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About Dutch Passion.

Dutch Passion was the second European Cannabis Seed Company, established in Amsterdam in 1987.

Dutch Passion mission statement is to supply the recreational and medical home grower with the highest quality cannabis seeds.

Available in all countries where growing is legally allowed.

The Dutch Passion Cannabis Seed collection offers something for everyone.

The very best legendary cannabis strains with their original genetics.

Their latest high performance, high speed, Autoflowering cannabis strains.

Dutch Passion remains a leading supplier of the world’s best cannabis genetics.

Allowing growers the very best opportunity to grow quality Cannabis Seeds.

Their experienced team do their utmost to maintain the quality of their existing varieties and constantly strives to find new ones from an extensive network of worldwide sources.

Dutch Passion remains a leading supplier providing thousands of retailers and seed distributors around the world.

Dutch Passion Durban Dew Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a Sativa dominant strain which will have very sticky buds with a pungent aroma at harvest time. These resinous, potent buds are covered in a white blanket of trichomes. If you're looking for a reliable and robust Sativa-dominant strain that delivers outstanding outdoor and greenhouse performance, our Durban Dew is the right strain for you.

  • Genetics: Durban Poison x Frisian Dew.
  • THC Levels: High.
  • Yield: XL.
  • Sex: Feminised.
  • Flowering Time: 9 weeks.
  • Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant.
  • Growing Environment: Indoor, Greenhouse or Outdoor.

Durban Dew is a resistant Sativa dominant hybrid with a very large yield and an average flowering time of 8-9 weeks. She is easy to grow and suitable for both the novice and the expert.

It is an ideal strain for the discerning grower looking for a vigorous strain that can take a beating, ideal for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation.

Durban Dew is a potent THC rich cannabis strain with a strong cannabinoid and terpene profile. The smell and taste are very strong and penetrating with mainly sweet, sour and fruity notes.

She has an energetic and clear up high. The mental effect is very uplifting, social, creative and long-lasting.

Durban Dew has a unique and complex terpene profile with a pungent aroma with sweet and fruity notes. Her taste is smooth, sweet and sour & berry-like

Durban Dew is a fusion of two original Dutch Passion classics, Durban Poison and Frisian Dew. Both cannabis varieties are known for an exceptional and unique terpene profile. By crossing these two strains we have managed to create a very tasty cannabis strain. It usually has a soft and sweet taste. Her aroma is best described as pungent, sweet and fruity.

It is sometimes reminiscent of sour and sweet candy, such as sour bears. A berry aroma and flavour may predominate. It is not often that all members of our test panel are unanimously surprised and satisfied with the new terpene profile that has emerged. Durban Dew has a smooth and pleasant smoking experience, this combined with the strong taste and powerful high ensures that she comes with our highest recommendations.

Durban Dew is the perfect choice for the novice outdoor grower, but will also do great in a greenhouse or even in an indoor grow

Durban Dew is suitable for outdoor cultivation, cultivation in greenhouses and for indoor cultivation. This is a true all-rounder that will suit both novice growers and experts looking for a strain to take to new heights! This Sativa-dominant cannabis variety is easy to cultivate and grows quickly with strong and wide branches. This is a Sativa strain with a relatively fast flowering time and beautiful buds that sparkle with THC crystals.

Durban Dew Genetics

Durban Dew is a potent hybrid strain created by careful crossing and selection of our Durban Poison x Frisian Dew. This outdoor variety was developed in the changeable and wet Dutch climate. Both strains need no further introduction. These are world famous classic cannabis strains that have provided the grower community with many successful crops of countless flowers.

Whether it was grown outside, inside or in a greenhouse. These ladies know how to perform everywhere! Crossing our coveted 'Durban' with our cannabis cup winning 'Dew' is a match made in heaven. Don't wait any longer and try these new Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis seeds now.

Durban Dew is a robust fast growing Sativa dominant hybrid with a relatively fast flowering time and strong branches capable of delivering heavy harvests

Durban Dew is extremely suitable for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, but she can also be grown indoors. It is a robust cannabis plant that can take a beating. This is a fast-growing Sativa dominant variety that develops many strong side branches and is capable of producing heavy yields.

If you grow her the natural way, she can get a beautiful Christmas tree structure. This is of course ideal for outdoor cultivation; all branches and buds catch sufficient (sun) light in this way. With sufficient pre-growth, she can easily reach a height of between 2.5-4 m.

