Cannabis Seeds Perfect For Growing Outdoors This Season - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Perfect For Growing Outdoors This Season - Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Who wants the best cannabis seeds to grow for this springtime! 

Now is the time to start your cannabis seeda growing, the sun is out the weather is warmer why not start today with Discount Cannabis Seeds. 

Growing weed outdoors is a wonderful way for a huge harvest! When growing outdoors you will not need masses of equipment and it is the cheapest way to grow weed.  

If you’re thinking of growing some outdoor cannabis this year you will need some reliable, proven and dependable outdoor cannabis seeds which won't let you down then shop at the cheapest online cannabis seeds store, Discount Cannabis Seeds.  

At Discount Cannabis Seeds we have over 3,000 cannabis seeds available to ship discreetly to start your cannabis garden today. 

Growing weed is easier in sunny climates however it can be done in colder climates just during the summer seasons. Springtime is best to start growing outdoor cannabis seeds. This is because the marijuana plant has a life cycle.  

When growing outdoors you must pick the perfect spot as your cannabis plants need at least 4-6 hours per day of direct sunlight.  

If you choose outdoor growing, then you will need to pick a discrete place to grow your weed. A garden is a wonderful place or an allotment.  

When planting your weed seeds using pots is the best way as you can move them around very easily also if they need to be hidden.  

Once potted you can plant your marijuana plants 3-4 weeks after germination. Soil is particularly important when growing outdoors as you must find very dark soil. If you buy soil, then you can buy soil with fertiliser in it however if your soil in the garden looks almost black and excellent quality then save your money and use that.  

Marijuana likes light and fluffy soil so do not apply pressure on to it. If you buy potting mix, then this will contain the best soil and food for your weed.  

Once your plants are potted or put into the soil then it is time to let your cannabis plants grow. The more sun the faster they will grow.  

You must water your plants regularly but do not over water them! 

These are just a few tips to help with growing marijuana outside.  

Now for the best part, choosing your weed seeds. This is where Discount Cannabis Seeds steps into help you.  

I have the best outdoor growing cannabis seeds for you at the cheapest prices by Discount Cannabis Seeds. 

Fat Banana Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.  

With Fat Banana Cannabis Seeds, the breeders at RQS managed to hybridise the biggest and fattest Banana OG specimens. This Kush strain will seduce you with fruity flavours, and it may lay you flat on your couch with its incredibly potent smoke. 

Perfect for growing outdoors, the strain needs about 7–8 weeks to mature its flowers. If all goes well, you can bring in 500g/plant by mid-September. 

Fat Banana cannabis seeds is one of those creeper strains where you will want to take it slow. The high starts out with a mild euphoric wave accompanied by mouth-watering fruity flavours, which makes it exceedingly difficult to put the doobie down again.  

It is easy to forget that the strain is immensely potent, with up to 25% THC or more. Before you know it, a powerful physical stone will take hold, and you will find yourself glued to the couch in utter relaxation. 

Reviews of Fat Banana Cannabis Seeds.  

Amazing strain. Short, close internodes, little stretch. She has weak stems early in veg, as her stems are hollow, LST is dangerous and HST impossible. She is an average feeder. Fat dense golf ball buds with average trichome density. Colourful at harvest, however no purple pistils.  

I had one branch develop fasciation. One branch dipped down further than the roots and I had to dig a hole out for it lol. She smelled like fruity pebbles during flower. Now that it is jarred up it smells like banana. Not like an actual banana but like banana flavoured candy (laffy taffy). 

 I can only imagine how dank it will smell after a cure. I ditched my clones of this amazing strain and hate myself for it. Keep Fat Banana! Buy Fat Banana! She has an amazing terpene profile. I would recommend picking up a Fat Banana seed, as I will be getting another. 

Taste and effect of the vaporizer hits was phenomenal. (Tastes little bit like banana) Very chill strain that did not give me any body high. 

A very vigorous, exciting strain. Lots of side branches, also because I had two polyploids. Medium dosage nutrients. A wonderful smell of citrus, flowers, and banana peel. Good yield. Very Indica, high TCH, not for daytime. 

