The Best Cannabis Seeds for the elite grower - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

The Best Cannabis Seeds for the elite grower - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

The best cannabis seeds for the experienced growers. 

The most regular cannabis seeds growers can get tired of growing the same strain so luckily, I have put together in this blog some flavourful and fantastic cannabis strains for you more experienced marijuana growers out there.  

I have several strains that will broaden your horizon with cannabis from new seed banks, insane levels of THC, new flavours, and some of the OG of cannabis packed into this blog.  

Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds.  

Gorilla Glue is a known for its powerful indica effects, Gorilla Glue is more of a quality rather than quantity cannabis strain. 

Gorilla Glue Auto Cannabis Seeds by Discount Cannabis Seeds.  

Gorilla Glue Auto is a super light variety with an incredibly high THC level of 24%. It has excellent champion genetics and produces many strong buds covered with bright orange hairs. It is recommended to use pots up to 11-13 gallons (40-50 litres) for the best growth outdoor or bulbs of 600 to 1000 watts per m2, if growing indoors. 

 As a result, the plant gives a very sticky "glue", large fat buds with the pine, sour lemon, and diesel aroma after about 9 weeks. This trichome queen is the biggest and most potent strain from Fast Buds.  

The effects of fun, positivity and euphoria increases progressively and mix of sativa and indica gives relaxation. 

Reviews of Gorilla Glue Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

Buds are very frosty and sticky too, everything is in jars and smells nicer by the day! I smoke a lot of flower, so I can use this in the day and still get about but it does make me feel a bit lethargic, so for less frequent users I would say this is more of an evening smoke as it's quite heavy, which is surprising as a wasn't able to let them go as long as I planned due to some troubles I had, but its fast hitting and quite frankly I can't complain at all, each plant grew slightly different despite being of the same strain, so the buds look and smell and even taste different from each plant. 

The buds are beautiful, crunchy, and fragrant, the main colas have remained compact and hard, while the lower ones are more expensive. 
The colour is a nice bright green and the trichomes, if illuminated with a light, shine very much. 
The smell is incredible and explodes when it is chopped, the smell is sweet but with strong notes of fresh pine resin and a slight hint of diesel. 
The smoke is smooth! It slips well in the mouth and does not so much oppress the lungs 
In the mouth, the taste becomes even sweeter with citrate notes, like sour, and leaves in the mouth an excellent aftertaste, very fruity (which reminds me of white grapes) 
The high is powerful and long lasting, after just three pitches you immediately feel it rise to the eyes. 
It is well balanced in my opinion, if smoked at home it transports you to a state of complete relaxation, while if you smoke outside it is intoxicating and leaves you almost active for the day, great!!! 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Tangerine Dream Cannabis Seeds by Barneys Farm. 

This cannabis strain is great for any experienced grower who want a knockout hit when smoked. It can only be one seedbank that can pack this sativa strain into one great seed which is Barneys Farm.  

Tangerine Dream is a mostly sativa feminized cross between Nevilles Haze A5 and G-13. The THC level reaches 23%, and the CBD level is 1.8%. 
The plant has a modest size of 90-100 cm. It develops strong colas and side branches overflowing with large fat buds. It is recommended to support branches in the last weeks of flowering. After about 65 days, a 500 g / m2 crop will appear. 
Tangerine Dream from Barney's Farm grows equally well indoors and outdoors. In the Northern climate, the harvest will be by the end of October. 
The effect of Smoking is cerebral, long-lasting, and relaxing. This is a fast and powerful hit! The smoke has a citrus taste and aroma. 

Reviews of Tangerine Dream Cannabis Seeds.  

I am an enthusiastic fan of this strain. It seems like I got 2 phenos that are different from one another. Two of the plants have the bright tangerine aroma and taste, although the buds on one plant are a lot better looking and potent with tons of orange hairs. The second pheno is the winner. Has a strawberry smell and is white from all the crystal? Both phenos are a great smoke. The taste is keeping you coming back for more and it is a great daytime smoke. Nice, heady 'up' high without a burn out. 

Enjoyed growing this strain a lot, mostly because it smells like intense orange creamsicle! Responded will to newcomer growing practices at first. Fluctuations of PH and EC levels did not really put a dent in her at all. The only time I had yellowing leaves was then I did not water her for a few days over the xmas holidays. She bounced back fine and was strong all the way through. Great yield from this plant also! Big beautiful tight buds all throughout and responded well to LST. I will grow this one again. 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Blackberry Moonrocks Cannabis Seeds by Anesia Seeds.  

The next cannabis strain I have for you is an insane level of THC which reaches 33%. This amazing weed seed packs a huge powerful hit from just one Toke so be careful!  

Blackberry Moonrocks is by the new Anesia Seeds which is unique in every way. You will not have tried anything like this before.  

Blackberry Moonrocks follows in the footsteps of other legendary and unique strains of our Seedbank.  

It was developed from a selected extremely potent female Blue Moonrock and a male Blackberry Kush, which has a particularly pronounced terpene and cannabinoid profile. Both parent plants were selected in a protracted process for flavour and potency to finally obtain the properties we had envisioned. 

