Top Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Top Sativa Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Top Sativa Cannabis Seeds.

Sativa or Indica that is the question? Which one would you choose? I hope in this blog I can make your decision easier on why to choose Sativa.

If you are a creative person you mind go wild with ideas while smoking a sativa strain! Indica strains give you a couched like high but Sativa is very uplifting.

If you are after an energizing buzz which lifts your mood, then Sativa is for you.

I have put together my top weed seeds for Sativa strains so take a look and then head over to our cannabis seeds store to purchase yours today.

Green Crack Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

Green Crack Punch is a cross between Purple Punch and the popular Green Crack. This powerful sativa strain will ease muscle aches and give you energy and optimism. Versatile variety for novice and professional growers, as it is easy to grow and produces super-strong yields with large buds.

Thanks to Green Crack genetics, the strain produces energetic and euphoric effects that last a very long time. Therefore, Green Crack Punch is ideal for daytime smoke. You will be quite productive for many hours until it makes you relax. Aromatic soft smoke with citrus, blueberry and grape flavors-perfect for those who find smoking has a negative impact on their throat.

The plant reaches the peak of its growth (about 200 cm) in 55-60 days. The variety is perfect for novice growers, as it does not require special care and perfectly tolerates minor changes in nutrients, light and water.

Green Crack Punch produces dense pink-orange buds that contain up to 20% THC. In good conditions, the yield will be 450-500g/m2. The variety shows maximum results when grown indoors, but it grows well outdoors in a favorable climate.

Reviews of Green Crack Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Man, she is a Beauty!! She has been in jars for a few day's and she is a killer smoke already. If you open up the jar you just get hit in the face with her scent.
She has purple hue's and when grinned up give's a nice colour in your joint whilst enticing you with her smell.
This just is some A grade flower to me; she gives a nice energetic high. I'm supper happy to have this in my jars and hats off to RQS they Deliver some great products.

Buy Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Buy Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Amnesia Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Seed Stockers.

Amnesia Auto is one of Seed Stockers best-selling autos. It's an easy auto to grow, she grows well indoors or outdoors with heavy harvests and a resinous THC-rich result with a super strong Haze smoke.

Indoors this auto does well with 20 hours of daily light and takes around 11 weeks from seed to harvest. Under optimum indoor hydroponic conditions Amnesia Auto flower will produce several hundred grams per plant.

This variety is easy to grow in any grow medium and even first-time growers will get great results. Experienced auto growers should note that this is one of our strongest auto varieties with THC levels of 23% and some of the heaviest yields that we have seen on an auto.

Reviews of Amnesia Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

What can I say this strain is absolutely amazing I'm going to end up with some nice smoke I'm positive because it's been a delight to grow never once had any issues with these amazing plants, apart from one plant grew abnormal and constantly threw out white hairs but I'm 99% sure that was due to it being in a hot spot in the corner of tent...she will become cannabutter that's all.

Other than that just a pure joy to sit back and learn how she grows, she didn't require large amounts of nutrients at all seemed like she progressed better when given less than required I'll be sure to grow again as they cause me not hassle just lovely pictures and smell.

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Blue Dream Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds.

Blue Dream is based on the combining of Blueberry and a selected Haze.

The plant produces a top-quality huge bud and that yields with a tasty subtle aroma. It also demonstrates a big resin production. Blue Dream is suits for indoors, greenhouses and outdoors (in temperate climate and Mediterranean areas). The flowering takes 9 weeks and the crops bring to 550 gr/m2.

The smoke brings amazing aroma that reminds of Haze. It contains notes of citrus fruit and cedar. The rich taste provides a citrus pleasure with hints of pine, incense, sweet fruits and Haze. The effect is very potent and long-lasting. It is clear and cerebral.

Reviews of Blue Dream Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

FUNKY! Every time I bring it out that's the first thing I hear. I got a Haze pheno, smells like lemon funk, so funky it's disrespectful. Strong sativa high and tastes exactly like it smells. High hits you immediately and feels like you're going up on an elevator for like 10-20 minutes then evens out to a happy, social high. Good stuff.