For an indoor grow, her vigorous growth pattern and narrow leaves make her ideal for growing in both a SOG and SCROG. For a Sativa, this strain will flower quickly and will be ready for harvest after an average flowering time of around 8-9 weeks. By the end of flowering, the buds are completely covered with trichomes.

She has a high THC level and a powerful high. A small percentage of plants can contain colour. These are mainly pink and purple shades. The leaves can become completely dark, with beautiful purple hues. Cold night temperatures can even turn the leaves black. This applies to both the fan leaves and the sugar leaves.

In relative terms, she can withstand bad weather conditions fairly well. A little rain and cold don't damage her much. Of course, extended periods of bad weather can also cause problems, but in general this is a very robust and tough cannabis strain.

We classify her as a true open ground variety. She is suitable for growing in temperate climates near the sea, but also does well in more rural climates. In addition, she feels at home in the hills and mountains that are usually slightly colder.

Can also be used for guerrilla breeding. The buds of Durban Dew are colourful and resinous. When grown indoors in a controlled environment, she will show less colour but will produce incredibly full and compact buds. Outdoors, the buds also become relatively compact, but there is still enough space between the flowers to deter mould.

The internode distance is medium to large. The buds are large and firm with a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio. She is easy to manicure. This is a beautiful Sativa dominant lady that will blow your mind!

Effects of Durban Dew

Durban Dew is the ideal strain for lovers of an active and clear Sativa up-high. This THC-rich photoperiod cannabis strain has an energetic and uplifting high. It activates the brain and provides a strong head-high. This is an ideal strain for those who like a Sativa effect without paranoia. But be aware that smoking a high dose can also lead to strong narcotic and sedative effects.

The clear yet potent mental high is what positively surprised our test team. The initial effect is uplifting, clear, social and creative. Despite getting stoned, you are able to remain very active. The high is euphoric and long lasting. This is the perfect strain for a party or concert. This is definitely not a couch lock strain. The soft, sweet-sour fruity taste lets you enjoy yourself and this combination of terpenes with the cannabinoids provides a pleasant high that makes you float wonderfully.

Growing Durban Dew

Durban Dew delivers large XL yields in a wide variety of conditions, making her the perfect choice for the discerning outdoor grower. Her stable and resistant parent genetics also make her a good choice for the novice grower. She has an average flowering time of between 8 and 9 weeks. This applies from the moment that indoors are set to 12/12.

Outside in the northern hemisphere, our Durban Dew will be ready around September or October depending on the latitude you live at. She flowers relatively quickly once the days get shorter. Outdoors, the average plant will grow to around 2-3 meters in height. But with a little pre-growth, she can grow even taller than 4 meters. This is a plant of epic proportions. Its slender, thin leaves allow light to pass through from top to bottom for even higher yields.

Durban Dew Yields

Durban Dew is a photoperiod cannabis strain supplied as feminised seeds; she can reward anyone with a hefty yield. Her plant and bloom structure provide sturdy, large flowers that can support quite a bit of weight. By growing her in a SCROG or expanding her width by topping/fimming you will get a bushy plant that will produce a lot of flowers. The average yield in an indoor grow will be between 450-550 g/m2.

Truly epic yields can be achieved outdoors and in greenhouses. Plants with a yield of around 500-1000g are the rule rather than the exception. For experienced growers, this is a record-breaking strain! It can be grown in pots as well as in the ground. Keep in mind that she prefers a large aerated container rather than a small plastic pot. And to achieve the best, tastiest results, we recommend growing her completely organically.

Durban Dew Feminised Cannabis Seeds Summary

Durban Dew is a strong all-rounder. Actually, nothing is too crazy for her. Grow her preferably outdoors in the ground, in a pot, in a greenhouse or as a guerrilla plant in the forest. It is a strain that responds well to bending, snapping and supercropping. If you want to increase her yield, these techniques are recommended to get even thicker branches and flowers. If you want to limit her height somewhat, it is recommended to top or FIM this lady.

This makes her grow even wider/bushier. With a long vegetative phase, this process can be repeated several times. Towards the end of flowering for outdoor cultivation, we always recommend checking her for bud rot and mould. Although she is relatively resistant, she can still be susceptible to a number of small spots due to long periods of bad weather. If you are there in time, this will never cause a serious problem. Therefore, remove dead leaves in time and provide a shelter if necessary. It is therefore advisable to check the plants as harvest approaches.


