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Cannabis on Instagram - Discount Cannabis Seeds


The internet is full of cool people and places to follow for your Cannabis news and media consumption. For the last two years, I’ve regularly been on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Quora, communicating with interesting people and accounts from the world of cannabis. Do a quick search under the hashtag #cannabis and you will find a total of 18,000,000 plus mentions, so the activity there is huge.

Instagram - Discount Cannabis Seeds

In this first of a mini-series of posts, we will look at 5 cool accounts to follow beginning with Instagram and then covering the other social channels I mentioned above in the weeks ahead. I won’t post the main obvious accounts and people, but those niche accounts who drop out great content and have valuable and fun things to share..


1. @queencannabisuk

Queen Cannabis UK - Discount Cannabis Seeds

I’ve been following Queen Cannabis UK for some time. She is a dedicated enthusiast and posts daily content particularly around CBD products which help towards depression and anxiety. Click on her name above to follow.


2. @marijuanart

Marijuana Art - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Marijuna art is a fun creative page with some super cool content with the off splash of fun too. There are some seriously good posts and we highly recommend following them.


3. @cheaphomegrow

Cheap Home Grow - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cheaphomegrow is actually a podcast, but their Instagram (and You Tube) accounts are a must follow. They are very social too and engage well with their dedicated audience.


4. @seedsdiscount

Instagram - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Allow us a shout out on this first post. Our Instagram page is all about delivering you great low-cost Cannabis Seeds from the Worlds top breeders topped up there with some awesome promos too. We’d love you to give us a follow.


5. Gary Eff Cannabiz

.GaryEff - Discount Cannabis Seeds

Ok, this is my ‘cannabiz’ account, and it’s only a few days old but I will be sharing the best content that I spot across Instagram on a daily basis including highlighting the best of Discount Cannabis Seeds content too. I’d be delighted to connect and will always follow you back.


If you have any other accounts you think are worth following or want us to follow you, then please drop your Instagram URL in the comments.

This post was written by Gary Eff for Discount Cannabis Seeds.


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