Grow Review - Auto Northern Lights - Female Seeds

Auto Northern Lights - Female Seeds

In this blog as well as talking to you about growing cannabis, I will show you images for Auto Northern Lights Feminised Cannabis Seed By Female Seeds which is pictured from seed to harvest!

This incredible blog will tell you how its grown and why you shouldn’t hesitate to buy Northern Lights Auto from Discount Cannabis Seeds!

The grower in this blog has grown their cannabis seeds indoors and this is a great place to start when growing your cannabis seeds if you are wanting some more information or just wanting to see what a finished grow looks like.

I spoke to the grower and asked a few questions about their grow so let’s see shall we.

  1. Where do you grow your cannabis seeds?
    Well of course I grow indoors as this is best suited for me so I use a solo cup to grow my cannabis seeds in and I always mark on the cup which seed I have so I can keep track of it.
  2. Do you use a certain soil mix?
    I always use Bio Bizz light mix soil as these have the best results for myself.
  3. What do you grow your cannabis seeds in?
    I use a solo cup for 14 to 21 days when I have planted my cannabis seeds then I transfer to a 16-litre pot which I then use greenhouse power feeding.
  4. What lights and temperature do you use in your grow?
    My lighting is always Mars Hydro and I use 600 watts and the temperature I would keep my growing room at is 26.2 degrees.

Well that’s an idea on how they have grown Auto Northern Lights cannabis seeds so why not take a look and see how the results have turned out.

This picture from the grower is when the seed was first planted in the first 14 days and you can see already it looks like it’s a healthy grow.

Auto Northern Lights from Female Seeds

Here we have another fantastic picture of Auto Northern Lights just before it will be transferred into a 16 Litre pot.

Auto Northern Lights - Females Seeds

Once this stage has happened and the transfer is complete you can now see the real growth of this incredible weed seed at just 4 weeks old!
Auto Northern Lights - Females Seeds

This picture is also at 10 weeks so you can see the transformation in the cannabis seed and time it has quickly developed to a monster of a strain.

Auto Northern Lights - Females Seeds

By the 12th week before the harvest stage the amazing Northern Lights is at this stage and my word it looks incredible! See for yourself.

Auto Northern Lights - Females Seeds

Auto Northern Lights is a fantastic cannabis seed to use by any type of cannabis grower.​



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