This strain is not recommended for faint-hearted and beginners, as its gigantic THC content of 33% and the extensive cannabinoid profile ensure long-lasting and very intense effects. The effect is Indica dominant, extraordinarily strong and is complemented by inspiring mood-enhancing Sativa effects. 

Its high THC content makes it a valuable medical grade in the treatment of pain, anxiety, MS, and sleep disorders. It ensures a deep sleep and helps to calm down after a stressful day. 

Reviews of Blackberry Moonrocks Cannabis Seeds.  

Plant was harvested at/about 8 weeks. I had one that I harvested after 9 weeks which was denser but less aromatic. This plant had a nice balanced high with the scents and flavours really coming out after a cure. 
Really strong stuff that gets better every time. More of an evening smoke because a big joint or large hit in a bung will slow you down for a few hours. 

Simply an amazingly flexible strain that you can do extremely easy training with an have Some great result 
She can handle a little less note during her veg period, but she is as greedy in her flower stage she takes in 0.3/l more nutes then various other strain and still show no signs of nute burn. 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Blueberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Seedsman.  

I now have another cannabis strain which is loved by many, but you need to a little bit more time and effort with growing this one to get the nutrients right. 

Blueberry is a variety with a reputation for occasionally being on the sensitive side. It is a variety which can reward you like no other when the conditions are perfectly dialled in. Expect rich and deep aromas of dark forest fruit and a sweet blueberry taste in the well cured THC rich buds. 

Blueberry by  is perfect for any experienced grower and here is why.  

Blueberry was originally created by Canadian DJ Short and dates to the 1970s. It is a 3-way indica-dominant hybrid cross of an Afghan strain together with Thai and a Purple Thai. When grown in good conditions it can grow into a large plant displaying a range of red, purple, and blue colours and producing particularly good yields. 
Unsurprisingly when fully cured Blueberry has an incredibly fruity perfume along with the unmistakable sweet flavour of blueberry. The effect is a pot smokers dream - a very potent yet happy high which is very euphoric yet relaxing and enduring.  

Another quality of Blueberry is that, although taking a while to cure out, when correctly prepared and packaged it has an exceedingly long shelf-life compared with many strains available today. 

Reviews of Blueberry Cannabis Seeds.  

Really nice blueberry smell. The smell is getting stronger (more blueberry) as it cures. Smooth and tasty smoke. A good all-around smoke. I can get things done but is also good for vegging out in front of the tv. The flavour really fills my senses. 

She liked to eat, but not extremely. 
The production is high grade quality, in my opinion, and she was covered in THC like a White Widow... 
Disease's resistance is extraordinarily strong because of the high amount of resin around the flowers. 
The smell was fruity and musky, and never supposed a problem, as it is not noticeable hard... 
This plant loved the Mediterranean sun and produced a heavy final weight of 1,2 kg. 

All day strains. Very euphoric and enduring high for daily users. You can sleep on it, do chores on it etc. Could be a little strong for occasional users lol. I am still enjoying this strain for 6 months. 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Bruce Banner Cannabis Seeds by Original Sensible Seeds. 

If you are looking for a hard-hitting high, then Bruce Banner is your man. With THC levels maxing out at 29%, this is a fixed smoke. This cannabis strain is huge, and it can only be by the one and only Original Sensible Seeds! 

Bruce Banner seeds are an original creation from the USA and ranked one of the strongest strains on the planet with THC levels of over 28% and aptly named Bruce Banner (aka The Incredible Hulk) due to its outstanding strength and potency. 

Bruce Banner # 3 Feminised is one of Original Sensible Seeds most accomplished strains to date, they have used their Colorado Ghost OG and Strawberry Diesel (Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel) to create this monster strain. 

The Strawberry Diesel is a wonderful variety with a juicy fuel aroma and taste. When crossed with Ghost OG the result is special. 

Spicy earthy tones are present in both front and back notes with the ultra-sweet lemony nuances combining beautifully. 

Reviews of Bruce Banner Cannabis Seeds.  

This was a great strain to grow, it handled the training well and shot like as rocket towards the top of the room quickly. Being the second attempt at this strain as the first seed passed the second surpassed. The buds are hard and well-spaced apart making trim easy. 

I overlooked this lady during the grow, down to the unique aroma, it is hard to pin down. A pungent almost creamy dank taste and smell. The taste lingers in the mouth for ages after smoking. 

she started to produce lots of trichomes exceedingly early in flowering. The buds look amazing, and the smell is nice and different to what I am used to, little bit pepper and mint and some cheesy/earthy/diesel notes and not so much that normal "weed" smell. CAN RECOMMEND and will grow this one again soon! First highs from this strain have been energetic and happy and it is strong stuff too.

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds by Zamensia Seeds. 

This cannabis strain is not for the beginners as when you smoke this strain it will blow your mind! Girl Scout Cookies is available by different seed banks, but I have chosen the great Zamensia Seeds as this will blow you away,  

Girl Scout Cookies is a top-shelf American import. This feminized strain combines the best of the breed into a delicious treat that is not for children. 

