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Auto Gorilla Glue Feminised are famous for its scissor sticking level of trichome production and knockout punch that gave it its name.

  • Sex: Auto Feminised.
  • Sativa/Indica Mix: Sativa Dominant.
  • THC Levels: 22% - 24%.
  • CBD Levels: Very Low.
  • Yield: 450 - 550 g/m2.
  • Flowering Time: 70 -75 days.
  • Height: 50-80cm.
  • Flavour/Taste: Earthy, pine, sweet.

Auto Gorilla Glue Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Discount Cannabis Seeds

Now available as an Auto, the Sativa dominant Auto Gorilla Glue Feminised is a firm favourite for its frosty buds and dank aroma.

Auto Gorilla Glue Feminised gives a powerful high which is both deeply relaxing and euphoric at the same time, once tasted never forgotten.

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Reviews of Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue packs a punch with just the smallest hit, this weed strain has become a huge favourite with marijuana smokers and growers due to its super powerful high which will blow your mind. Those who want a high THC strain up to 28% and a knockout effect Gorilla Glue is the one for you, go hard or go home.

Gorilla Glue gives off a mocha and coffee aroma when smoked and tastes like these too. These yummy tones when smoked can fool you as Gorilla Glue is also packed with a sour diesel taste which can stay in your mouth for ages afterwards.

Gorilla Glue is available to buy on our weed seeds store at Discount Cannabis Seeds. I have some incredible strain reviews on this cannabis seed which will tempt you to shop right away.

Wow, I am happy that all the trimming is over. it took a few of us 3 weekends to trim but I could not be happier with the result. Gorilla Glue is a hard-hitting strain that will be in my garden for a long time to come. She has been curing now for 2 weeks and the high will put you on your ass for a good couple of hours. Coming from a 10 year + daily smoker that is saying something.

After a couple more weeks of enjoying this strain I have just got to say wow! I have smoked this strain plenty and even have a few friends who grow it, which is where I got the genetics from originally. This bud is incredible! it has been curing for about 3 weeks or so and the flavour and high is out of this world! I could not be more pleased. I have smoked some with a few friends and they are all equally impressed.

By far my favourite strain! She grows like a beast! (Definitely magnesium hungry during flower, so I would keep Cal-Mag on hand with her.) Huge colas, sticky as hell, and the smell is out of this world! Nice heavy yields. Excellent strain for pain relief, as well as a euphoric high. Cannot say enough positive things about this strain!

This powerful hybrid is worth to grow! It is extremely easy and fun to grow! Nutrients should be applied at steps or nutrient burn may occur. Smell is unbelievable! Citrus, lemons and forest is what comes to mind when sniffing this beauty! Gazillion of trichomes all over the plant are sticking everything that touches them.

Stunning as always, so intense and powerful, if you are looking for some strong weed this one is made for you!

The buds are beautiful, crunchy and fragrant, the main colas have remained compact and hard, while the lower ones are more expensive.
The colour is a nice bright green and the trichomes, if illuminated with a light, shine very much. The smell is incredible and explodes when it is chopped, the smell is sweet but with strong notes of fresh pine resin and a slight hint of diesel.

The smoke is smooth! It slips well in the mouth and does not so much oppress the lungs. In the mouth, the taste becomes even sweeter with citrate notes, like sour, and leaves in the mouth an excellent aftertaste, very fruity (which reminds me of white grapes) The high is powerful and long lasting, after just three pitches you immediately feel it rise to the eyes.

It is well balanced in my opinion, if smoked at home it transports you to a state of complete relaxation, while if you smoke outside it is intoxicating and leaves you almost active for the day, great.

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