Is it possible to be addicted to marijuana?

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I am going to talk to you about being addicted to marijuana whether it’s a myth or a fact! If you need something every day to function surely this is an addiction, whether it would be something which is traditional addiction such as alcohol or something we do daily without even knowing we are addicted to like how many times we look and pick up our phone a day without even realising.

If someone was to take your phone you would feel incomplete and we can all experience withdrawal effects when we stop something we do daily. Smoking weed is more likely to be something you are dependent on rather than be addicted too.

There are many reasons people may be dependent on weed which I will talk to you about in this blog. When smoking weed the drug gives off a sense of euphoria which puts your mind and body into a state of pure tranquility this is something people may miss if they didn’t have it in their day to day life. With being addicted to weed it is not usually a drug which when you smoke it you want more and more of a term we use nowadays clucking.

 A person will know their limits when smoking cannabis and when you reach one of the stages of being forgetful and short time memory loss you will not even want anymore because you have forgot you have smoked it!

If you are smoking weed for a medical reason in many countries such as the USA or Canada this can be prescribed by doctors for conditions such as MS or Depression. It all depends on the weed you smoke will have different effects on your body.

CBD Cannabis is used for someone who is suffering from mental health problems such as anxiety or depression as it releases a dophamine which sends good happy vibes to your brain which changes your mood, uplifts your feelings and relaxes your body.

So if you’re in a country where you are thinking you would like to grow cannabis for these reasons then Discount Cannabis Seeds has hundreds of CBD weed seeds that you can buy.

My personal favourite is Solomatic CBD Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds which has 21% CBD in and is de stress, anxiety and worrying thoughts. These fantastic weed seeds are available at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

There is also weed which can be used for physical body problems which is THC, this cannabis will give you a high and relieve pain from your body if you suffer from MS or other health conditions.

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we have many marijuana seeds with any level of THC which you require so why not take a look today!

My personal favourite for THC is 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Heavyweight Seeds as the cannabis effect is a beautiful high and then a deep relaxed stone, giving the effect that is so hard to find, yet so sought after.

If you have been smoking weed for a while you are a long term user of the drug marijuana you may build a tolerance over time which you will need to smoke more cannabis to get the same effects which you would get if you were a first time user. Most marijuana users do not lose control of its use they generally use the amount they want and when they want to have it.

It is such a controversial subject which we can all argue to the end of the time however studies have shown that there is a difference between addiction and the abuse of marijuana. Some marijuana users may abuse the drug by it having negative impacts on their life such as getting arrested for the possession or selling of the drug which can change someone's life dramatically or losing a job because they cannot get up in the morning without having a spliff and you have no sense of time when smoking cannabis.

On the other hand if you are prescribed cannabis and grow cannabis seeds for your own well - being and it is having a positive impact on your life then it would just like be taking anti-depressants every day, to change your mood and uplift your feelings.

If someone’s life can be improved by smoking weed everyday then why call it an addiction why not a cure?

Like all things in life cannabis is best used in moderation. If you think you may be developing signs which could impact your life in a bad way and abusing marijuana we would suggest some ideas for yourself such as trying a CBD cannabis strain instead this has been proven to lower withdrawal symptoms you may get if you went cold turkey.

So now it’s up to you to decide whether it is possible to be addicted to cannabis or not? You will probably find the effect of weed is more dependent on rather than addicted too so if you are in the countries where cannabis is legalised why not see if cannabis could help you.

Why not take a look around our cannabis seeds store and see what you could do to improve your health! Thank you for reading my blog on addiction and cannabis, stay tuned for my next blog.


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