Dutch Passion Snow Bud Feminised Cannabis Seeds are the perfect choice for the outdoor and greenhouse grower who lives at higher altitudes. This strain was developed in the Swiss Alps and selected for her tough properties. This makes her the ultimate strain for growers looking for strong and robust genetics. Snow Bud is a classic cannabis strain that guarantees a delicious harvest.

  • Genetics: Afghani x South African.
  • THC Levels: Medium.
  • Yield: Medium.
  • Sex: Feminised.
  • Flowering Time: 8 weeks.
  • Indica/Sativa: Sativa Dominant.
  • Growing Environment: Greenhouse or Outdoor.


Snow Bud is a tough and robust outdoor strain, ideal for growers in mountainous areas. She is a cannabis strain that is easy to grow, even beginners who have never grown before can get good yields from her.

Snow Bud is a true 'all-round' cannabis plant that can be grown in a wide variety of conditions, either outdoors, in greenhouses or in an indoor grow.

If you're looking for a strain with guaranteed good yields, then look no further. Snow Bud also has a relaxed energetic up-high and a spicy skunky smell and taste.

Snow Bud has a spicy, earthy and skunky aroma, the taste is spicy with occasional sweet and bitter notes.

Snow Bud has a unique smell and taste. In general, it is a more spicy, skunky, earthy scent with a spicy, piney, sometimes sweet taste. The aroma is best described as pungent and skunky, with earthy and spicy notes. It is a well-known and classic aroma, simple but very seductive!

When it comes to the taste, this one is mainly spicy. Sometimes with both sweet and bitter notes. Many smokers have a smooth smoking experience that is not at all heavy on the throat. True connoisseurs can even taste notes of cinnamon, honey and other spices!

Snow Bud is a very tough and robust outdoor plant. Her Sativa dominant genetics ensure that she can cope well with a humid climate, while on the other hand her Indica genes ensure good resistance to the cold.

Together this makes for a potent robust cannabis plant that is perfectly suited for growing in mountainous areas. There are very few varieties on the market that can really handle the changeable conditions in the mountains.

Despite these very challenging conditions, this strain still manages to provide every grower with a generous outdoor harvest.

Snow Bud Genetics

Snow Bud is our second High Altitude strain for mountainous regions. This robust and durable cannabis strain was developed in the mountains over several generations. Snow Bud is a hybrid created by crossing an Afghan Indica with a South African Sativa.

Using these old-school landrace genetics, a new hybrid has emerged that is highly resistant to a wide variety of climatic conditions. As with our Pamir Gold, Snow Bud's selection work was done in the Swiss Alps. This has ensured that this strain has learned to adapt perfectly to the usually colder conditions that apply in the mountains.

It is a Sativa dominant hybrid with about 60-75% Sativa genetics and only 25-40% Indica genetics. The name Snow Bud refers to the large amount of white stamen pistils in the buds as well as the thick layer of trichomes that can be found on the buds.

Snow Bud is a hardy outdoor variety with an average flowering time of 8 weeks and a guaranteed high yield.

Snow Bud is easy to grow and suitable even for beginners who have never grown a plant before. She is particularly forgiving and has a high tolerance for beginner mistakes with e.g. the correct nutrient dosage, watering and climate. Her robustness allows anyone to successfully finish Snow Bud, even in the most challenging conditions!

Snow Bud is very robust and has good resistance to mould, mildew and bud rot. It is also a perfect outdoor plant for the guerrilla grower, both in high altitude areas and at sea level. The yield of this strain is above average and she produces plants averaging around 2 meters tall.

Snow Bud is a hybrid cannabis plant and only available as feminised cannabis seeds. It has been specially developed for outdoor cultivation but can also be grown indoors under artificial light.

Although she feels most comfortable outside where she comes into her own, she can also be grown indoors in a hydro system or in a semi-hydro system such as Autopot. Indoors, she also does well under LED lighting and organic food. She can also be grown in greenhouses, making this strain a real 'all-rounder'.

It is a beautiful plant to look at, the appearance and structure tends most towards a Sativa. However, the fast-flowering time and resistance to cold comes from her Afghan Indica genetics. She is a strong grower with long branches and a leaf structure that is quite Sativa dominant.

