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Garden of the Green - Are you wondering where to start on your cannabis journey? Or maybe you want a change up with your cannabis seeds collection, then look no further than my blog on Garden of Green.

When you need to disappear into the couch for hours of Netflix and chill there is nothing better than Indica cannabis strains. Garden of Green, at Discount Cannabis Seeds offer an extensive selection of Feminised Indica cannabis seeds. Each strain is naturally Feminised with plant hormones and light altering techniques.

Garden of Green's Feminised sativa line offers awe-inspiring genetics in a tiny package. Each sativa strain carries the feminized trait, which means you will never find a male in your garden. Sativa cannabis seeds open the door to unstoppable energy, focus, and creativity.

Whether you need to bump up your socializing skills or get past a severe case of writer's block, sativa genetics is precisely what the doctor prescribed.

When you do not have a minute to spare, Garden of Green auto flowering seeds will have you swimming in bud in no time.

At Garden of Green, they pride themselves on curated selection of auto flowering seeds. Choose between auto flowering seeds that feature massive resin potential, sky-high THC, delicious terpenes, and stable genetics all within an ultra-fast finishing time.

If this sounds like the cannabis seeds for you then this blog will have some reviews, photos and growing reports on Garden of Green which are ready to buy today on our weed seed store Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Garden of Green Blueberry Cookies Auto.

Blueberry Cookies Auto is a cross of two existing auto-flowering strains, viz. Blueberry Auto and Girl Scout Cookies Auto. Both parents are strong Indica-dominant strains and together they are even better with high levels of THC. Amazingly easy to grow, even for beginners.

Blueberry Cookies Auto is a robust and vigorous plant which becomes covered in resin-exuding trichomes at maturity. It will reach a height of 80 - 100 cm. producing 500 gr/m2 indoors in a life cycle of just 8 weeks. Outdoor/greenhouse grown plants will yield up to 700 gr/plant in warm climates it is possible to grow all year round.

Berry Cookies with a rich sweet and pleasant fruity smell. A vigorous and high yielding Auto that is easy to grow. Expect great results indoors and out.

Reviews of Garden of the Green Blueberry Cookies Auto.

This plant resisted mould. For most of the latter grow it seemed to have a nutrient deficiency, grown in the same medium as auto blue - which did not.

ABC grew tall and bold, beautiful aromas and generally pretty awesome.

More resilient than Seedsman Auto Blue and a tall grower! This plant just kept growing and if I had not had to harvest early, she would be the highest yielder by far. As it stands, she delivered me around 8oz wet, so I am estimating 2oz or so dry from this beauty.

Garden of Green - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Garden of the Green Blue Dream.

Blue Dream is well known to professional breeders and medical consumers throughout the USA, mostly because of its enormous commercial yields, up to 500 g/m2 and miraculous medicinal qualities.

It is in the top 10 strains of all time in the US and now becoming in great demand in Europe.

The Blueberry Indica parent crossed with a powerful Sativa Haze has Growers raving about yields they have never witnessed before. Women are reporting it is their strain of choice for battling menstrual symptoms.

Reviews of Garden of the Green Blue Dream.

Firstly, I recommend that you are planning to grow Blue Dream strain do not think any more go on growing it! This is a very strong and tough strain. I let the light 18/6 for the veg stage and 12/12 for the bloom stage. The aroma is strong, the smell is lemon, my bedroom is extremely fragrant, I will plant it again, as the result of this time is not as expected, it mistaken for moisture / temperature and light. But I do not worry, I will fix it next time.

Smell was strong from early veg and transitioned from musky, to blueberry muffin, to bubble gummy, to fruity and floral, almost like a berry herbal tea. The high made me very chatty and reflective. All in all, an incredibly good strain and an extremely easy strain to grow.

Garden of Green - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Garden of the Green Critical 2.0 XL Auto.

Critical 2.0 XL Auto by Garden of Green is surely one of the sweetest Auto hybrids on the market today. A 70 % Indica strain, she appeals well to both medicinal and recreational users. The result of crossing Critical Auto with a CBD Auto strain makes her a perfect choice for all growing situations.

With a fast flowering time of just 45 days, the Critical 2.0 XL Auto can be grown in balconies, conservatories, greenhouses or simply in an indoor grow-room. This is a compact plant which when grown indoors can offer harvest as much as 500 gr/m2.

Reviews of Garden of the Green Critical 2.0 XL Auto.

Growing this was easy! It handles the nutrients you through at it well and grows extremely fast.
This is a creeper strain and once it hits you cannot feel any pain in your body. This is an Indica heavy strain and gives a strong body stone effect.

