Our range includes top quality brands for both Portable and Table-Top vaping.

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Pulsar APX Mk II Vaporiser - Discount Cannabis Seeds
Pulsar APX Mk II Vaporiser

The Pulsar APX Mk II is sleek, lightweight and functional, the haptic temperature notification vibrates when your desired temperature has been reached. The sleek mouthpiece pulls in vapor from the ceramic chamber, ensuring a comfortable...
Spirit by STORM Vapouriser - Discount Cannabis Seeds
Spirit by STORM Vapouriser

The new Spirit by STORM is suitable for use with herbs, concentrates and resins. Spirit features a magnetic cap with ceramic zirconia mouthpiece and filter, so your hits are now smoother and fresher than ever before. It has a clever...
Volcano Classic Vapouriser - Discount Cannabis Seeds
Volcano Classic Vapouriser

The Volcano Classic has gained an amazing reputation with the experts as the most technically advanced, professional vapouriser available. The VOLCANO Vapouriser is the ultimate system to release the flavour & aroma from herbs, spices...