Expect large slender leaves with an average of 11 thin fingers, sometimes 13. The buds also grow long and are full of white flower hairs. These flowers can 'foxtail' and have a very favourable flower-to-leaf ratio. The tops seem to be snow covered with beautiful white crystals.

Snow Bud usually grows with a dominant and large main bud surrounded by many small side buds. When grown naturally without the use of any growing techniques, she can exhibit a Christmas tree structure with long and full side branches.

You can top or 'fim' her to limit her height. She does very well as an open ground variety but can also be grown in pots. The internode distance of Snow Bud is average, there are small spaces between most of the buds that prevent them from growing together as a solid mass. This ensures that she is less susceptible to mould and bud rot.

A very robust Sativa dominant outdoor strain with a fast-flowering time of approximately 8 weeks

A durable, resistant plant suitable for outdoor growing in mountainous areas. She is highly tolerant and thrives in a wide variety of conditions. Even cold and wet climates can't get this lady down!

Snow Bud has a beautiful Sativa structure with full long flowers, the completely white buds seem to have been snowed under.

Snow Bud is very suitable for beginners, she is easy to grow and has the ability to deliver a generous harvest to any type of grower.

Effects of Snow Bud

Snow Bud has a strong mental effect, a real head high. The physical effect is only minimal and at most provides a slightly relaxing physical intoxication. Muscles will relax but it is certainly not a narcotic effect. The up-high is of medium strength but provides a nice energetic buzz. Most users report feeling happy after smoking this strain.

Snow Bud is ideal for use during the day or early evening. It is a subtle high that is potent enough to put you in a relaxed yet energetic state of mind. There really isn't a time when the high might feel too intense or overwhelming.

However, that does not mean that this cannot happen. If you have a low tolerance or consume large doses, other effects can of course occur. Overall, a lovely Sativa high that will put you in a relaxed state.

Growing Snow Bud

Snow Bud has a flowering time of approximately 8 weeks. Outdoors, the flowering period lasts until the end of September/early October. In greenhouses, she needs an average of 8 weeks to be ready for harvest.

There are sometimes slightly faster flowering phenotypes that take around 7 weeks. But there are also plants that will take around 9 weeks, especially when it is very cold.

Snow Bud has an average flowering time for a hybrid. Fortunately, most phenotypes are ready a lot faster than typical Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis seeds. This makes her especially suitable for outdoor cultivation in mountainous areas.

An open bud structure combined with a fast-flowering time and good resistance to cold has made these genetics particularly popular with growers living in the mountains.

Snow Bud Yields

Snow Bud grows to an average height of around 1.5-2 meters, usually with large and slender Sativa leaves. During the growth phase she has a more hybrid character but during the flowering phase you will see that her structure as well as the buds show mainly Sativa characteristics.

Indoor yields of Snow Bud are a bit lower than most strains, averaging around 350-400g/m2. In ideal conditions, she can yield up to around 450g/m2.

She is most at ease outdoors, allowing good yields of several hundred grams per plant, even in the most severe climatic conditions in remote, mountainous areas. This is also an ideal strain for guerrilla growers.

Snow Bud is very robust and will reward you with a generous harvest at all times. If you provide veg growth via an early indoor start, she can grow up to around 2.5-3 meters outdoors.

Snow Bud Feminised Cannabis Seeds Summary

Snow Bud is a strain that grows practically on her own, especially when grown outdoors. She can be grown in almost any type of climate. Preferably give her a sunny spot to get the highest possible yield. If you have chosen her as a guerrilla plant, we recommend preparing the soil well, preferably adding organic nutrients to the soil.

This ensures that the plant has everything it needs to grow well and make itself even more resistant to the elements. You can also scrog her for indoor cultivation if you work with few plants per m2. Then give her a slightly longer pre-growth period because she can sometimes be rather slow to get out of the starting blocks.

She can also be grown in a SOG for a high yield, cut out the bottom 2-4 branches in time so that she mainly focuses on a big sturdy main bud. Look at the trichomes with a microscope to choose the right time for harvest.


Dutch Passion Auto Kerosene Krash Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a strong and robust Autoflower with a classic Dutch Passion Auto structure - a large main central bloom and many thick side buds.

