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Purple Paro Valley Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Purple Paro Valley Feminised Cannabis Seeds have long internodes, which has to be taken into account when growing in containers or a greenhouse,late planting and pruning is recommended in both situations.

  • In a Mediterranean or hot climate this Feminised cannabis plant grow between 1.50 (green pheno) to 2 meters in containers if they are planted in June (northern hemisphere) and left un pruned.
  • Purple Paro Valley Feminised Cannabis Seeds a moderate size be desired, it is recommended timing the planting season to allow for just one month vegetative growth,during this vegetative period pruning the main growing tip once should be sufficient.
  • Purple Paro Valley Feminised cannabis plant responds well to LST (low stress training),trimming the bottom shoots further simplifies plant care and increases the strength of the upper branches.
  • The citrus/lime scent is typical of the Purple Paro Valley Feminised Cannabis Seeds but there is one type of cannabis plant that stands out ,candy girl, because she smells just like sugary candy.
  • ​Purple Paro Valley Feminised Cannabis Seeds the dry buds they release a sweet, minty scent with a touch of hazelnut, the green phenotype tends towards lavender.
  • The terpene linalool, produced from this Feminised cannabis plant is responsible for the lavender scent and enhances the sedative, sleep enhancing effects, as well contributing to pain relief.
  • Purple Paro Valley Feminised cannabis plant can also smell like black tea, but the smoke still leaves a fresh, minty aftertaste on the exhale.
  • This Feminised cannabis plant hash oil has the fresh, sweet, balsamic aroma of Himalayan cedar wood and has tested at 27,5% THC.
  • The high delivered from Purple Paro Valley Feminised cannabis plant is predominantly very relaxing or couch lock, suitable for winding down, as a sleep aid, great to relieve hyperactivity and nervousness.

Purple Paro Valley Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Mandala Seeds

  • Flowering time outdoor: Mid-end of October.
  • ​Plant Height: Medium-tall.
  • Type: 75% Sativa.
  • Genetics: Paro Valley, Bhutan.
  • Cultivation: Outdoor/greenhouse.
  • THC: 8.7-11%.
  • CBD: 0.14%.
  • CBG: 0.2 - 0.5%.
  • High: Relaxing, calming, couch lock stone, sedative and anti-anxiety.
  • Aroma: Sweet-candy, lavender, hazelnut, Himalayan black tea.
  • Medical use: Sleep aid, anti-anxiety, relieves hyperactivity and nervousness, increased appetite, anti-stress, pain relief. 

[Flowing Time Outdoors]

Flowering time outdoor:

mid-end of October

[Plant Height]

Plant Height:


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