Rapping world royalty of Cannabis Seeds

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Discount Cannabis Seeds reviews the rappers world of Cannabis Seeds.

From Snoop Dogg to Wiz Khalifa, the rapping world royalty of cannabis who entertain us with weed inspiration being open on their weed growing and smoking.

If you want to know their top cannabis strains of choice and you want to follow their steps in cannabis, then this is the blog for you.

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Fun fact from The Dogg father. Snoop Dog has gone 164 days without Ganja, do you think you could go that long without smoking weed? Snoop Dogg has smoked in a day 84 blunts in one entire day! No wonder he went 164 days without weed.

Here in this blog, I am going to give you the top hip hop artists favourite cannabis seeds.

Redman. Redman is a famous rapper who rose to prominence during the ‘90s. He is a big believer in high-quality weed, which he smokes to get his creative juices flowing. His favourite strain is Blue Dream.

Blue Dream Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds.

Blue Dream is a mostly Sativa hybrid of Super Silver Haze and Blueberry. The plant can be grown in any growing environment, but outdoors it is more suitable for a temperate, warm, Mediterranean climate. After 65-70 days, it produces a large crop of resinous buds that have a subtle haze flavour.

Blue Dream is also suitable for manufacturers of extracts.
The strain has a haze aroma with cedar and citrus notes.

The taste is reminiscent of incense, pine and sweet fruit. The smoke gives a clear cerebral high. This variety is one of the best and high-quality in American genetics.

Reviews of Blue Dream Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Blue Dream comes on like a cannon fire on that first draw, then sets into an uncontrollable smile and waves of happy feelings on the second pull for an enjoyable experience that lasts hours after partaking. Has that unmistakable blueberry smell to it when you open some nugs and has a strong pungent smell on that jar opening. These buds are so covered in crystal, I cannot wait to make some edibles from the trim.

Firstly, I recommend that you are planning to grow Blue Dream strain do not think any more go on growing it! This is an extraordinarily strong and tough strain. I let the light 18/6 for the veg stage and 12/12 for the bloom stage. The aroma is strong, the smell is lemon, my bedroom is extremely fragrant, I will plant it again,

An extraordinarily strong branched girl. Top buds get nice and fat and smells great. The bottom half a little more on the fluffy side. One of the largest plants I have ever grown and no really challenging work about her. This is by far the most I have ever got off one girl.

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ScHoolboy Q.

ScHoolboy Q is a new-school rapper that began rising to fame in 2008. His style is mellow and almost demented and dreamlike in a sense—although a more upbeat style is evident in his single “Man of the Year”. His favourite strain is OG Kush.

OG Kush Feminised cannabis seeds by Dinafem.

OG Kush is indica-dominant strain which has a potent effect due 24% THC and 0.23% CBD. It is the result of crossing Lemon Thai and Chemdawg.

OG Kush has been awarded the title "Best strain of all times" and is popular all over the world.

The plant is easy to grow and has an average size. The leaves have neon green colour and are totally covered in trichomes. It is necessary to trim the extra leaves because the strain is very bushy.

 The yield can be about 550 g / m2. The plant has taste of lemon and diesel. The effect is really strong.

The strain gives a powerful euphoric and cerebral high.

Reviews of OG Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

These nugs were dark and massive, fairly dense with a piney chocolate smell and covered in orange hairs and crystals. Overall, it looked like the definition of DANK, exceedingly difficult to bust up too. But the high was something else, very uplifting and social buzz kicks in within a few minutes followed by euphoria and body buzz, powerful and very talkative high.

Fast flowering and vigorous grow for that top strain from Dinafem.
Big buds covered with trichomes.
Under the scrog net she grows compact with an average stretch.
Intense citrus flavour with some kushy notes.
Perfect strain.

Very pleasant strain. 2 pheno totally different from each other. But both produces big sticky buds.
Buds are very heavies at the end of flowering and leaves becomes a little purple.
Flowering was faster than I think. Maybe the hot temp.
No disease problem. Nice yield. Fast grow. Noob grower friendly.
A strain that is definitively a great weed.

Last time of my baby OG Kush.
Strong smelling. Really good aspect looks like amazing to smoke.
Thanks, Dinafem for these seeds.
I recommend these seeds at every grower.

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Ty Doll $sign has a mellow, slow, and relaxed style, which goes perfectly with his weed of choice. His favourite strain is Pineapple Kush so let us take a look.

Pineapple Kush is a versatile hybrid of the famous O.G. Kush and tropical Pineapple. This is an 80% indica-dominant strain with high potency. The plant produces a good yield of 500-550 g / m2 in 7-8 weeks. The best time to harvest when growing outside is the end of September.

The height of this variety reaches 120-180 cm outdoors and 70-120 cm indoors. It is easy to grow for beginners and does not have special problems such as mould or close care.

The smoke brings tropical sweet flavours with different notes of mint and vanilla. Pineapple Kush gives you a mental, relaxing high. It also fights migraines, stress, and loss of appetite.