Nice smooth round with very strong and potent genetic with nice internode. I was afraid with this sativa, but result is very good overall. I grow many years, but this round was my first scrog. I am happy that I chose this bank and this sativa strain for my first scrog!

Blue Dream comes on like a cannon fire on that first draw, then sets into an uncontrollable smile and waves of happy feelings on the second pull for an enjoyable experience that lasts hours after partaking. Has that unmistakable blueberry smell to it when you open up some nugs and has a strong pungent smell on that jar opening. These buds are so covered in crystal, I can't wait to make some edibles from the trim.

Smoke Report (4-week Cure) -- This girl packs a punch without being too harsh, the blueberry terpenes have been preserved nicely and give amazing aftertaste and smells.

I must put it down after a couple puffs because it just hits you like a baseball to the face if that baseball was made of smiles and happiness.
Buy Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Buy Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Super Lemon Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Green House Seeds.

Super Lemon Haze is a winner of the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup. The strain is based on Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze genetics.

The plant develops typical Christmas tree shape, sativa leaves and dense buds. It has long and wide branches that need support. It suits for indoors as well as for outdoors. The flowering time is 9-10 weeks with a production up to 800 gr/m2 indoors. The plant is good for ScrOG or LST. The harvest comes by mid-October with yields 1200 gr/plant outdoors.

The strain offers incredibly rich taste of lemon, lime and pink grapefruit with earthy and musky haze aftertaste and hints of incense and black pepper. The balanced effect comes fast like an Indica feeling and then turns into a social and creative high. It also has a medical use against a pain and for appetite stimulation.

Reviews of Super Lemon Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Legendary Super Lemon Haze. Super citrus smell and taste. Super Sativa!

Super Lemon Haze very amazing plant, grew without any problems, suitable for beginners.
Super Lemon Haze have a very strong fresh, and sour flavor smell, as well as pine, and like old school Haze smell, very amazing smell).

The effect is strong long-lasting sativa dominant, my favorite, everything you do becomes joyful, energetically, but very psychedelic, different thoughts in the head and plans, there are a lot of them and it is difficult to concentrate attention. Takes effect over time, long lasting, no have other side effects. I love this strain.

The super lemon haze from green house. One of my favourite strains. She was quite easy to handle. Although I found she enjoys a lower EC during veg and too many nutrients is a no no for this plant. So, take it easy. The aroma she produces are simply citrus. Lemony. very beautiful plant. Amazing to smoke. Very tasty.

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Acid Dough Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Ripper Seeds.

One of the varieties that most surprises you this year. Acid Dough is the result of crossing a selection of Lilly (Queen Mother X Congo) with the famous OG Badazz.

Two of the main features of Acid Dough are the high production of flowers and speed in its flowering phase.

Violet tones in the outer flowers denote their sensitivity to cold temperatures, very advisable when flowering is finishing as it will improve the production of resin and final appearance.

Its flavor is perfect, sweet and sour mix like a pineapple candy. This mixture will surprise the experts of European and American market since their lineage not come from the classic business lines.

Reviews of Acid Dough Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Acid Dough grows vigorously during vegetative and early flowering stretch. The aroma is strong so strong that the only words we could use were strong, pungent, herbal. My past grows were not so intense in smell, but I’ve run these a lot cooler in flowering. It’s also worth noting that the clone mother from seed took about 13 weeks to mature, the clones taken at 3 weeks of flowering took about 11 weeks and these, which were cloned at 7 weeks of flower took only 8 weeks.
Acid Dough has a great sweet citrus smell with acidic overtones. The taste is sweet with a pineapple candy flavor. If you enjoy energetic strains, I would certainly recommend this! Uplifting, creative, energetic, euphoric daytime high with a sweet and sour pineapple candy flavor.

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2046 Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Medical Seeds.

2046 is a pure sativa strain with incredible psychedelic effects and amazing strong hazy aroma. This is the most powerful variety in the Medical seeds collection. It is the result of the crossing between Neville’s Haze and Kali Mist.

