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Dinafem - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Dinafem - At Discount Cannabis Seeds we sell over 3,000 cannabis strains from incredible seed banks which sell daily and especially one of our customers favourite’s Dinafem.

Dinafem is a marijuana seed bank that has the best selection of Sativa and Indica cannabis seeds available on the market so why not take a look at some amazing cannabis strains and purchase yours today on Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Characteristic marijuana varieties have positioned Dinafem Seeds at the centre of the worldwide cannabis scene.

Moby Dick, Critical + 2.0, Purple Afghan Kush, or any of the XXL Autoflowerings are Dinafem Seeds’ hallmarks and have become a must for many growers around the globe.

Let’s have a look at the origins and qualities of these cannabis strains from Dinafem Seeds that have already made history.

Critical +2.0

Critical+ 2.0 is a feminised strain and the result of crossing between Critical + and a moisture resistant phenotype. It is the new and stronger version of Critical+ with prevalence of Sativa.

Critical+ 2.0 can be cultivated in regions where cultivation is usually difficult. The strain has big and dense buds covered in resin. You can easily get great yields even if you are a beginner due its properties of a winner.

Critical+ 2.0 is good for indoors (particularly in SCROG cultivation) and outdoor (in temperate climates). It is recommendable to use anti-odour filters against strong smell.

The smell and taste have notes of lemon, pine and spices. The powerful and long-lasting effect brings euphoric and happiness.

Here I have some fantastic reviews on the cannabis strain.

The buds at the top are dense but hybrid style the buds where the light did not reach that easy are very fluffy not that dense smoke it is very enjoyable it is for day time or any occasion in the beginning you feel like sativa high as weird as it sounds and after 23 minutes or more Indica hits you but not overwhelming is a very nice smoke. Ideal to have her family or friends and they can be used for day and night very enjoyable smoke with a fruity spicy flavour and a hint of skunk great genetics from Dinafem.

Taste 10 out of 10
Aroma 10 out of 10
High 10 out of 10 . Day or Night. strong THC.
Yield 10 out of 10.

Good high, a calming and relaxing. Energy level improved a little but not an exactly up high. Yes, it is a balance high more toward Indica like effect without the laziness or sit done stone.

After a few minutes, the first wave hit. It was like the light and sounds had been turned up. There was not much up high like Sativa would have. Critical + 2.0 delivers a power warmth on the top of the chest just below the throat. I feel calm, confident, and in control. Good for workday.
Taste, was like a spicy and a bit sweet. Smell like pine and basil. The high and the taste improved a lot after a month curing.

Smoke Report: Just had my first proper joint from this harvest and the first thing that struck me was how smooth the smoke is. Even though it has not been cured at all yet, there was no harshness at all (I don't use any tobacco in my joints). This is a very good sign. The taste is still to be developed in the cure and is quite subtle at this stage but very pleasant. The effect is definitely more in the body than cerebral and feels like a classic Indica stone which certainly reflects the genetics. Very nice ganja, basically and it feels like it has a high THC content.

With some great reviews on Critical +2.0 it’s even more tempting to buy if not then I have some photos that will really wow you!

Dinafem - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Now I have another famous strain by Dinafem Seeds, Moby Dick.

Moby Dick is the most famous and also one of the strongest strains in the Dinafem line up. The content of THC reaches 21%. It also includes THCV (contained in equatorial Sativas), that makes the effect stronger. CBD content is low. The plant is a typical Sativa.

This stain needs a lot of light (up to 800 watts per m2) and a very high E.C between 1.5 and 2.00. Also the breeder recommends to control the ph.

The plant can reach 3.5m in height outside in good conditions and bring the yields of 1500gr.

The strain has two phenotypes: sativa phenotype has a wood, pine, incense aroma, and the Indica type is sweeter and usually has a smaller size and a faster growing. The effect is long, physical and mental, may cause thirst and hunger.

Let’s take a look at what the cannabis growers say about Moby Dick.

  • Moby Dick is an amazing Sativa hybrid. MD contains THCV which give the high a magical psychedelic effect. The high is strong and immediate. Positive energies move through mind and body and remain for hours. However there is no jittery paranoia from the Sativa at all, just bliss. The smell is one of toffee and vanilla. The buds are big, solid, and golden.
  • This is probably my favorite smelling bud I have grown and has a beautiful terpene profile. It smells like a fresh clean old attic! Pungent, spicy and sweet. really happy with the smell.
    The high is uplifting energetic Sativa that gives a good buzz. This is a great bud during the day or before a night out and you want to get a little banged up and be active.
    Buds aren't very dense, but they are extremely large. Overall a beautiful plant and awesome grow experience. A great haze harvested in under 95 days from start. can't complain one bit!
  • I'm really amazed by these girls, they were strong from beginning to end, even the one that was late in veg !
    Very strong and resistant strain, despite huge colas, no problem, disease or rot due to moisture so : 10/10
    The density of the buds is not the best but still very nice given the size of these things : 8/10
    Very Lemony is my first impression on the smell but when I smoked it, I felt more the haze side with incense / cedar ! not my favorite but still very good ! : 8/10
    Anyways it's a very good day strain, a super producer with good aroma as description of Dinafem and this strain has already shown its value with multiple reward obtained during the last years so I could only recommend it to all fans of sativa/hybrid who want big yield.