Garden of Green - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Garden of the Green Super Critical Bud CBD.

By bringing together Ed Rosenthal Super Bud and Critical XXX again we have created another ground-breaking Super Medical Hybrid. Carrying all the Critical XXX traits, we are blown away by this powerful extra super-fast strain producing enormous high yields in 50 days indoors.

The beautiful formation of these supper buds is Phenomenal and seeing is believing. Both Parents are already famous for their high quality and fast finish, only this time it is better faster and stronger.

Reviews of Garden of the Green Super Critical Bud CBD.

This is my favourite for daytime use. A long, intense euphoric sensation, while able to keep focus on activities at hand. Stated high yields are achievable. Cannot say enough about the all-round quality and outcome of this strain.

Tip #1: Loves cold shock. She pushed out a lot more trichs when the temps drop between 17-15 C in the last week.
Tip #2 Trying to clone her was difficult compared to my other ladies. The clones that worked well were cut and put directly in soil... the ones in the cloner took forever and were very weak.
Tip #3 Don't eat the fresh bud!!! Even though it smells so delicious.

Garden of Green - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Garden of the Green GDP Auto X Gumberry Auto.

GDP Auto x Gumberry Auto by Garden of Green is a heavy-hitting purple-coloured auto-flowering strain with Indica dominance. With a growing time of 50-55 days, this plant grows up to 90 – 120 cm tall. Licensed dispensaries have reported THC levels near 21 %.

The Gumberry Auto shows its massive influence, by providing shiny sticky buds full of pink trichomes. The taste is sweet as candy and full of diverse tropical fruits and berries!

This cross is a major favourite with resin lovers for its ability to deliver massive productions.

Reviews of Garden of the Green GDP Auto x Gumberry Auto.

You will grow some beautiful medium size pyramid shaped buds. The smell is strong and sweet like berries but also earthy. But a lot of my buds smell that way probably because of my soil mixture. The smoke is pleasant and uplifting with berry undertone. My wife says a hint of coffee in there to. The high is very strong and will stay with you for a few hours. The yield was a little below my average but can easily be improved with some TLC. Definitely worth a try.

They grow quickly and will branch every which way; they are hardy though and recover quickly from defoliation 5 stars from me.

Garden of Green - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Garden of the Green Girl Scout Cookies.

The reputation of this Californian super strain has spread like wildfire and now has become in great demand by growers and consumers everywhere. Because of it is delicious smooth clean pleasing aroma and how it helps you unwind after a long busy day, that is what makes Girl Scout Cookies a top strain for all occasions.

No denying Girl Scout Cookies carries a very strong blow and punch to the senses. This potent strain is especially for those of you who are hardcore takers, as it is one of the most potent strains available on the market.

Spectacular looking colourful buds, displaying Purple Orange Pinks very beautiful robust and solid nuggets.

Reviews of Garden of the Green Girl Scout Cookies.

Really easy to grow, for me at least kind new to this. Plant structure is more in line with what I have been wanting to grow, and the buds are rock solid. plant responded well to LST and toping, cloned it as well, no problems.

I love this strain, great strain to grow and easy!!

Garden of Green - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Garden of the Green Wedding Cake.

Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies is a stellar Indica strain created by the result of crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Offering great yields and high THC levels, the Wedding Cake has achieved great fame and is hence a perfect addition to our all new Cali Line.

The Wedding Cake tastes sweet and earthy with notes of vanilla. Achieving the title of Leafly’s strain of 2019, she rightly deserves all the fame.

Overwhelmed users have reported THC levels more than 25 %! One can expect a deep sense of physical relaxation paired with uplifting euphoria due to her Indica qualities. Be prepared for bursts of creativity and deep belly laughter. All in all, this strain is an absolute joy ride!

Reviews of Garden of the Green Wedding Cake.

Finally, the harvest time has come, I have cut two of the 4 girls, I was very happy with the result. excellent genetics has a beautiful Christmas tree structure. A great variety to try to grow. I look forward to smoking it.

High is a happy but relaxing high for me. Smell is wonderful. More of a sweet smell and taste which is nice for my first grow I am happy. The buds are a bit small but dense. I did not expect very much with the light I was using and hope to get a much better higher end light very soon.

Garden of Green - Discount Cannabis Seeds

With all these incredible weed seeds to choose from and at Discount Cannabis Seeds we stock all the Garden of Green strains which you will not find cheaper anywhere else online!

Start your cannabis journey using Garden of Green Seeds

Thank you for reading.




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