This hybrid Autoflower has a high cannabinoid profile with an average THC percentage of 20%, this can even go up to almost 25%. Auto Kerosene Krash has a unique terpene profile with an earthy, gassy, spicy and chemical aroma. The taste is also earthy, gassy and piney. Lovers of diesel cannabis strains are sure to get their money's worth!

  • Genetics: Kerosene Krash x (Kerosene Krash x Auto Glueberry O.G.)
  • THC Levels: Very High.
  • Yield: XL.
  • Sex: Auto Feminised.
  • Flowering Time: 12 weeks.
  • Indica/Sativa: Hybrid.
  • Growing Environment: Indoor, Greenhouse or Outdoor.

Auto Kerosene Krash has a pungent aroma with mostly earthy, gassy and pine notes. The taste is sour, earthy and sometimes chemical.

Auto Kerosene Krash is the perfect strain for growers who like a complex terpene profile. The more chemical and gassy flavours are truly fantastic to experience. The buds of this variety can sting slightly in your throat while smoking. It is a strain with a powerful and pungent aroma of mainly earthy, gassy and spicy pine notes. It is a very unique and complex profile where more chemical and woody notes can also emerge.

The taste of Auto Kerosene Krash is strong and here again the earthy, gaseous and sour, chemical flavours predominate. Lovers of diesel-like flavours will certainly enjoy this autoflower seed variety! During the late flowering phase, it is best to touch the plants as little as possible because the sticky buds will make it difficult to get rid of the pungent smell.

Auto Kerosene Krash is a potent autoflower with a complex terpene profile and a high THC level

Auto Kerosene Krash is a potent autoflower that can easily exceed 20% THC. Several lab results have shown that this is an auto that typically fluctuates between 18-23% THC, which is of course very high!

Beyond its potency, this is a strain with a strong presence of the following terpenes: myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, limonene, linalool and pinene. Also, small amounts of camphene, ocimene, bisabolol and humulene are found in most phenotypes.

Auto Kerosene Krash Genetics

The original photoperiod Kerosene Krash was developed by crossing a female GG#4 with a special male Sherbet. We were so happy with the result that we immediately started working on the autoflowering variety of this beautiful lady. To turn these award-winning genetics into an autoflower, we used our Auto Glueberry O.G. (Glueberry OG x Auto Blueberry).

This has ensured that the gassy terpene profile has been passed on to the autoflower, in addition to the phenomenal potency. Auto Kerosene Krash has slightly more fruity notes in her aroma than the photoperiod variety, but they are both very potent strains that look beautiful. High potency guaranteed!

Auto Kerosene Krash is a compact hybrid autoflower with thick round buds and lots of resin

Auto Kerosene Krash is a strong hybrid autoflower strain. She normally grows into a medium size bushy autoflower showing the classic Dutch Passion autoflower structure with a heavy main bloom surrounded by many side blooms.

It is an Autoflower with mainly hybrid characteristics. Both the leaf and plant structure seem most like a hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain. There are some phenotypes that can show just a little more Indica traits in the leaves.

Auto Kerosene Krash is part of our USA-Special cannabis seed collection. All of these strains give high yields as standard in combination with the best quality buds and extremely high THC levels. Auto Kerosene Krash is also easy to grow and does not require any special nutritional requirements or special growing techniques to achieve good results. It is an autoflower with an average 12-week cycle from seed to harvest.

The plants have sturdy robust branches. This ensures that the plants can be grown perfectly in the natural way. It is also a suitable structure for a SOG grow. Most plants have a thick central main bloom, surrounded by many sturdy side blooms.

Once the plant has completed the growth phase, you will see that it starts producing trichomes very early. Even when the plant is still full of white flower hairs, the trichome production is already in full swing!

Auto Kerosene Krash has a short to medium internode spacing. The flowers are round like mini golf balls and usually do not fully grow together. Despite this, high yields are still possible.

The buds become very compact and hard. With the most hybrid phenotypes, which get just a bit bigger, you can also expect a bigger bloom. The more Indica leaning phenotypes tend to have slightly smaller buds.

A compact medium-size autoflower with the classic Dutch Passion autoflower structure of a big main bloom and many heavy side blooms

Auto Kerosene Krash gets nice round tops that look like miniature golf balls, these are very compact and rock hard.

Resin and trichome production start early in the flowering phase. Buds and leaves appear to be covered in frost, she has a high THC percentage and a complex aroma and taste

Auto Kerosene Krash is a robust autoflower that is easy to grow and takes approximately 12 weeks from seed to harvest.