This is a good plant for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoors, plants will reach between 85-105cm. This does not affect yield, however, which is an impressive 425-500g/m². Grown outdoors in warm climates, she will reach between 150-190cm. Outdoor yields bring in an encouraging haul of 425-475g/plant, especially when harvested around the best time (October). 

The delicious aroma and taste of Cookies is sweet and earthy. But it is the strain’s high THC content that is the real “dessert.” At 22%, she can easily overwhelm new smokers. 

For those looking for a high-yielding, highly potent bud, Girl Scout Cookies is the new kid on the block with a budding reputation! 

Reviews of Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds.  

A good discovery, a taste to die for. 
Even if I had already tasted this strain before, especially in Amsterdam, here the taste is much stronger and pleasant. 
A taste of coffee with milk bathed in a haze flavour, a real delight. 

Great strain to grow. I had 2 quite different pheno's. 1 was truly a keeper. Both yielded well. I did not expect that going into this grow. 
Discount Cannabis Seeds

Strawberry Cough Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion. 

Strawberry Cough is consistently one of the most popular Sativa's around. While this fruity and fragrant strain does have a reputation for causing a bit of a tickle in your throat, it is also quite potent. 

I have chosen Dutch Passion for my seed bank as the reviews are just incredible and this cannabis seed is one of the potent Sativa's you will ever find! 

The Strawberry Cough based on the North American genetics. This hybrid between an Indica and a Sativa is mostly sativa (around 80%).  

The plants look elegant. The flowering cycle takes around 9 weeks. It is easy to grow and does not need a hard and difficult feeding scheme. Standard nutrients give satisfactory results. Plants have a medium height. 

The fruity taste of fresh strawberry brings wonderful experience. The strain supplies a medium effect. 

Reviews of Strawberry Cough Cannabis Seeds. 

Good comments: beautiful plant to grow, if you are worried about odour this is the strain you need, it does not smell like weed at all, it really smelled like fresh strawberries while trimming. She handled the mainlining like a champion! 

Finally pulled the trigger on harvesting. What a great run! She was a great plant, super fun to grow and quite easy. Some nutrient issues and then aphids near the end of flower, but nothing that caused too much concern. The buds turned out beautiful, big, and dense. Love this strain - the smell is unique, super strawberry! 

The smells are incredible - so citrusy and delicious. The yield is small, but I started flowering her around week 3-4, as I just wanted a little sampler before the end of the summer (I have another of this strain outdoors and she is huge). Cannot wait to try it 

This was a monster crop given to me in the exceedingly first stages and it became a bushy beauty. No problems at any point - the plant was a breeze to grow and train. Growth was vigorous once it passed the clone stage. The plant took plenty of nutrients. 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

My last but no means least cannabis strain is Laughing Buddha.  

Laughing Buddha Cannabis Seeds by Barney’s Farm. 

Laughing Buddha is one happy weed seed! You will be laughing all the way when smoking this one, you will feel very uplifted and energised.  

Expect this strain to produce up to 23 percent THC with lots of care and nurturing. It can only be by the famous Barneys Farm.  

Laughing Buddha is sativa dominant (about 80%) strain that is based on the cross between Thai Sativa and Jamaican Hybrid. The strain has a longer blooming cycle of about 75 days. But the yields worth the time. The crops reach 600 gr/m² indoors.  

The plant develops big, dense, and heavy buds covered in trichomes and grows up to 1m in height. The THC content is high and amounts 22% while CBD is 1.6%. The strain brings intense sweet odours of exotic fruits and energetic Sativa effects. 

Reviews of Laughing Buddha Cannabis Seeds. 

One of our favourite strains! She takes a little longer to finish flowering, however she yields super heavy sweet-smelling buds. They are always compact and pack a heavy hit. We love cutting clones and doing this plant repeatedly purely because it is so dank! Highly recommended! 

Strong plant can handle stress and diseases as my temperatures were not stable at all at early veg and late flowerings. Buds look great fat and stink :) cannot wait to try after cure even though a tester showed good signs, powerful and taste.  

This one is a regular clone of Monster Laughing Buddha. This plant narrowly avoided a huge fungus gnat problem, resisting those pests with the move to 12/12 and stronger fan, and other pest problems that happened later in my veg. tent. Buddha is resistant both indoors and outdoors. 

This is Laughing Buddha from Barney’s Farms. Great genetics that prove to be elite repeatedly. This time, it was a monster cropped clone (a clone taken from a flowering plant). The strain is a strong grower, loves plant food, and is resistant to mould and pests. This plant’s direct neighbour got a splotch of mould, while Laughing Buddha remained unharmed. There were no issues with growing, a perfect experience and harvest. 

Fantastic daytime smoke. Uplifting and energetic with an exceedingly high THC level that supplies a moderate relief to peripheral neuropathy. 

That rounds it up for this blog for my experienced growers which you can get your sticky cannabis fingers into!  

Discount Cannabis Seeds

You can now choose your favourite and shop with Discount Cannabis Seeds to get the best quality seeds for the cheapest prices online!  


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