The flowering period takes 13-15 weeks and the harvest comes in late November. But the patience will be rewarded. The plant grows up to 2.5-3m tall and produces about 500 gr/m2 indoors and to 600-700gr/plant outdoors. The cultivation is not so easy, the plant needs special conditions and suits for experienced growers.

The smoke brings energizing high, rich Haze flavors and great medical use for different diseases.

Reviews about 2046 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Incredible smoke! Pure sativa, which is hard to find, so if you want a crazy uplifting high then 2046 is the one!

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Acapulco Gold Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

Acapulco Gold is an amazing sativa dominant strain with a high THC content, which appeared during the thorough breeding process. The plant is medium-sized and red-brown, covered with thick resin, fat buds with snow-white THC trichomes.

After 60-70 days, the yield can be up to 500 g / m2. When grown outdoors, the yield reaches 1500 g per plant by mid-October.

The strain has a fruity aroma and taste, and has a balanced relaxing and invigorating effect, as well as helps with stress. This is the new generation of cannabis in the Barneys Farm line, expanding the boundaries of marijuana genetics.

Reviews on Acapulco Gold Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Great daytime or nighttime smoke. Earthy spice smell with hint of citrus. Tastes exactly how it smells, smokes smooth and provides an exceptionally clear, almost psychedelic, high. In large doses, like a blunt or several bong rips, this will put me straight out if I’m comfortable. I mostly smoke it from morning to evening.

Fantastic strain! I had a heat issue near the end and got some nanners, but it was so late in the cycle, it didn’t matter. Huge yield and amazing smells in the jar. Great feelings and the buds are dense and burn forever!

Buy Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Buy Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

Auto AK Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

One of the most resilient auto flowering varieties on the planet. She can be grown indoors or outdoors and withstand all environments thanks to her pedigree genetics. Original Auto AK is a very easy to grow, that makes it perfect for beginners, that packs a punch with a THC level of up to 21%, where she will grow long dense colas in just 9 weeks of citrus pine flavored buds.

Despite her sativa influence, this girl is a fool proof hybrid for those who need a solid producer with a quick turnaround time, as well as commercial growers.

Grow Tips, as the name suggests, you can keep firing this Auto flowering hybrid out multiple times a year, with tremendous results with very little concern of mould or mildew. Growers who live in a wet climate, or short summers can benefit from the fast growing, rich flavors and long-lasting effects of Original Auto AK. Thanks to her short, low profile, we advise planting this strain discreetly as she is easily camouflaged.

This lady’s buds will have a compact, pointy characteristic that are hidden with resin extending to the surrounding leaves, so make sure you get the trim bin ready when harvest time comes around!

Reviews of Auto AK Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This strain grew short and stocky for me. I think she could have benefited from some LST to open her lowers a bit, but otherwise did well. She smells of clean, wet earth to me, with hints of pine. She tastes of spicy, warm earth as well. It's difficult to describe, but very satisfying. The high has a really nice body buzz but keeps your head free and energetic. I really like this kind of hybrid, great for getting stuff done while still being relaxed.

I kind of put this girl through the ringer with lack of space and trying to juggle her feed with photo plants, but she took the abuse well and never skipped a beat. Really earthy on the flavor reminds me of sautéed mushrooms and she is delicious. Really packed on the frost and the buds have so much resin they tend to flame up when you light a bowl.

I would call the high a nice balance of head and body. Hard to put into words but the smoke is killer. I could see this as a great strain for beginners since she still produced pretty fat nuggets in less than ideal conditions. Fast Buds has done it again, glad they brought us some old school!

The flowers have a very intense aroma danking of a sweet n skunky nose. Just incredible taste and aroma.
Girls are satisfied with moderate levels of npk but are very calcium hungry!
Make sure to elevate those cal/mag levels going into flower and again mid flower... she will need it.

Other than that, very forgiving strain to grow. Grew great topped and trained and produced identical quality and performance untouched and all natural. Good strain for any style of grower!
Buy Cannabis Seeds from Discount Cannabis Seeds

I hope you can decide between these amazing Sativa strains and shop now with us for the cheapest weed seeds online!

Thanks for reading guys.


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