Sensi Seeds Research

Sensi Seeds Research - Discount Cannabis Seeds


In April 2019, Sensi Seeds, one the worlds most renowned cannabis seed banks have launched a new range of 11 cannabis strains featuring Feminised, Auto and CBD varieties.

The range our marketed under the name Sensi Seeds Research.

Sensi Seeds Research - Discount Cannabis Seeds

New cannabis cultivars have been combined with a selection of strains from the long-established cannabis gene bank that Sensi Seeds is known for.

The new breeds of cannabis combine legendary Sensi Seed Bank cultivars such as Silver Haze and Black Domina with tried and tested varieties that have emerged in recent years.

The Sensi Seeds Research breeders have chosen lines from the US with traits of exceptional strength and flavour, and selected others with high CBD to THC ratios.

The new range are available from Discount Cannabis Seeds using the following link > Sensi Seeds Research

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