If you are ready for a strong strain that will hit you hard, with about 25% of THC, go ahead, Fat Banana is a reliable candidate for your grow room. 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seeds. 

Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds is based on the combining of Blueberry and a selected Haze. 

The plant produces a top-quality huge bud and that yields with a tasty subtle aroma. It also demonstrates a big resin production. Blue Dream is suits for indoors, greenhouses and outdoors (in temperate climate and Mediterranean areas). The flowering takes 9 weeks, and the crops bring to 550 gr/m2. 

The smoke brings amazing aroma that reminds of Haze. It contains notes of citrus fruit and cedar. The rich taste provides a citrus pleasure with hints of pine, incense, sweet fruits, and Haze. The effect is very potent and long-lasting. It is clear and cerebral. 

Reviews of Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds.  

FUNKY! Every time I bring it out that is the first thing I hear. I got a Haze pheno, smells like lemon funk, so funky it is disrespectful. Strong sativa high and tastes exactly like it smells. High hits you immediately and feels like you are going up on an elevator for like 10-20 minutes then evens out to a happy, social high. Good stuff 

Nice smooth round with extraordinarily strong and potent genetic with nice internode. I was afraid with this sativa, but result is exceptionally good overall, I grow many years, but this round was my first scrog. Iam happy that I chose this bank and this sativa strain for my first scrog! 

Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds comes on like a cannon fire on that first draw, then sets into an uncontrollable smile and waves of happy feelings on the second pull for an enjoyable experience that lasts hours after partaking. Has that unmistakable blueberry smell to it when you open some nugs, and has a strong pungent smell on that jar opening. These buds are so covered in crystal, I cannot wait to make some edibles from the trim. 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.  

Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds can be grown outdoors and is popular for its euphoric effects and ability to boost your creative juices. 

It is a sativa dominant strain, which demonstrates growth in sativa style at the end of the flowering period. The plant can be harvested after 8-9 weeks indoors. It reaches 2-3 m in tall outdoors and is ready to harvest at the start of autumn. Durban develops strong side branches and heavy dark green buds covered in resin when the root space is enough. The plant also demonstrates excellent resistance to the mould. 

The effect is energising, uplifting as typically sativa. The strain has a spicy, hazy taste with hints of aniseed, liquorice, and cloves.  

Reviews of Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds.  

Hmm Durban Poison! What can I say about? Only one thing, LEGEND. 
Durban Poison classic amazing sativa strain. I got exceptionally beautiful purple pheno¦ Smell of this plant week, reminds some medicinal herbs, as well as the smell of anise and liquorice. delicious if you smoke through a vaporizer. The effect is quite strong, clean, energetic Cannabis Seeds.  

Great stuff feels like a 60 Sativa/40 Indica strain. Great to smoke at all times of the day! Helps you cheer up and socialize but it will also help you sleep if you let it.  

She was a grand tree. One of the most beautiful outdoor grows I have ever done. Incredibly pleased with the results. Simply great smoke and a great high. Nice flavour and burns so nice. Nugs are very dense, too dense. All and all an unbelievable grow. 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

LSD Auto Cannabis Seeds by Barney’s Farm.  

If you are low on outdoor space but you want a fantastic outdoor auto to grow, then LSD Auto is the one for you.  
LSD Auto is an auto-flowering indica-dominant strain that is not recommended for beginners due to its powerful psychedelic effect. This is a feminized hybrid of LSD and Super Magnum Auto. 

The plant is easy to grow, resistant to diseases, mould and yields a yield of 650 g / m2 indoors in about 70 days. It is also easy to grow LSD Auto outdoors, and you can get up to 400 g per plant. Its height reaches 90-120 cm. The strain has earthy, citrus, sweet and sour flavours. The effect gives a powerful euphoria and psychedelic high, and then goes into a relaxing phase. 

