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In this blog I am going to tell you a story of James and The Canabis Stalk, something for those who are bored at home, want a light read or some enjoyment. I hope you like this blog.


James lived in a small village which was old and run down, poverty was a problem in the village. Many people in the village lived in shacks with families up to 10 in one tiny shack. The homeless begged on the street for anything they could get, shops were often raided, and the crime rate was through the roof. The villagers all looked worn down, tired and dressed in clothes with holes and rips.

James was born in this village with his parents living in the shack next door, this life was all he knew but James did wonder if there was something more to life than this. He used to ask his parents when he was a young boy, but they insisted for him to stop fantasying and be happy to be alive and well.

James was imaginative from a young age; he would find small objects on the street and restore them to something great that he could sell to make some money to pay for food. He carried this trait on to his adulthood as he built shacks for a living which was a great trade to have in the village. James was known by everyone and he was a very loved man. His family worked on a farm which was a few miles walk from the shacks, he used to do this when he was younger.

Though the villagers had no money or no luxuries the one thing that remained in the village was happiness. Everybody knows money can’t buy you happiness and this phrase was a true example in the village. Everyone in the village was happy to be healthy, living and free and this positivity spread through the homes. Songs would be sung, and food would be shared between them all.

Everyday his family would walk to the farm bare foot as shoes back then were a luxury, walking along the dirty gravel road with bruised sore feet for 3 hours a day but not one of them complained. One day James went to work with his mother as his dad taken sick, so he wanted to help.

He took his long walk which brought back many childhood memories, walking along with his friends playing silly games skipping along without a care in the world. He walked the long roads smiling remising of old times when he finally reached his mother.

James’s mother Jane was a lovely lady, she had grey curly hair, beautiful smooth skin and a warming smile that would light up a room. She smelt beautifully of roses which was from a fragrance she made from hand with the flowers which grew around the farm. As James walked up to his mother, he noticed some new stalks which had been planted around the farm, Jane hadn’t even noticed but James has an eye for everything.

He asked his mother about the stalks, but she didn’t know so he wanted to find out some more. He looked at the stalks which had been planted and watered them, he promised himself every day after work he would walk up to the farm and look after these plants. James kept his promise, the plants grew so tall, higher than any trees, you could see them in distance swaying gently with the breeze.

As they grew taller and taller there was no stopping them, they hit the clouds and maybe further. The stalks were enormous and very strong rooted so James thought one day he wanted to climb them just to see the scenery around him for miles which you couldn’t see from the ground.

He started to climb the stalk not realizing how far he had climbed as he looked down, he was so high, but he thought he must carry on. As he climbed higher, the clouds were surrounding him. From the ground the clouds look like fluffy marshmallows but being in arms reach of them it was very foggy.

James was about to start his climb down when he smelt the most incredible smell, the air was filled with all sorts of flavours. Berries, Lemons, Zesty aromas filled his nose. His senses were tingling with the smell, his stomach rumbled as he could taste the smells in his mouth. What are these smells he thought to himself. He had to explore what they were. As he climbed higher, he saw these beautiful plants, some were covered in white resin, some with buds with all different colours and others were layers of greenery.

He had never seen anything like this before. He reached his arm out and pulled a few of the plants and climbed back down the stalk. As he got down, he couldn’t stop thinking about the smells these plants gave off. He wanted to try some so he reached out for a few buds and started eating them. His taste buds were alive with flavours of lemony citrus tangs which took over his mouth. He wanted to share these with some of the villagers he thought so he took a walk back.

On the walk home he thought everything looked brighter, more dazzling that it had for the many years he had walked down the same windy long road. The trees were alive, the green grass glimmered with the sun's radiance and the air felt warmer. He started giggling to himself with his imagination running wild at this point, he could hear the birds tweeting, but he thought they were talking to him. If anyone had passed him, they would of thought, he was a lunatic however he had never felt so incredible.

He felt no pain in his feet from walking, which was unheard of, his body felt relaxed and his mind was filled with happiness. What were in these plants? James wanted everyone to feel as good as him he couldn’t wait to get back to share them amongst the others.

Time flew as he laughed very loudly all the way home, he saw the shacks which in his mind looked like castles, he smelt the dishes being cooked as he entered the village. The smell of fresh doughy bread and stew with lamb which had been cooked slowly so it was juicy and rich with flavour. The food never smelt so good he thought. As he reached his home he tucked into a huge bowl of stew, he groaned with excitement while eating it savoring every taste.

Once he had finished his meal, he told his friends about what he had found. He shared the buds between them all and they couldn’t believe the scents that they had given off. They all tried some as well as James. His friends were amazed by the effects they all felt, the laughs they shared that night, the stories which were told and the pure relaxation of every single of them. They ate the night away filling up with bread and delicious stew. They all eventually fell asleep and woke up feeling as fresh as a daisy.

James promised his friend’s he would take them all to his stalks and show them as this could earn them some money. They all took the walk early that morning and they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the huge stalks. Wow! They thought. Everyone climbed the stalks and picked the buds one by one until their bags were full and then slowly climbed back down.

On the way home they talked about mixing the buds into the soups or food which they had made and sell them to people as there wasn’t medicine in this village, the pharmacy was 10 miles away and considering no one had cars this walk would take over a day. If you were sick you couldn’t manage it. As the buds took away the pain on their feet and made them feel exhilarated this could work as a treatment.

Once they arrived back in the village, they gathered the villagers together and told them about their business idea. Everyone was delighted, they had a pain reliever, a mood uplifting medicine and something that would help if you couldn’t sleep or loss of appetite. This was a revelation for this village.

They sold the buds for a small profit to everyone who needed them, the news spread around far and wide and people travelled from different towns to get hold of these buds. They had to think of a name as word was spreading and they wanted to form a great new business to conquer the world with.

They all thought long and hard mixing up ideas when words such as Hash, Bud, Green came to mind. James said I know,


The villagers chatted amongst themselves, Canabis, Canabis, Canabis.

Canabis it was, since then canabis has been used worldwide as medication and thanks to James and his canabis stalks the world would be a better place.


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Canabis Stalks - Discount Cannabis Seeds


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