Cannabis and Depression

Cannabis and Depression - Discount Cannabis Seeds


If you have been feeling sad, lonely and lost interest in things you usually love to do and the world seems a darker place you may be suffering from depression but you are not on your own with this, 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from a mental health problem such as depression.

There are many different treatments available for you if you are feeling these symptoms and it is always best to talk early on to a health professional before it could get a lot worse. We are going to discuss if cannabis can cause depression or whether smoking weed will improve depression.

Cannabis is known for its high that you feel when you smoke it, whether you get the giggles which in a social situation can be very amusing over the littlest thing or just the feeling when your smoking it or in your own company for pure relaxation which is known as being stoned, However cannabis can be either vaped, smoked in a spliff or a bong or even eaten in space cakes.

The type of cannabis you smoke can give off different effects whether you smoke skunk which is the most powerful and that has high levels of THC which can you give you hallucinations. CBD cannabis has no THC or hardly any and this makes a weed smoker feel more relaxed and less likely to feel anxious if doing the drug for the first time. If you are having cannabis for the first time it is best to do it when you’re feeling happy and are in comfortable familiar place just in case you trip out or have a whitey! The Sativa strains are more uplifting and the Indica strains are more relaxing for cannabis smokers however every weed smoker will know which strain is best for the them and the purpose which they smoke weed for will differ from person to person.

If you are a long-term user or you know someone who is they will more tolerant to the drug and will smoke more to feel the effects of what someone doing it for the first time would. People can get a nice buzz from weed and enjoy the sensation it can make your body feel. Cannabis has a drug that is released in the brain cells which triggers someone to feel happy and euphoric, normally the sense of depression or sadness doesn’t occur when smoking weed.

The reason behind people may feeling depressed if there are going cold turkey and smoke weed daily and have come dependent on the drug. A factor may be not being able to get hold of the drug which can make someone want something more and if you were to do something daily and have that taken from you, you would crave it. So, people who seem on edge or not their usual selves maybe going without the drug or trying to cut down on how much weed they are having.

The dependency on the drug will differ person to person whether they are smoking it for a medical reason or whether they have a mental health problem, anxiety and depression have been treated or symptoms disappear when someone has smoked weed as the brain isn’t thinking about the worry or what if’s a person could be thinking about as you are riding a buzz which feels calm. If you have taken too much weed this is when you can have the bad buzzes which can be hearing things that aren’t there or seeing things, people usually know their limit with the weed which is a positive for a drug as when someone takes a higher class drug knowing their limits can cause an overdose this is not the case with the weed.

With weed you do not experience a come down which you would do with other illegal drugs as weed makes you sleepy and you do get a full nights rest and it isn’t making your heart pound and do everything 1,000 miles an hour.

The link that researchers are looking into is the link between CBD cannabis and the treatment with depression as talked about in this blog, CBD is not as strong as other strains such as skunk, it can act as an anti-depressant. CBD is different to cannabis with THC in it as the strength of the cannabis and CBD is more of a relaxation drug and is also used for panic attacks and anxiety. It can relax with the body and slow down your thought process which someone who suffers from depression they may have negative thoughts and their mind never shutting off. There has been no medical link that depression can be caused by smoking cannabis however a person may feel different if they were not to smoke weed, which can make a person feel low.

Depression can be a very tough mental illness for many people and not knowing how you would be feeling from day to day can be confusing. If someone uses cannabis for these symptoms and they do seem more at peace with themselves this surely is a good thing? There are many different views on this subject whether you think depression is linked to smoking cannabis or cannabis can cure depression, that is for you to decide.

Here is the UK’s NHS view on cannabis > Cannabis – The Facts

Depression is not something I would associate with weed but I would like to know how you feel on the subject. Get in touch and I hope you enjoy reading my blog on depression and cannabis.


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