Reviews of Pineapple Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This is an everyday smoke with a very distinct fruity Kush taste doesn't couchlock you and is not too strong on the head the taste and growth are what puts this strain high on the rating as it tastes great very fruity and tropical and has good trichome production things could have finished better with my extractor failing unnoticed, but I'm satisfied with the result and end product would recommend to all growers due to ease of growth

taste 10/10
high 7/10
smoke 8/10
density 8/10
growth 10/10

This strain is easy to grow and reacted well to fimming but she needs a little work on the end of flowering, the branches remain thin and fall under the weight of the buds!
The harvest is quite generous, with some fruity smelling buds everywhere,
They are not very big but there are so many and the density is really good, I would say 9/10
Regarding the taste, it's amazing and very fruity, I don't really feel pineapple but a mix of fresh fruit with a touch of minty! also 9/10
She was also very resistant to the heat of this summer and had no diseases so, 10/10 resistance
You guys must try it.

Amazing plant from scratch, started her a week earlier than the rest but she caught them pretty fast.
Smell is not intense, perfect for stealth grow, but when you approach it and give it a little shake or touch the bud with your fingers, you will be smashed with some beautiful tropical aromas. Unfortunately, I did not hit the pineapple phenotype but still is an incredibly beautiful smell and bud structure.
Amazing firm buds that are easy to trim, no wet weight so I will update in a week or so when I trim buds off them branches.

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Lil Wayne.

Lil’ Wayne is one of the top rappers in the game, who established his unique sound by smoking an abundance of Kush. This specimen takes on many shapes and sizes.

We’re sure that Lil' Wayne has enjoyed some superb and delicious King’s Kush. Let us look at King’s Kush by Green House Seeds.

Greenhouse Seeds King’s Kush Feminised cannabis seeds.

King's Kush a unique strain that is based on the crossing between the OG Kush and a Grape Ape Original Clone. The result is a really lovely plant similar both its parents.

The plant is ideal for indoor cultivation - small size, bushy and very dense structure. The leaves are thick and dark green, and the typical Grape Ape purple colour appears regularly.  The plant suits for SCRoG or LST.

The flowering period takes 8-9 weeks with the harvest to 800 gr/m2 indoors. The harvest comes by the first week of October and brings 1100 gr/plant outdoors.

The smoke offers a lavender, grape and musk flavour. The taste is like OG Kush but with notes of grape and berries. The effect comes slowly and brings a heavy and long lasting cerebral high.

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Demrick is a very poetic and soulful hip-hop artist who enjoys toking on some Gorilla Glue to enhance his rap superpowers. Gorilla Glue is a fierce American strain that clocks in at extremely prominent levels of THC. It is quite sticky and sedative, gluing the consumer to the couch with its sweet essence.

Gorilla Glue Auto Feminised cannabis seeds by Fast Buds.

Gorilla Glue Auto is a super light variety with an incredibly high THC level of 24%. It has excellent champion genetics and produces many strong buds covered with bright orange hairs.

It is recommended to use pots up to 11-13 gallons (40-50 litres) for the best growth outdoor or bulbs of 600 to 1000 watts per m2, if growing indoors. As a result, the plant gives a very sticky "glue", large fat buds with the pine, sour lemon and diesel aroma after about 9 weeks.

This trichome queen is the biggest and most potent strain from Fast Buds. The effects of fun, positivity and euphoria increases progressively and mix of sativa and indica gives relaxation.

Reviews of Gorilla Glue Auto Cannabis Seeds.

Powerful smelling beautiful dense buds. This is the thing dreams are made of.
I love the strain. No issues really during the grow. Fast Buds genetics are very reliable.

The smoke is good. Stronger than expected but maybe that is because I harvested early. I am curious about Fast Buds estimated harvest time for their seeds. My experience has been it is at least a week or two more than they suggest, and I think I harvest a little bit earlier than some chasing that psychoactive effect.
Anyway, a great growing experience overall.

Buds are very frosty and sticky too, everything is in jars and smells nicer by the day! I smoke a lot of flower, so I can use this in the day and still get about but it does make me feel a bit lethargic, so for less frequent users I would say this is more of an evening smoke as it's quite heavy, which is surprising as a wasn't able to let them go as long as I planned due to some troubles I had, but its fast hitting and quite frankly I can't complain at all, each plant grew slightly different despite being of the same strain, so the buds look and smell and even taste different from each plant.

The smell is incredible and explodes when it is chopped, the smell is sweet but with strong notes of fresh pine resin and a slight hint of diesel.

The smoke is smooth! It slips well in the mouth and does not so much oppress the lungs
In the mouth, the taste becomes even sweeter with citrate notes, like sour, and leaves in the mouth an excellent aftertaste, very fruity (which reminds me of white grapes.

The high is powerful and long lasting, after just three pitches you immediately feel it rise to the eyes.
It is well balanced in my opinion, if smoked at home it transports you to a state of complete relaxation, while if you smoke outside it is intoxicating and leaves you almost active for the day, great.

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Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg has become somewhat of a phenomenon in terms of his connection between hip-hop and cannabis. With his mellow and distinctive voice, much of his poetry surrounds the effects of marijuana. His favourite strain is Girl Scout Cookies.