Let’s take a look some photos I have got from cannabis growers on Moby Dick.

Dinafem - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Moby Dick looks just amazing and our cannabis growers love it so why not try something new today and buy Moby Dick from the cheapest cannabis seeds store online Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Next up we have a strain which many of you cannabis lovers will know and why is it so famous, introducing White Widow XXL Auto.

White Widow XXL Auto

An autoflowering Indica-dominant hybrid, the White Widow Autoflowering and the elite clone White Widow are its parents.

This hybrid produces fast rich yields and has few medical properties.

It's easy to cultivate it. The plant is energy and short with compact buds covered with lots of resin. It is harvested after 70-80 days depending the conditions.

The strain has the intense taste with bitter-sweet flowery notes. The effect is potent, calming and durable. It is the perfect for a deep relaxation.

Our customers and growers love this strain so let me show what they have said about White Widow XXL Auto.

The buds were tight, and smelled kind of perfumey, but not very overpowering. breaking up the bud left a dusty but tacky layer on my fingertips which smelled strongly of lemon with a hint of pine. I noticed some buds were more piney while others were lemonier. The ground bud smelled much more intensely of a mix of lemon, pine and rose.

The White Widow is a nice smoke.... The lemon really comes out in the taste on the tip of your tongue, but the rose curls around the back of your tongue. to fill your mouth with flavour. Towards the end of the joint, you get a sugary aftertaste.
The light flavours disguise how strong the White Widow is!

This plant grew like I expected no real issues in the grow. The buds turned out dense and dope I'd say it’s more so a nighttime smoke just because the high can be powerful.

So if you are after a high buzz which will take you out of this world then White Widow XXL Auto is the one for you!

Let’s take a look at some photos taken by some cannabis growers who love this cannabis strain.


Dinafem - Discount Cannabis Seeds

One of the newer releases by Dinafem is up now and it’s just perfect for all of those cannabis smokers who want to relax and chill out!

Dinamed CBD

This is the first 100% therapeutic cannabis variety in the Dinafem Seeds collection. It is derived from the combining two Pure CBD 4 strains. The extremely concentration of cannabidiol reaches to 10-14% while the THC content is only about 0.5%. Such combination produces the unique strain without psychoactive effects and with high medical value. Dinamed CBD is a well-balanced Indica/sativa hybrid that contains 60% sativa and 40% Indica genetics. It took the 1st prize in the “Flower” category at the CBD-Rich Cup 2016, held in Cadiz.

The plant has a strong individuality and sativa-like thin and long leaves. It develops large side branches with average internodal distance. The strain demonstrates amazing purple hues when the night temperature is lower than day. The flowering period takes 9 weeks. The plant has energetic and strong growth. It can grow up to 3m tall outdoors where the harvest can reach to 1 kg. It also suits for indoors where the average crop is about 500gr/m2.

Dinamed CBD is an effective remedy not only in the treatment of stress, nausea and muscle tension, but also as an anti-inflammatory substance. It also can help people with multiple sclerosis and hard-to-treat forms of epilepsy such as Dravet syndrome. The smoke brings tasty sweet and fruity flavors with notes of orange.

Let’s see what the weed growers reviews on Dinamed CBD are!

The buds were really big with lot of trichomes. Orangey and fruity smell. Very easy to grow. Beautiful purple colours.

Fantastic to grow 10 out of 10 everytime!

Dinafem - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Last but by no means least I have the last cannabis strain by the legendary Dinafem Seeds.
Purple Afghan Kush

This a feminised strain, the result of crossing a Purple Kush and a Pre'98 Bubba Kush.

It looks like strong compact plant that can reach 2.5m in tall outdoor bringing the yields of 600-800 g/plant. It has short growing cycle. During the flowering it can show purple colors.
Thanks to its reduced size, it is perfect to grow both indoors and outdoors.  It has taste of pineapple with a smooth Indica effect.

Our customers love this cannabis strain and let me tell you why!

I love this strain. The smell is fruity and sweet. The buds are relatively thin but it is a beautiful Indica smoke. Full body buzz which just calms you down and you melt into the couch. I use this in my vape and it takes me 10 minutes to realize that I haven’t moved a muscle and am in a completely relaxed world. This also puts me into a deep sleep and kills off my nightmares. Pure medicine for depression/PTSD.

Purple Afghan Kush is definitely a true Indica just like her reputation and shows it in the way she grows - starts out short and bushy and needs a nice long veg in order to finish at full capacity. Does not yield the biggest buds but it makes up for it in beauty as she might be one of the nicest strains I have grown! She is also incredible smelling during the entire bloom phase - like sour fruit.

Let’s take a look at Purple Afghan Kush fully harvested!

Dinafem - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Dinafem - Discount Cannabis Seeds


After reading this blog on Dinafem Seeds I hope you have enjoyed it and now head over to our cheap weed seed store Discount Cannabis Seeds and start your growing journey with us today.


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