, a true delight that we loved at Exotic Seeds from the first time we tested this genetic.

By introducing the NYCD in the cross, we reduced both the height and flowering time of the Thai mother, allowing it to be grown indoors with certain guarantees. It produces dense but not particularly large flowers, which is offset by the large number of lateral branches that it produces, resulting in a variety with a medium to high yield per square metre.

In terms of power and effect, it is clearly active, being a highly recommended variety for every day, the taste remains long in the mouth, with a surprising marking of its citrus flavours and fragrance when exhaling it, definitely one of the flavours we value at Exotic Seeds.

Great stuff for daytime, nice uplifting with no heavy couch lock. Growing only pheno. so, I cannot really tell if another pheno. would have been the same.

Exotic Thai Cannabis Seeds tasted unique like citrus and wood easy enough to grow does not like too much training will be running again in the future and trying some more of their strains took around 10/11 week to flower and grows like good sativa
Exotic Seed - Discount Cannabis Seeds

With all these weed seeds to choose from plus many more on our cannabis seeds store www.discountcannabisseeds.co.uk Exotic Seeds is perfect for any cannabis grower.

Thanks for reading.

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