Reviews of LSD Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

Extraordinarily strong, resistant, and productive plant. Each plant has a different smell and taste. Effects are 1st relaxing almost immediately then a warm high with physical buzz leaving you in a creative, dreamy state for a good while. 

I love this strain. It hits hard with a nice head high. I find myself dazed off and getting distracted but then pull myself back and get my work flowing. It gets my creative juices going. 

Beautiful buds, dense and full of flavour, the high is strong and long lasting. The sweet and fruity flavour recalls that of violet. Indica effect, perfect for night. 

Strong genetics that grew good in my simple set up. No diseases. The best-looking buds I ever grew. They are sticky and covered in trichomes with that billowy round look. Short grow time! Only 9 weeks TOTAL! 
Responded very well to training (just 2 days, and she stayed in place. 

Decent smoke so far, I certainly dig it! The smell is incredible, incredibly unique for cannabis. The colour is genuinely nice looking as well! 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

G13 Haze Cannabis Seeds by Barney’s Farm.  

If you were looking for the plant with the highest THC content on the market, you might not expect to find it coming from a government lab, but that is the legend behind the G13 Haze.  

True or not, this is one of, if not the most, potent Cannabis Seeds for THC available that will send you flying full of creative happiness. 

G13 Haze Cannabis Seeds is the mix of the legendary G13 with Hawaiian Sativa. The plant has an extreme density of flower and a high resin production. This sativa dominant plant suits for SOG and ScrOG methods.  

It has medium tall, healthy crops and elevated level of THC, that provides the potent cerebral effect The scents are deep with hints of fruits and spices. 

Reviews of G13 Haze Cannabis Seeds.  

Strong stuff one pheno is a world of its own more indica leaner and one sativa leaner that is more energic euphoric and laughy incredibly special stuff well worth the grow.  

Very dominant and strong sativa with a particularly good lemony / sweet taste. 
Uplifted effects but also at the same time parts of the heavy indica effects. 
It makes you very relaxed and positive. 

While staying bonsai, she did produce some beautiful looking buds. Very compact and oily to touch, they crumble so nicely to a sticky, gritty feeling product to use. The smoke is smooth to inhale but has an extraordinarily strong (not harsh) taste of old school skunk. slight citrus exhale is pleasant, and I expect with a cure, will become sweeter. The high is not too much to cope with and you can focus and enjoy concentrated tasks. A nice stone follows. 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds by Greenhouse Seeds. 

If you live in a hot climate, like the sound of a plant with multiple bud sites, and yields 500-grams per plant outdoors, then you will be bowled over by True North’s cross of Super Silver Haze and Critical+. The beauty of the cross is that Super silver haze is great in the outdoors, whilst Critical+ increases yield and reduces maturation time. 

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds is a feminised quality strain based on the famous genetics of Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze. This sativa dominant hybrid highlights some indica characteristics.  

The plant develops long branches. It is ideal for SCRoG or LST. The flowering indoor takes 10-11 weeks with yields up to 800 gr/m2. The harvest comes by mid-October with yields up to 1500 gr/plant outdoors.  

Super Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds is one of the renowned sativa plants in the world, that provides a strong, long lasting effect. It has a medical use against a pain and for appetite stimulation. 

Reviews of Super Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds.  

Super Silver Haze was a great plant to grow. It needs a lot of vertical space to grow. She needs to be feed lightly. 

Love this cannabis strain and it is my favourite strain, so I love everything about her, easy to grow, not a bad yield, lovely taste.  

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Critical Kush Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.  

Critical Kush Cannabis Seeds is an indica-dominant cross between the well-balanced Critical and the famous OG Kush. This feminised strain contains a high THC level. 

The average size of Critical Kush Cannabis Seeds allows you to grow it in a small, limited space. When grown indoors, the growth reaches 60-100 cm, and outdoors 100-140 cm. Despite compact structure, the strain produces decent yields due its high number of flowers that turn into tasty buds. 
The flowering period takes 7-8 weeks, and the harvest comes in late September. The average crop reaches to 500 - 550 gr/m2. The long-lasting effect provides intense relaxation and a strong stone body high. It is ideal before sleeping. The smoke relaxes both the mind and body, relieves stress and pain. 

