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Have you been looking for a UK cannabis seed stockist? We are DCS which stands for Discount Cannabis Seeds, and we offer a wide range of different seeds that are available to purchase for collecting purposes. If you have been looking for the right UK cannabis seed stockists to buy from, you can rely on our team here at DCS to provide you with a professional and efficient service. For the best UK cannabis seeds, take a look at our website today.


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We source them from the best cannabis seed banks and retail them in particular for souvenir and collection purposes only. As of 2015, cannabis is believed to be the most used illegal drug in the world and if you are intending to grow a plant, most countries will require you to have a licence. If you have been looking at our website to buy weed online in the UK, you will have an endless choice of the highest quality cannabis seeds, and we are confident that you won’t be disappointed.  


Cannabis News on YouTube

Cannabis News on YouTube | Discount Cannabis Seeds


YouTube has taken the lead when it comes to allowing Cannabis related content, you can find a great selection of videos on all aspects relating to Cannabis.

American Patrick Bennett, who spends his time writing, photographing and creating content for the Cannabis community has compiled his top three YouTube Cannabis streams for you to checkout:

1. Hash Church by Bubbleman

Could you spot a cannabis farm?

Cannabis Plants

Every day the media features stories of cannabis farms being discovered and busted.

“Huge cannabis farm with 600 plants discovered at disused pub”

“Cops seize £700k of cannabis in massive series of busts”

Would you be able to tell if a house or building in your neighbourhood is being used to grow cannabis?

Good Seed Guide

Cannabis Seeds

Buying your first cannabis seeds can be a daunting experience, with over 2,500 different strains from 100 Seed Banks.

Let Discount Cannabis Seeds untangle the different options for you.

1. First choice is whether you want Regular, Feminised or Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds

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