Do-Si-Dos Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Seed Stockers

Do-Si-Dos Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Seed Stockers

Seed Stockers Do-Si-Dos Feminised Cannabis Seeds are an Indica dominant strain created from a cross between OG Kush Breath (OGKB) and Face Off OG and has quickly become one of the must have USA varieties.

  • Genetics: OG Kush Breath x Face Off OG
  • Indica/Sativa Mix: Indica Dominant
  • Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Yield: XXL
  • Flowering Time: 56 days
  • THC Levels: Extremely High
  • Flavour: Earth
  • Effects: Relaxing

Do-Si-Dos Feminised is an Indica dominant hybrid which was bred from the OG Kush Breath (OGKB) variety. OGKB is a powerful THC rich variety which in turn is thought to be a rare Girl Scout phenotype found from growing many hundreds of seeds. This was combined with Face Off OG.

The aroma of Do-Si-Dos Feminised is pungent and sweet with some earthy tones.

Do-Si-Dos Feminised is medium height and takes around 8-9 weeks in bloom.

The high is powerful, you feel a cerebral warmth and euphoric happiness alongside the great taste and aroma.

Do-Si-Dos Feminised is a great all-round variety with genuinely special effects and potency.

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