Sensi Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds

Sensi Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds

Sensi Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds.

  • Classification: 80% Indica.
  • Genealogy: Skunk.
  • Type of Seed: Regular.
  • Height: 120-150cm.
  • Grow locations:Indoors/Greenhouse.
  • Flowering Time: 45- 50 Days.
  • Yield: Large.

Choosing Sensi Seeds means securing cannabis genetics that have been carefully cultivated and bred by experts to ensure quality and consistency.

Sensi Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds from Sensi Seeds.

Sensi Skunk Regular cannabis strain is a large, thick and full bodied cannabis hybrid with a typical Skunky taste and high.
It’s a great addition to the Sensi Seed bank, developed with a number of objectives:

High Potency.

Great Value for Money.

Easy to Grow.

A New Skunk Experience – A sugary-citrus Skunk aroma.

  • Sensi Skunk Regular cannabis plant produces deep green broad fan leaves and a high calyx to leaf ratio making it easy to clip, easy to grow and a solid performer under lights

  • The calyxes are larger while the pistils are shorter.
  • Plants grown from Sensi Skunk Regular cannabis seeds are characterised by their fast growth and short flowering time and average height.
  • Sensi Skunk Regular cannabis strain can be grown outdoors,also flourishes magnificently under lamps or in a greenhouse.
  • The best results can be achieved with a Sea of Green (SOG).
  • Sensi Skunk Regular is a low maintenance strain; for an even easier cultivation process, 
  • The calm yet euphoric high delivers a deeply relaxed effect.
  • Tired muscles make a quick recovery. 

Review & Rating of Sensi Seeds Sensi Skunk Cannabis Seeds.

This strong easy to grow plant, either indoors or outdoors, with its excellent yield of large full buds make it an absolute must for the indoor or greenhouse grower.

About Sensi Seeds.
Sensi Seeds has pioneered the Cannabis Seed industry in 1985 to become the world’s largest cannabis Seedbank.
Their genetics and the brand name have become true classics in the cannabis community.
Sensi Seeds strains are the optimum choice for medicinal use.
The Dutch government choose Sensi Seeds genetics to develop the medicinal cannabis supplied by pharmacies.
Medicinal users and anyone interested in the medicinal properties of cannabis can find useful and relevant advice in the Medicinal Seeds.

With over 30 years’ experience as the Number 1 Seedbank, theirCannabis Seeds cater for every budget and need.

Sensi Skunk Regular

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