G13 Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm

G13 Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm
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G13 Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm

  • Photoperiod: Normal
  • Cultivation: Indoor/outdoor
  • Genetics: G13 x Hawaiian Sativa
  • Effect: Full body stone combined with a psychedelic Sativa high
  • Outdoor Yield (g): 450-500
  • Flowering Time (days): 65 - 75
  • Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month: October
  • Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month Week: 3rd-4th week
  • Height (cm): 100-110cm
  • Height: Medium
  • Indica %: 35%
  • Sativa %: 65%
  • Indica/Sativa: Mostly Sativa
  • Medical: Yes

G13 Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds from Barney's Farm has taken the G13 legend soaring to a celestial high, creating the famous G13 Haze.

  • The G13 Haze was created by crossing the G13 X Skunk#1 with the Barney's Farm favourite Hawaiian Sativa.
  • It grows relatively tall and produces an outstanding generous flower structure with healthy resin production.
  • This plant produces a high that covers the complete spectrum of effects, with a full body stone combined with a psychedelic Sativa high.
  • The combination is powerful, heavenly and unforgettable.

Reviews of Barney's Farm G13 Haze

  • Truly a nice Haze with a nice rushing high coming down to a mellow couch locked feeling. Grew rather well and responded well to topping and grew good side branches. Bud was had the nice Haze structure and became very firm in the end. Smoke was very good for summer time outdoor activities, kept you going for the whole day.
  • G13 Haze from Barney's Farm is an excellent choice for anyone looking for great cerebral high. As with most good Sativas, the flowering time was rather lengthy at 76 days, but the results were well worth it. Grown indoors under 400 watt MH/HPS lamps, I employed Lots of LST and super cropping to keep these girls in check. The buds were very heavy, large, dense, and covered with snowy resin. Because of this and the heat from the lamps, I took great care provide excellent air flow through the canopy to avoid mold or mildew. The yield from 2 plants was 567 grams.
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