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Coronavirus - Discount Cannabis Seeds


We are pleased to let you know that we are still open for business and shipping orders although there are delays.

We are receiving new stock every day and with some of the Breeders remaining open the majority of our cannabis seed strains are still available.

Please note at this time Free Seeds are subject to availability.

Does smoking cannabis make you tired?

Smoking Weed and Tiredness - Discount Cannabis Seeds


In this blog I am going to discuss if smoking cannabis can make you tired? Do you feel your one of these people that no matter how much you try falling asleep, it doesn’t come naturally to you? A huge percentage of adults have some sort of sleeping problem whether you have a very active brain and do not know how to switch off cannabis can help with this. There’s nothing worse than sitting in bed staring at a wall for hours on end with your mind wondering and anything you try like counting sheep or reading a book can’t help!

The Cost of Cannabis Seeds

Price Comparison - Discount Cannabis Seeds


If you are new to buying cannabis seeds or just curious on how much cannabis seeds are then this is what we are going to talk about in today’s blog. Everyone is looking for a bargain and cannabis seeds is no exception. There are many different cannabis seeds store on the web and finding the best price for you can be long and exhausting sitting through every website and comparing.

Is it dangerous to smoke weed?

Smoking Weed - Discount Cannabis Seeds


In this blog I am going to talk about the question of whether it is dangerous to smoke weed? Everything has a danger to it whether you think there will be a danger is another idea, your brain can be a very powerful thing and everyone’s danger levels are different. If you fear heights, you wouldn’t walk across a rickety bridge as your brain will be telling you all the negative risks involved however if someone thrives on adrenaline their brain will be telling them all the positives.

My boyfriend smokes a lot of weed, should I be concerned?

Smoking Weed - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Does this relate to you or someone you know? If it does, then take a read of this and see if can help you. If someone you know is smoking a lot of weed what is the reason behind this? It may be for a medical reason such as chronic back pain where this may be prescribed for them by a medical professional or it may be marijuana abuse disorder. The difference is weed is not usually a drug that you can be addicted the person may just dependent on the drug.

Buying Cannabis Seeds

Buy Cannabis Seeds - Discount Cannabis Seeds


Internet scammers are at an all-time high and many people more victims of this horrible crime so you may find trusting websites which you haven’t visited before quite hard. Discount Cannabis Seeds have all safety measures in place to make your shopping experience easy, we have many reasons why you should trust us if you are buying cannabis seeds online and in my blog about trusting seedbanks I will explain why.