Effects of Auto Kerosene Krash

Auto Kerosene Krash has a strong high with both a physical and mental aspect. The balanced high ensures that you will get quite stoned for a long period of time. The effect is a pleasant combination of a 'body stone' and a 'head-high' that puts you in a state of delicious intoxication.

The initial effect is slightly euphoric and uplifting, but this quickly changes to a more relaxing effect that eases your body and mind at the same time. It is certainly a powerful effect. The cannabis buds of Auto Kerosene Krash are potent enough for the more experienced smokers. With an average THC percentage of around 20%, the potency is good.

For most users, it's a nice high that hits just a little stronger physically than mentally. An ideal strain to consume with friends, it is a social high that is great for a party or music concert. The world around you changes and you will experience everything with a big smile on your face, pure enjoyment!

Growing Auto Kerosene Krash

Auto Kerosene Krash takes approximately 11-12 weeks from autoflowering cannabis seed to harvest when grown indoors with 20 hours of daily light. Overall, this is a relatively fast hybrid autoflower that delivers compact buds in an average of 2.5 months.

She can also be grown with an 18/6 or 24/0 light cycle, but we recommend a continued light cycle of 20 hours light and 4 hours dark. This light cycle allows the plant to get some rest and grow well.

Auto Kerosene Krash is an autoflower that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Although she will be a bit susceptible to mould and bud rot in times of bad weather. It is therefore recommended to only grow this strain during the 3 best summer months.

If you already live in a dry and sunny climate, then 2 or even 3 cultivation cycles are often possible in each season. Outdoors, Auto Kerosene Krash takes an average of about 12-14 weeks to be fully ready for harvest. She usually grows into a medium height autoflower, anywhere between 50-100cm.

Auto Kerosene Krash Yields

Auto Kerosene Krash is an XL-potency hybrid autoflower that grows into a sturdy Christmas tree style structure with firm, hard buds the size of golf balls and with a nice central main bloom.

The plants are on average around 75-100 cm high, but there are cases where the plants have grown even a little taller. If you want to grow the largest Auto Kerosene Krash, it is very important to germinate her directly in the final pot. Preferably she should also be grown using a hydro system.

In an indoor grow, Auto Kerosene Krash can yield approximately 400-500 g/m2. Plants can yield between 25-100 grams of dry buds on average. Of course, more is possible if you give the plants a large pot and plenty of root space, she does great on a hydro system and with powerful LED lights.

Outdoors the yields are usually a bit lower, except when grown in a sunny climate or in a greenhouse. Consider high humidity in these circumstances because the compact buds don't like that!

Auto Kerosene Krash Feminised Cannabis Seeds Summary

Auto Kerosene Krash is known for a very powerful and pungent aroma. The best advice we can give is to make sure your carbon filters are in tip-top condition - especially if you grow in a busy urban area.

Auto Kerosene Krash can produce a stench which is just as pungent as the original photoperiod Kerosene Krash! The buds of this strain do not grow to be the largest, but they are very compact.

Even rock hard, for most phenotypes. So hard, in fact, that it sometimes proves difficult to squeeze them. Due to this compactness, it is important to keep the humidity as low as possible during the flowering phase.

A good dehumidifier (or air conditioning with a dehumidifying function) is therefore necessary. Also ensure there is a breeze in your grow room. With sufficient air movement, the risk of mould and bud rot also decreases.

Like our Auto Skywalker Haze, Auto Kerosene Krash is one of the newest generations of Autoflowers that is certainly not inferior in potency to traditional photoperiod cannabis varieties.

There is really nothing that will distinguish the buds of this autoflower strain from those of a premium photoperiod feminised cannabis strain, regular seed strain or even clones.

Auto Kerosene Krash, together with its sister Auto Skywalker Haze and Auto Cinderella Jack, herald a new era for cannabis growers looking for a fast auto harvest without compromising the complex terpene profile or cannabinoid levels.


Dutch Passion Auto Mokum’s Tulip Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a hybrid developed from crossing Mokum's Tulip and Auto Colorado Cookies.

  • Genetics: Mokum's Tulip x Auto Colorado Cookies.
  • THC Levels: Very High.
  • Yield: XL
  • Sex: Auto Feminised.
  • Flowering Time: 12 weeks.
  • Indica/Sativa: Hybrid.
  • Growing Environment: Indoor.

