R-Kiem Regular Cannabis Seeds | R-Kiem Seeds

R-Kiem Regular Cannabis Seeds | R-Kiem Seeds

R-Kiem Seeds have crossed a Canadian OG Kush with M8 to produce R-Kiem Regular, a cannabis plant suitable for all growers.

  • R-Kiem Regular cannabis plant has a short internodal distance and high resin production.
  • It has a very sweet flavour with a citric touch.
  • R-Kiem Regular is a Indica dominant cannabis strain produce a yield of 500 grms/sq mtr.

R-Kiem Regular Cannabis Seeds | R-Kiem Seeds

  • Genotype: OG Kush (Canada) X M8.
  • Flavour: Very sweet Kush with citric touch.
  • Indoor: 3 Weeks of vegetative room CFL (Compact Florescent Lights), 8 weeks of bloom HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Lights.
  • Outdoor: End of September.
  • Production: 650 grams per square metre.
  • Predominance: Indica.

R-Kiem Seeds is a Spanish cannabis seedbank born in Barcelona back in 1998 with the aim to share regular and Feminised seeds after years of selecting and breeding original genetics. R-Kiem's team are people passionate about the cannabis world, their seed collection is done by hand, ensuring the best selection among them, under constant temperature and humidity control for optimal preservation.

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R-KIEM SEEDS - El viaje de una semilla

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