From our Hip-Hop royalty Snoop Dogg is Girl Scout Cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminised cannabis seeds by Fast Buds.

Without a doubt, Girl Scout Cookies are one of the most popular auto strains. It takes 8-9 weeks for the flowers to become covered with snow-white trichomes and orange pistils.  The plant does not

 require exceptional care because of the Ruderalis genes. It grows well indoors and out. You should use carbon filters because of the strong smell and some extra nutrients to increase the yield. The recommended pH level should be 6.5.

The plant can reach 60-100 cm. Its taste has sweet chocolate, candy and mint notes.

 Sweet tooth will be delighted. GSK gives a feeling of happiness, creative effect and relieves neuropathy, chronic pain, muscle spasms and PTSD. 

Reviews of Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Absolutely COVERED in trichomes.
Looks like I dusted it with powdered sugar. The smell is minty sweet. Great floral/earthy taste with the mint and sweetness apparent on the back end. The buzz hits quick. Initial kick of energy for about ten minutes. Then great relaxation but not total couch lock. Really nice. This is my go-to smoke.

The buds are super dense and resinous. Despite the fact that I constantly cut off the leaves and buds, the plant gave me an excellent harvest. Now more than two weeks have passed since the harvest, and I can say for sure that this is an extraordinarily strong hybrid, with a predominance of indica. After you smoke, at first, pronounced sativa effects appear, high and euphoria are felt. After about 30 minutes, the indica begins.
It seems to me that the taste is still forming, and it is worth waiting before drawing conclusions. Now I smell diesel, and a wooden taste, like sweetness is breaking through somewhere in the distance.

One of the most beautiful and fragrant plants I have ever planted. it is my favourite so far. congratulations Fast Buds for this incredible strain.

Fast and sticky. They dry smoke is not too harsh. Strong head/eye buzz hits pretty quick. Definitely a good body stone but no couch lock. Extreme cotton mouth and red eyes. We did overindulge a little though

She took well to late topping & nutrients (1/2 of recommended), did not show any overfeeding etc. Lots of crystals started showing at the beginning of week 9; Started fading beautifully in week 10. Pink & Yellow leaves, orange hair, so many crystals. I am in love. Her buds are mint pastel coloured, small to medium sized and have a slight pink hue to them, very pretty and graceful.

I love Girl Scout Cookies. Wonderful day time smoke with nice smooth delicious taste and strong effect. The plant was always robust and produced a lot of nice big buds.

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Last up we have the incredible Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz Khalifa is probably one of the most famous rappers in today's world of hip-hop. It is quite rare to see Wiz in a music video without puffing on a joint. His favourite strain is Granddaddy Purple.

Grand Daddy Purple Feminised cannabis seeds by Blimburn Seeds.

Grand Daddy Purp is a unique medical cannabis strain. This is an indica dominant strain with extremely dense and puffy buds and unbelievable potency.

The plant develops beautiful buds with unreal colours and incredible flavours. It demonstrates amazing purple colours and light neon green hues. The shiny coat of crystal makes this plant more attractive.
Grand Daddy Purple has excellent medicinal properties. It is a great remedy for appetite stimulation, pain relieving, insomnia, nausea, and migraines.

Reviews of Grand Daddy Feminised Cannabis Seeds

This was an easy phenotype to grow. Likes ph. a little lower. I kept it at 5.5. 15 degrees lower at night. Harvested when the trichomes were cloudy and not many amber. I like to even it off with a little head high with the natural body high this Indica's terpenes provide. Turned out great. Hung dried for 11 days at 50% humidity and 62F. Read that temps above 68F start to destroy terpenes. Happy with the results.

The effect when consuming is a genuinely nice relaxing body buzz and works extremely well for me for insomnia. The flowery grape taste typical of GDP is really starting to come out the longer I cure but the buds are also wafting with a beautiful caramel aroma.

Blimburn's Granddaddy Purple Feminised Cannabis Seeds is truly an exceptionally good smoke! & is now a favourite of mine.

Wanted to wait until the buds were fully cured before puffing on this lady. Which is hard. Lol. Patience can be a part of the building excitement anyway. That and who would want to smoke quality herb when it is not quite done yet.

This beautiful girl created dense buds with an excellent aroma that leads you up to her intense array of flavours. Including and not limited to berries, grapes or a fine wine on your inhale and a faint creamy honey left on your pallet on the exhale. An extremely tasty and quality smooth smoke. Not just saying this.
Being an indica dominate strain her high did not seem to make me very tired... or at least enough to make me pass out. That is a good thing... do not usually like falling asleep after a smoke session.

The initial puff is very enjoyable. With uplifting, giggly or get up and go type feelings it is nice for daytime use. But be careful, when her uplifting effects start wearing off a couple hours later, you will want to take a seat and relax for a while. No matter what happens to be going on that moment, you'll be looking to chillax' for a good while. Until your next few puffs of course.

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Today, many hip-hop stars are getting heavily stoned and heavily involved in the cannabis industry. Snoop Dogg released his cannabis line called “Leaf's by Snoop”, which includes all kinds of cannabis products from edibles to dry herb.

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Thank you for reading.

Stay home, stay lifted, stay high!


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