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Hashberry Regular Cannabis Seeds

Hashberry Regular Cannabis Seeds is the unique result from a rigorous selection of desirable parents, with special attention paid to preserve the hybrid vigour,and its incredible power established a reputation as being "hard to kill".

  • ​Hashberry Regular cannabis plant not only has hybrid vigour, but is also very heat resistant and easy to grow,to a medium height and is a good choice where space matters and excellent for SOG.
  • This Regular cannabis plant develops a tight and heavy head bud with dense flowers along firm side shoots.
  • Outdoor Hashberry Regular Cannabis Seeds grows into a short, broad and bushy tree with incredibly heavy colas that challenge any scale .
  • Hashberry Regular Cannabis Seeds Super size bumper crops can be expected in moderate climates or friendly autumn seasons,and can perform well in a greenhouse.
  • Many of these cannabis plants cover the bud leaves with a coat of THC glands and these will fill your pollinator/bubble bags generously.
  • Hashberry Regular Cannabis buds reveal a refreshing fruity floral scent during the flowering period, and after proper drying and maturation their fragrance transforms into a delicious hashy berry like aroma.
  • The soothing Indica high produced from this Regular cannabis plant has long become a favourite among stoners and medical users alike.
  • Hashberry Regular Cannabis Seeds shows medical potential against anxiety and sleep disorders, it can provide calming effects for moderate pain relief (may not aid against severe pain).

Hashberry Regular Cannabis Seeds | Mandala Seeds

  • Flowering time outdoor: September (south); 1-2nd week October (north).
  • Flowering time indoor: 60-65 days.
  • Recommended light intensity: 400-600W HPS/m2.
  • Yield (dry weight): 450-550+ gr/m2; 850-1000+ gr. per plant outdoor in the ground.
  • ​Height: Medium.
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