Dutch Passion Auto Mokum’s Tulip Feminised Cannabis Seeds, the sweet aroma in combination with the impressive, gassy and doughy terpene profile is as good as it gets.

Combine this with the knockout stone which this variety delivers to the consumer and you have the reason our Autoflower aficionado customers demanded Auto Mokum's Tulip.

Auto Mokum's Tulip has beautiful purple hues in the flowers of a couple of the four phenotypes. She also has some really special vanilla tones in her terpene profile. She leans towards the gassy side, though not as gassy as her photoperiod parent. But she does pack the same punch and colours alongside the XL potential, taking around 12 weeks indoors.

Because Auto Mokum's Tulip is a big resin producer, she can be used for making hash and gives great rosin yields.

Make sure you don't discard your trim material from this plant, as it would be a waste to just throw it away. Take the opportunity to try and make some ice-o-lator hash. Or try making some rosin from the trim with greaseproof paper between hair straighteners (if you don't own a rosin press).

With Dutch Passion Auto Mokum’s Tulip Feminised Cannabis Seeds you will be delighted with the results from this THC rich, resin-soaked beauty.


Dutch Passion Auto Trichome and Cream Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a hybrid developed from crossing Cookies & Cream (Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookies) and an Autoflower.

  • Genetics: Cookies & Cream (Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookies) x Autoflower
  • THC Levels: Very High.
  • Yield: Large.
  • Sex: Auto Feminised.
  • Flowering Time: 10-12 weeks.
  • Indica/Sativa: Hybrid.
  • Growing Environment: Indoor, Greenhouse or Outdoor.

When you cross an elite cut of a photoperiod Cookies & Cream (Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookie) with one of our frostiest Autoflower varieties, the result you get is amazing.

Auto Trichome and Cream Feminised Cannabis Seed is a very potent Autoflower with shiny leaves and even shinier trichomes. In fact, this is one of the most trichome-dense autoflowers we have come across.

Auto Trichome & Cream is a vigorous plant with medium to large sized flowers.

One of the phenotypes has beautiful purple hues. The flowers give a fruity scent whilst growing and the doughy and creamy part of the profile comes especially to expression once the nugs have dried and cured properly. A soft and sweet taste caresses the tongue on the exhale in both vape and classic joint experiences.

The fact that the Auto Trichome and Cream cannabis plant is not too bushy makes even the trimming part a pure joy. Having these glistening flowers in your hands while you carefully trim away the sugar leaves can be numbingly satisfying. Make sure to make well use of the trim you collect, as this is a great base for hash, resin, rosin or ice-o-lator.


Dutch Passion Auto Mimosa Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a hybrid developed from crossing Mimosa (Clementine X Purple Punch) and Auto Purple Punch.

  • Genetics: Mimosa (Clementine X Purple Punch) X Auto Purple Punch
  • THC Levels: Very High.
  • Yield: Large
  • Sex: Auto Feminised.
  • Flowering Time: 10-12 weeks.
  • Indica/Sativa: Hybrid.
  • Growing Environment: Indoor, Greenhouse or Outdoor.

If you’re looking for an autoflower of superior quality, high in THC with a real ‘knock out’ punch that is also suitable for attic grows, cabinet grows or any other grow where height might be the limiting factor, look no further than Dutch Passion Auto Mimosa Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The new addition to the Autoflower team is based on prize-winning genetics of the famous ‘Mimosa’, a clone-only cut from North America.

Mimosa originally was created by crossing Clementine with Purple Punch. The Dutch Passion breeders’ team have crossed this cut with an Autoflower Purple Punch.

All phenos of Auto Mimosa Punch are green and have nice shiny leaves but the genetics certainly pack that extra (purple) punch!

Auto Mimosa Punch Feminised is a short hybrid Autoflower that is easy to trim grows to approximately 50-90 cm depending on pot size and yields generously.

Big fatty nugs full of resin can be expected and pleasant, fruity tones mixed with subtle diesel tones are responsible for the delicious smell coming from the frosty buds.

What was remarkable to notice when we got back the terpene analysis, was the exceptional high levels of the most dominant terpenes; beta-myrcene, beta-pinene, terpinolene and beta-caryophyllene.

Auto Mimosa Punch Feminised has the highest levels in terpenes in an autoflower Dutch Passion have seen so far.




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