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Chill-OM Regular Cannabis Seeds

Chill-OM Regular Cannabis Seeds is a good beginner strain, delivering a satisfying yield with just basic plant care.

  • This Regular cannabis plant has all the benefits of hybrid vigour, nutrient efficiency, and the versatility of growing well under many different cultivation methods.
  • Chill-OM Regular Cannabis Seeds best results can be expected under a good light source such as HPS lamps because the Sativa genetics in this cannabis strain do require sufficient light intensity for abundant flowering and THC production.
  • Chill-OM Regular cannabis plant grows thick stems and has well defined, yet space saving, branching to provide excellent cuttings.
  • The tallest cannabis plants will be the best choice as mother plants if you are aiming for maximum yield, as they can also produce bumper crops outdoor - with long central colas that resemble a giant bong.
  • The shorter Regular  cannabis plants are excellent for small spaces, or for the balcony in regions with warm temperate or hot summers.
  • When growing Chill-OM Regular Cannabis Seeds indoor from seed you should not exceed the 4 week vegetative period in soil as this will prevent issues with the un pruned plants of the taller pheno since growth is fast and strong.
  • Chill-OM Regular Cannabis Seeds maximum height under these conditions will be around 150 cm/4.9 feet under 400-600W HPS. Pest and mould resistance is good and outdoor plants have survival capabilities against harsher weather from wind or storms due to their robustness.
  • The cannabis buds produced from this Regular cannabis plant are dense and have great bag appeal,when crushed in a grinder, an interesting aromatic blend of frankincense and sage arises from the sticky buds.
  • Chill-OM Regular Cannabis Seeds smoke is smooth and rich, with a minty aftertaste on the exhale that leaves a pleasant freshness on the tongue like peppermint gum.
  • Chill-OM Regular Cannabis Seeds high reaches an even and motivating stone that is pleasantly relaxing, yet leaves you with enough energy for socialising.
  • Chill-OM Regular Cannabis Seeds medical use has a broad spectrum, good potential against lethargy and depression.

Chill-OM Regular Cannabis Seeds | Mandala Seeds

  • Flowering time outdoor: End of September-early October (south), late October (north).
  • Flowering time indoor: 65-72 days.
  • Recommended light intensity: 400 - 600W/m2.
  • Yield (dry weight): 300-500 gr/m2; 600-1000 gr. per plant outdoor in the ground.
  • ​Plant Height: Short-slightly tall.
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