 Critical Kush Cannabis Seeds has excellent earthy tastes with spicy notes. 

Reviews of Critical Kush Cannabis Seeds.  

If you want resin and buds strong as diamonds Critical Kush Cannabis Seeds is your strain, buds shined like diamonds, the resin looked like humid drops and when dried the weight is much higher compared to others, with a same size bud in a grinder you get more weed and joints are bigger! 

Starts very cerebral and sativa-like (which is interesting). It then shifts to a more “buttery,” relaxing, light body stone showing the indica dominance. I would not say it is debilitating couch lock and have not had effects like these since the last diesel strain we grew out. More mind bendy and less couchlike than the diesel for sure. Exactly what has been needed recently. Perfect! 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Early Skunk Cannabis Seeds by Sensi Seeds. 

Early Skunk Cannabis Seeds is the result of the combining of Skunk #1 and Early Pearl. The plant contains 35% Sativa and 65% Indica genetics. It is a Cannabis Cup winner. 

The plant grows up high and reaches 2-3m tall. The growth model is mostly indica. The plant inherited the energy of Skunk and a hardiness of Early Pearl. It suits for indoors, greenhouses and outdoors in different climates. Early Skunk produces a huge crop of dense frosty buds. The flowering takes to 65 days. The plant has a good mould resistance. 

The smoke provides a long-lasting, sleek effect and pungently sweet taste and aroma. 

Reviews of Early Skunk Cannabis Seeds.  

Solid producer! Really easy to grow and the buds are always dense and big, and the yield is good! To my preference this strain is just a little too sleepy, so it is a night-time smoke for me. 

Very euphoric and happy indica high, sweet and skunk smell, everyone who tried it loved it. 
Will grow it again in the future! 

Discount Cannabis Seeds

Cream Caramel Cannabis Seeds by Sweet Seeds.  

This indica dominant plant consists of 90% indica and 10% sativa. Cream Caramel is the result of mix of the best indica genetics such as Blue black, Maple Leaf Indica and White Rhino.  

Normal (DIV)

It has numerous awards. The strain is popular with medical users. 

It is ideal choice for indoor cultivations, but also suitable for outdoors. The plant produces 400-550 g/m2 indoors and 350-600 g/plant outdoors. The plant develops a dark green leaf, dense buds, and a substantial number of white crystals with a high THC content of 15%-20%. Cream Caramel provides a sweet deep taste, like caramel, with earthy notes that are inherited from Blue Black.  

The strain is a great relaxant and antidepressant. 

Reviews of Cream Caramel Cannabis Seeds.  

Cream Caramel Cannabis Seeds very strong indica plant with very heavy as a stone buds, grew without any problems, suitable for beginners. 
Cream Caramel have a very strong fruit flavour smell, pine, and like old school afghan smell, very amazing strain. 
The effect is strong long lasting Indica, increases appetite very much, but doesn’t make you sleepy, very relaxed, everything becomes joyful. 
Takes effect over time, long lasting, I think it’s great for medical purposes, no have other side effects. I love this strain, still grow again) 

One of my favourite strains to date... Smells of fresh baked cinnamon dessert. Nice relaxing smoke... Will run her again asap. 

Really strong genetics, Hard buds, like little rocks and an excessively big outcome. 

At first, after the harvests, the taste of the buds was mint and a little peppermint, but after few days of curing taste of buds became sweet, caramel and berry. I was incredibly happy yesterday when I smelled this revealed flavour of the strain the high was clean and made me relaxed and happy. Strong indica-style stone. 
Now, when I write this the next day after the weekend of smoking - I feel full of energy, on the rise of the mood and ready for productive weekdays.  

Discount Cannabis Seeds
With those great strains it is time to start making room for your new cannabis grow outdoors! All the cannabis seeds are available at Discount Cannabis Seeds to buy today.  

Thanks for reading and stay lifted!  


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