Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm

Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm

Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm. 

  • Cultivation: Indoor/outdoor
  • Genetics: Tangerine Dream x Autoflower #1
  • Effect: Balanced, Cerebral, Relaxing, Comforting
  • Indoor Yield: Up to 500 gr/m²
  • Autoflowering Harvest Time from Seed: 70 – 75 Days
  • Height Indoor: 60-70 cm
  • Height Outdoor: 60-70 cm
  • Indica/Sativa: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
  • Taste: Tangy, Citrus, Intense
  • Aroma: Mandarins, Citric, Sweet

Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised cannabis seeds from Barney's Farm had been developed for lovers of the award winning Coffee shop classic Tangerine Dream Feminised cannabis seeds.

  • Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised cannabis strain is the best of both worlds for smokers and growers and a fun plant to grow.

  • Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised cannabis plant has a 70 day finishing time from germination which is remarkably short.
  • These Feminised Auto plants can reach 70cm in height and produce strong and numerous side branches.
  • This cannabis strain produces an impressive yield crop.
  • Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised is quicker and easier to grow.
  • This Indica dominant Auto flowering strain offers the same tangy, intense sweet citrus aromas and flavours.
  • Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised weed delivers a slightly less THC and CBD boost, creating a balanced cerebral relaxing effect.

About Barney's Farm Seeds.

The team at Barney’s Farm are all highly experienced Cannabis Seed breeders and have progressively been gathering landrace genetics from each corner of the world since the early 1980’s.

Barney’s Farm has won numerous international prizes for the flawless quality and stability of its products, making it a recognised world leader in the production of top quality Cannabis Seeds.

Barney’s Farms search for rare genetics will never end, they are dedicated to the creation of new and exciting Cannabis strains.

Despite a history spanning nearly 30 years, Barney’s Farm’s popularity has never diminished. New strains are frequently released, allowing for an ever-increasing audience to continue to enjoy high quality seeds from a company that started, literally, at the top and has remained there ever since. 

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